What Does The Tiger Do In Coin Master: Understand The Role

Learn more about the Tiger’s role in Coin Master as well as how this pet boosts raids, boosts coin income, and increases the chance of rare cards, helping you conquer villages and advance in the game.

by Pooja

Updated Mar 29, 2024

What Does The Tiger Do In Coin Master: Understand The Role

What Does The Tiger Do In Coin Master?

The 'Tiger' is a pet in Coin Master that acts as a 'coin booster' for attacks on other player's villages. When you have the 'Tiger' active and attack another player's village, it boosts the amount of coins earned from that raid.

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Foxy gives you an advantage in raids, which aren’t as common as attacks. But the Tiger’s boost is much more powerful, so it’s a great pet to get the most out of your frequent attacks.

In short, the Tiger is a valuable companion in Coin Master, increasing your coin income during raids and increasing your chances of getting high-value cards from the chests. By using the Tiger correctly, you can improve your gameplay and speed up your time in the game.

Understanding The Role

Here's a breakdown of the Tiger's role:

Firstly, the role of the Tiger in raids is very important. It boosts the amount of coins you can earn by raiding other players’ villages. So, with the help of the Tiger, you can get more coins with every successful raid, which will speed up your game progression.

Second, the Tiger increases your chance of getting high-level and rare cards from the chests. When you're collecting cards to finish sets and unlock different in-game bonuses, having a Tiger as a pet increases your chances of getting high-value cards. This is especially useful for players who want to build up their card collections quickly and progress through the game levels more easily.

Characteristics Of Tiger In Coin Master

  • Function: Boosts coins earned during attacks.
  • Activation: Needs to be active (awake) to provide the boost.
  • Boost Strength: Starts at 60% extra coins at level 1 and can go up to 417% extra coins at level 300.
  • Benefit: Makes attacks more rewarding, helping you gather coins faster for upgrading your village and progressing in the game.

Pets In Coin Master

In Coin Master, pets are your trusted friends that provide unique in-game benefits. While they cannot fight or protect your village, their unique powers can drastically change the way you play the game depending on what's going on.

Each pet has a unique benefit that improves your gameplay in various ways. There are pets that increase attack reward (Tiger), increase raid income (Foxy) or increase village defense (Rhino).

All in all, pets are a great strategic asset in Coin Master. They can help you in a variety of ways. By knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you can be a better Coin Master!

The Best Pet In Coin Master

There's no single "best" pet in Coin Master, as each one offers a unique advantage depending on your playstyle and current goals. Here's a breakdown of the strengths of each pet to help you decide:


  • Benefit: Boosts coins earned during raids.
  • Best for: Early game players or those focusing on raids for coins.
  • Advantage: Easy to obtain (unlocked early), good for gathering coins to upgrade your village.


  • Benefit: Boosts coins earned during attacks on other players' villages.
  • Best for: Players who attack frequently or want to maximize coin gain from attacks.
  • Advantage: Very strong boost at higher levels, helps gather coins quickly for upgrades and progress.


  • Benefit: Chance to block incoming attacks on your village, protecting your stored coins.
  • Best for: Players who are often attacked or want to protect their progress while offline.
  • Advantage: Provides defense and reduces coin loss from attacks.

Choosing the Right Pet

Early Game: Foxy is an excellent pick for increasing raid earnings and progressing swiftly.

Attack-Focused Players: Prioritize Tiger to dramatically boost attack rewards.

Defense-minded players: These can use Rhino to protect their village and limit coin loss.

Pet Level: All pets' powers improve as they level up. Prioritize leveling the pet you use the most.

Playing Style: Consider how you like to play. Do you raid more, attack frequently, or require greater defense?

In the end, it all comes down to your individual requirements and preferences. Try them all and see which one works best for your current game plan.

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