Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Clue Solved Check March 21st 2024 Answers

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Updated Mar 21, 2024

Irish Times Crosaire Crossword Clue Solved Check March 21st 2024 Answers

Unite, all you crossword enthusiasts! Every day, Irish Times Crosaire Crossword is the best place to be when it comes to enjoyable puzzles from the past.

Explore intricate grids full of clever hints that will test your vocabulary and wordplay. Regardless of your skill level, the Irish Times Crosaire is an engaging puzzle that will urge you to keep playing. So grab your thinking cap and get ready to solve the Irish Times Crosaire puzzle!

Followed them closely, noting will should not be put into dodgy digital wallet


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  • This clue suggests a phrase related to closely following someone while driving, and then manipulating words related to "will" and "digital wallet" to form the answer.
  • In driving, "tailgating" refers to following another vehicle too closely. "Noting will should not be put into dodgy digital wallet" indicates taking "will" from "digital wallet" (leaving "dig-tal dat") and anagramming it to form "TAILGATED."

Something crusty-looking extracted from mollusc, absentmindedly

Answer: SCAB

  • This clue hints at a word for something crusty that can be extracted from a mollusk (a type of shellfish), with the extraction happening absentmindedly.
  • A "scab" is indeed something crusty that forms over a wound during the healing process. "Extracted from mollusc" suggests removing "mus" from "mollusc" and taking the remaining letters absentmindedly to form "SCAB."

Be quiet on condition that tyrannical leader will change position

Answer: SHIFT

This clue suggests a phrase indicating being quiet under certain conditions, with a reference to a tyrannical leader changing position.

Hate having boat repaired in Maine


This clue implies a word for hating something along with the concept of a boat being repaired in a specific location. "Hate" refers to "ABOMINATE," meaning to detest intensely. "Having boat repaired" suggests "BOAT" with "MAINE" inside it, forming "ABOMINATE."

Walks around hospital to get what might be needed for stitches


In a hospital setting, someone who walks around gathering supplies might be a nurse or doctor preparing for surgery. THREADS, specifically suture thread, is a crucial element for stitches.

Loves treats, at heart, but they consume too many


This clue plays on a double meaning. On the surface, it describes someone who enjoys treats (sweets, snacks etc.). However, "at heart" implies a deeper issue - they indulge too much, leading to OVEREATING.

Incendiary initiation ritual is a terrible ordeal for beginner


This clue is metaphorical. BAPTISM OF FIRE is a phrase signifying a challenging or dangerous introduction to a situation. The "incendiary" part suggests the ordeal involves fire or intense heat.

Charged boundary intended to keep cattle in


This clue is fairly straightforward. An ELECTRIC FENCE uses an electric current to deter animals from crossing a boundary. It's commonly used to keep livestock like cattle contained.

Whisper turbulence inside could make them anxious


PERTURB means to disturb or make someone anxious. The clue uses wordplay. A "whisper turbulence" sounds minor, but even a little turbulence inside an airplane can make passengers anxious

Firstly, bring in recipe young assistant needs if making rice dish


BIRYANI is a famous Indian rice dish. The clue mentions bringing in a recipe at the "firstly," suggesting it's a crucial ingredient a young assistant might need for this complex dish.

Though depressed, it's fatal to blow top - they have to pay for bed and breakfast

Answer: AT A LOW EBB

The clue describes someone feeling low but needing to stay calm ("blow top") because they have to pay for their stay (bed and breakfast).

Head nurse specified aspirin or ibuprofen, for example

Answer: NSAID

NSAID stands for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. These are medications like aspirin and ibuprofen commonly used for pain relief. The clue refers to the head nurse specifying examples of NSAIDs.

Given to them temporarily prior to Easter

Answer: LENT

This clue suggests a word that describes something given temporarily, typically observed prior to Easter. In the context of Easter, "LENT" refers to the period of fasting, repentance, and reflection observed by Christians before Easter Sunday.

He has tune played, capriciously, as they draw their weapon


  • This clue suggests a phrase describing the action of someone drawing their weapon in a whimsical or capricious manner after having a tune played. 
  • "UNSHEATHE" refers to the action of drawing a weapon from its sheath. The clue suggests that this action is done capriciously after a tune is played.

Lab equipment used to examine underground system?


  • This clue hints at a piece of lab equipment that might be used to examine something underground.
  • A "TEST TUBE" is a common piece of lab equipment used for conducting experiments and tests. While it's not specifically designed for examining underground systems, the clue plays on the double meaning of "test" as both a laboratory procedure and a method of examination.

I see woman mentioned that it's colder

Answer: ICIER

  • This clue suggests a word that describes something colder, indicated by mentioning a woman and using a homophone of "I see."
  • "ICIER" means colder. The clue uses wordplay, suggesting "I see" phonetically sounds like "IC" and mentioning "her" hints at the pronoun "her" which sounds like "ER," combining to form "ICIER."

It outrages foes, terribly!


  • This clue suggests a phrase that describes something that greatly upsets enemies or opponents, possibly in a severe or extreme manner.
  • "GETS A RISE OUT OF" is a phrase that means to provoke or incite someone to react emotionally. The clue "outrages foes, terribly!" indicates that the action described is something that greatly upsets or angers enemies.

Money demanded by shady character after last gymnast used beam


This clue suggests a term for money demanded by a dubious or suspicious individual following the last gymnast's use of a beam. A "TRANSOM" can refer to a horizontal beam or bar that is used in gymnastics.

To deliver it to clinician at work isn't on

Answer: DROP OFF

  • This clue hints at a phrase meaning to deliver something to a medical professional while they are working, but suggests that it's not acceptable or not allowed.
  • "DROP OFF" means to deliver or deposit something at a particular location. The clue indicates that delivering something to a clinician (a medical professional) while they're working (at work) isn't appropriate or allowed.

Arrived outside hotel at Spanish place which blends in well with surrounding environment


This clue suggests a term for an animal that is known for blending in with its surroundings, based on its arrival outside a hotel in a Spanish location. A "CHAMELEON" is known for its ability to change color and blend in with its environment

Cries plaintively disrupting rabble at seminar

Answer: BLEATS

This clue suggests a word for plaintive cries that disrupt a disorderly crowd at a seminar. "BLEATS" refers to plaintive cries, often associated with the sounds made by sheep. The clue suggests that these cries disrupt the rabble (chaotic crowd) at a seminar.

Give out over disagreement regarding disparity between hours?


  • This clue hints at a phrase meaning to distribute something due to a disagreement about the difference in time.
  • "TIME DIFFERENCE" refers to the variation in time between two points. The clue cleverly suggests this phrase by describing a situation where something is given out (TIME) due to a disagreement over the difference in hours (DIFFERENCE).

Determine it in advance and impress Geordie trainer, essentially


This clue suggests a word meaning to decide something beforehand and impress a trainer, specifically one from Newcastle, essentially. "PREORDAIN" means to determine or decide something in advance. The clue suggests that this action impresses a Geordie trainer, essentially referring to someone from Newcastle, England.

Make case for remote device being used to ignite it again


  • This clue hints at a phrase describing the action of making a case for using a remote device to rekindle something.
  • "REKINDLE" means to revive or reignite something, often a relationship or a flame. The clue suggests using a remote device to ignite something again, cleverly leading to "REKINDLE."

Label left on French water in this scene


This clue suggests a term for a scene or depiction, with a hint about a label left on French water. A "TABLEAU" is a scene or depiction, often used in art or theater.

Drinks with this semi-turned up around the outside of protective garment


This clue hints at a term for drinking, with a suggestion of a semi being turned up and placed around the outside of a protective garment. "IMBIBES" means drinks.

It will horrify them if assistant turns up with friend at the end of rehearsal

Answer: APPALL

This clue suggests a term for something that will shock or horrify others if an assistant arrives with a friend at the end of a rehearsal. "APPALL" means to shock or horrify.

Regressive militia warn captives to expect it

Answer: AWAIT

This clue hints at a term for something that captives are warned to expect by a regressive militia. "AWAIT" means to wait for or expect something. The clue suggests "AWAIT" by indicating that captives are warned to expect it by a regressive militia.

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