Daily Mail Quick Crossword Clues March 21 2024 Answers

Are you looking for answers to today’s Daily Mail Quick Crossword? Check out this page, to find the clues and solutions for the challenging crossword puzzle.

by Abisha

Updated Mar 21, 2024

Daily Mail Quick Crossword Clues March 21 2024 Answers

Many individuals feel that it's challenging to solve some of the clues in today's Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword. Thus, on this page, we have assembled and shown the answers to the crossword puzzles. You can look here for the solutions to any hints. By figuring out this problem, you can pick up a lot of new vocabulary and discover more facts.

Let's now look at the answers to the crossword puzzles from today.

Multitude (4)

The Correct Answer is HOST

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A "host" can refer to a large number of people or things gathered together, such as a host of angels or a host of problems.

Zimbabwe, formerly (8)

The Correct Answer is RHODESIA

"Zimbabwe" was formerly known as "Rhodesia" before gaining independence from British colonial rule in 1980.

Male sibling (7)

The Correct Answer is BROTHER

A "male sibling" is commonly referred to as a "brother." It denotes a familial relationship between males who share the same parents or one of the same parents.

Fear-stricken state (5)

The Correct Answer is ALARM

"Alarm" refers to a state of fear or anxiety, often triggered by the perception of danger or threat.

Cabs (5)

The Correct Answer is TAXIS

"Cabs" commonly refers to taxis, which are vehicles for hire that transport passengers to their destinations for a fare.

Large bodies of water (6)

The Correct Answer is OCEANS

"Large bodies of water" typically refers to oceans, which are vast expanses of saltwater covering most of the Earth's surface.

Fervent (6)

The Correct Answer is ARDENT

"Fervent" describes someone who is passionate, enthusiastic, or intensely devoted to a cause or belief. "Ardent" is a synonym for fervent.

Consequence (6)

The Correct Answer is UPSHOT

The "upshot" of something refers to its final or eventual outcome or consequence.

Northern Ireland (6)

The Correct Answer is ULSTER

Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, and it consists of six counties, one of which is Ulster.

Food from heaven (5)

The Correct Answer is MANNA

In religious texts such as the Bible, "manna" is described as a miraculous food that was provided by God to the Israelites during their journey in the wilderness.

Easily digested (5)

The Correct Answer is LIGHT

"Light" can describe food that is easily digested or sits lightly in the stomach. It can also refer to food that is not heavy or rich.

Pencilled picture (7)

The Correct Answer is DRAWING

A "drawing" is a picture or diagram made with a pencil or other drawing implement.

Stubbornly persistent (8)

The Correct Answer is OBDURATE

"Obdurate" describes someone who is stubbornly persistent or resistant to change, often in a negative or obstinate manner.

Fledgling's home (4)

The Correct Answer is NEST

A "nest" is a structure built by birds as a place to lay and incubate their eggs, as well as to raise their young until they are ready to fly and leave the nest.

Wonted (8)

The Correct Answer is HABITUAL

"Habitual" refers to something that is customary, usual, or done by habit.

Sitting Bull's tribe (5)

The Correct Answer is SIOUX

Sitting Bull was a prominent leader of the Lakota Sioux tribe, a Native American tribe indigenous to the Great Plains region of North America.

Famous public school (6)

The Correct Answer is HARROW

Harrow is a famous public school located in Harrow, London, England. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious independent schools in the UK.

Male duck (5)

The Correct Answer is DRAKE

A "drake" is a male duck, specifically referring to an adult male duck of any duck species.

Steadfast (7)

The Correct Answer is STAUNCH

"Staunch" describes someone who is steadfast, loyal, or committed to a cause or belief.

Weapons (4)

The Correct Answer is ARMS

"Weapons" typically refers to instruments used for attack or defense. "Arms" is a common term for weapons, such as firearms or swords.

Selected (6)

The Correct Answer is CHOSEN

"Selected" implies choosing something from a set of options. "Chosen" is the past participle of the verb "choose" and shares a similar meaning.

Direct (8)

The Correct Answer is STRAIGHT

"Direct" can mean proceeding in a straight line or without deviation. "Straight" is a synonym for direct, describing something that lacks curvature or bends.

Inundated (7)

The Correct Answer is DELUGED

"Deluged" means overwhelmed or flooded with an excessive amount of something, often referring to water or information.

Large treeless plains in South America (6)

The Correct Answer is PAMPAS

The Pampas are extensive treeless plains located in South America, primarily in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Direct  (anag) (6)

The Correct Answer is CREDIT

An anagram of "direct" yields "credit," which can refer to acknowledgment or recognition for something achieved or contributed.

Instructor (5)

The Correct Answer is TUTOR

A "tutor" is an instructor who provides individualized instruction or guidance to a student, often in a specific subject or skill.

Din (5)

The Correct Answer is NOISE

A "din" is a loud, continuous noise or uproar. "Noise" is a synonym for din, describing any unwanted or disruptive sound.

Lowest female singing voice (4)

The Correct Answer is ALTO

In choral music, an "alto" is the lowest female singing voice, lying between the soprano and tenor voices. It is characterized by its warm and rich timbre.

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