Solution For The Metro Quick March 28, 2024 Crossword

Use the Metro Quick Crossword to test your wits and try your puzzle-solving abilities and get your fill of mind-twisting entertainment every day with this popular crossword.

by J Nandhini

Updated Mar 28, 2024

Solution For The Metro Quick March 28, 2024 Crossword

Take a mental break and sharpen your wit with the Metro Quick Crossword. This daily crossword puzzle is perfect for crossword experts of all kinds. Tackle the clues, complete the grid and enjoy a quick victory. Whether you’re an experienced crossword solver or an inquisitive beginner, you’re sure to find a fun and satisfying way to test out your vocabulary and sharpen your brain.

Go away hastily (5)

Answer: SCRAM

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"Go away hastily" suggests someone leaving quickly or abruptly. "Scram" is a colloquial term that means to leave or go away hastily or suddenly, often used in informal contexts.

Hoodwinks (5)

Answer: DUPES

"Hoodwinks" means to deceive or trick someone into believing something false or misleading. "Dupes" is the appropriate word for this, as it refers to people who have been deceived or fooled by others.

Bellybutton (5)

Answer: NAVEL

Bellybutton" refers to the small, often indented, scar in the center of the abdomen, resulting from the detachment of the umbilical cord after birth. "Navel" is the specific term for this anatomical feature

Karate expert (3)

Answer: DAN

In martial arts, practitioners are often ranked according to their level of expertise. "Dan" is a term used to denote someone who has achieved a certain level of proficiency or expertise in karate or other martial arts. It typically corresponds to a black belt rank.

Dress (5)

Answer: FROCK

A "dress" is a garment worn by women or girls that covers the body and extends down to the legs. "Frock" is a specific type of dress, often referring to a simple, loose-fitting garment, especially one worn by young girls or in informal settings

Flatfish (7)


A "flatfish" is a type of fish characterized by its flat body and both eyes being on the upper side. "Halibut" is a specific type of flatfish that is popular in seafood cuisine and known for its firm texture and mild flavor.

Vital organ (5)

Answer: HEART

A "vital organ" refers to an essential organ in the body that is necessary for sustaining life. The "heart" is a vital organ that pumps blood throughout the body, supplying oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs, and removing waste products from the body.

Transgression (3)

Answer: SIN

A "transgression" is an act that goes against a moral or ethical principle, law, or commandment. "Sin" is a term used in religious and moral contexts to describe such acts that are considered morally wrong or offensive.

Rota (6)

Answer: ROSTER

A "rota" is a schedule or list of tasks or duties to be carried out by individuals or groups in rotation. "Roster" is a synonym for rota, often used in organizational contexts to refer to a list of names of people involved in a particular activity or event, along with their assigned tasks or responsibilities.

Dead or almost dead (4,3)


This clue describes something that is either dead or very close to death. "Done for" is a phrase used to indicate that something is beyond saving or is doomed to fail, implying a state of being dead or in a terminal condition.

Wet weather (4)

Answer: RAIN

Wet weather" refers to atmospheric conditions characterized by the presence of rain, which is precipitation in the form of liquid water droplets falling from the sky.

Speech defect (4)

Answer: LISP

A "speech defect" is a condition that affects a person's ability to articulate sounds properly. "Lisp" is a specific speech defect characterized by the inability to pronounce certain sounds, particularly the sibilant consonants like "s" and "z," resulting in a distortion of speech.

Diabolic (7)


Diabolic" describes something that is evil, demonic, or associated with the devil. "Satanic" is the appropriate word for this, as it refers to anything related to Satan or devilish in nature, often used to describe actions, beliefs, or symbols associated with Satanism or demonic worship.

Utter tearfully (6)

Answer: SNIVEL

"Utter tearfully" suggests speaking or expressing oneself in a whining or sniffling manner, often associated with crying. "Snivel" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the act of speaking or crying in a way that involves sniffing or sobbing

Permit (3)

Answer: LET

"Permit" means to allow or give permission for something to happen. "Let" is the appropriate word for this, as it means to allow or permit someone to do something or to allow something to happen.

Detested (5)

Answer: HATED

Detested" describes something that is strongly disliked or hated. "Hated" is the appropriate word for this, indicating intense dislike or animosity towards someone or something.

Spire (7)


"Spire" refers to a tall, pointed structure, often found on top of a building or tower. "Steeple" is a specific type of spire, commonly found on churches, characterized by its tall, slender shape and often topped with a cross or other religious symbol.

Spruce, dapper (5)

Answer: NATTY

"Spruce, dapper" describes someone who is stylish, neat, and well-groomed in appearance. "Natty" is the appropriate word for this, indicating someone who is smartly dressed or fashionable.

Rodent type (3)

Answer: RAT

Rodent type" refers to a type of mammal characterized by gnawing incisor teeth and a typically long, slender body. "Rat" is the specific type of rodent described in this clue, known for its ability to thrive in various environments and its often unwelcome presence in human habitats.

Swagger (5)

Answer: STRUT

Swagger" describes a confident or arrogant manner of walking or behaving. "Strut" is the appropriate word for this, indicating a proud, confident gait or posture, often characterized by a deliberate and exaggerated movement.

Stratum (5)

Answer: LAYER

"Stratum" refers to a layer or level of a material or substance, often found in geological or social contexts. "Layer" is the appropriate word for this, indicating a single sheet or thickness of something, typically stacked on top of other layers.

Oozes (5)

Answer: SEEPS

"Oozes" describes the slow and steady flow or seepage of liquid through a porous material or small opening. "Seeps" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the gradual movement of liquid, often underground or through soil or rock.

Traitor (5)

Answer: JUDAS

A "traitor" is someone who betrays or deceives others, often for personal gain or to the detriment of others. "Judas" is the appropriate word for this, referring to Judas Iscariot, a biblical figure known for betraying Jesus Christ to the authorities for thirty pieces of silver.

Deer meat (7)


Deer meat" refers to the flesh of a deer, commonly used as a source of food. "Venison" is the specific term for this type of meat, obtained from the flesh of deer, particularly game deer hunted for sport or food.

Horse-drawn vehicle (4)

Answer: CART

A "horse-drawn vehicle" is a type of transportation that is pulled by one or more horses. "Cart" is a specific type of horse-drawn vehicle, typically characterized by two or four wheels and used for transporting goods or materials.

Tug-of-war team member (6)

Answer: ANCHOR

In a game of tug-of-war, an "anchor" is a member of the team who stands at the back of the line and provides stability and resistance against the opposing team's pull. The term "anchor" is metaphorically used here to signify the person who provides stability and strength to the team's effort in the game.

Manufactures (5)

Answer: MAKES

Manufactures" refers to the process of producing goods or products through industrial or manual labor. "Makes" is the appropriate word for this, as it means to create, produce, or manufacture something.

Kind, category (5)

Answer: GENRE

Kind, category" refers to a particular type or style of artistic, literary, or musical work. "Genre" is the appropriate word for this, indicating a category or classification of artistic expression, such as literature, music, film, or art, characterized by similar style, form, or content.

Close friend (3)

Answer: PAL

A "close friend" is someone with whom one has a strong and intimate bond or relationship. "Pal" is a colloquial term for a close friend or companion, often used in informal contexts to refer to someone with whom one shares a close and friendly relationship.

Burial or cremation (7)


Burial or cremation" refers to the two main methods of disposing of a deceased person's body. "Funeral" is the appropriate word for this, as it is the ceremony or service held to commemorate and honor the life of the deceased, whether through burial or cremation.

Rubbish holder (3)

Answer: BIN

A "rubbish holder" is a container used for storing and disposing of waste or garbage. "Bin" is the appropriate word for this, indicating a receptacle or container specifically designed for holding rubbish or trash until it can be collected and disposed of properly.

Garret (5)

Answer: ATTIC

A "garret" is a small, often cramped room or space located just below the roof of a house, typically used as a storage area or living quarters. "Attic" is another term for a garret, referring to the uppermost space within a building, often used for storage or as an additional living area.

Stumbles (5)

Answer: TRIPS

"Stumbles" refers to the act of losing one's balance and almost falling due to catching one's foot on something or due to an obstacle in the way. "Trips" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the action of stumbling or faltering while walking.

Kings, queens, etc. (7)


"Kings, queens, etc." refers to individuals who belong to the ruling class or noble families, typically characterized by their hereditary right to rule or govern. "Royalty" is the appropriate word for this, indicating members of a royal family or the status or authority associated with monarchy.

Hibernian (5)

Answer: IRISH

"Hibernian" is an adjective derived from the Latin word "Hibernia," which was the ancient name for Ireland. "Irish" is the appropriate word for this, indicating something or someone related to or originating from Ireland.

Finger or toe (5)

Answer: DIGIT

Finger or toe" refers to the digits, or extremities, of the human body, specifically the fingers and toes. "Digit" is the appropriate word for this, indicating any of the numerals from 0 to 9 or, in this context, a finger or toe as a part of the body.

Word for word (7)


Word for word" describes something that is exact or precise, without interpretation or embellishment. "Literal" is the appropriate word for this, indicating a strict adherence to the actual words or text without metaphorical or symbolic meaning.

Demure (6)

Answer: SEDATE

"Demure" describes someone who is modest, reserved, or composed in demeanor and behavior. "Sedate" is the appropriate word for this, indicating a calm, dignified, or restrained manner.

Born (3)

Answer: NEE

Born" refers to the past tense of the verb "to bear offspring" or "to come into existence." "Nee" is a term used to indicate a woman's maiden name or her surname at birth, typically used in formal contexts or to provide additional information about a person's identity.

Highly unpleasant (5)

Answer: NASTY

Highly unpleasant" describes something that is disagreeable, offensive, or distasteful. "Nasty" is the appropriate word for this, indicating something that is extremely unpleasant or unpalatable in nature.

Planet (5)

Answer: VENUS

"Planet" refers to a celestial body that orbits a star, particularly one that orbits the sun in our solar system. "Venus" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the second planet from the sun, known for its bright appearance in the sky and its similar size and composition to Earth.

Change (5)

Answer: ALTER

"Change" refers to the act of making something different or modifying it. "Alter" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the action of making a change or adjustment to something, often to improve or adapt it to a different purpose or condition

Halt (4)

Answer: STOP

"Halt" refers to the act of bringing something to a stop or ceasing movement. "Stop" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the action of coming to a standstill or preventing further progress or motion.

Remuneration (3)

Answer: PAY

"Remuneration" refers to the compensation or payment given to someone in exchange for their work or services. "Pay" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the money or compensation received for performing a job or fulfilling a duty.

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