March 28, 2024 Answer For The Irish Times Simplex Crossword

Get ready for the ultimate cognitive challenge with The Irish Times Simplex Crossword and have fun solving it and getting the victory.

by J Nandhini

Updated Mar 28, 2024

March 28, 2024 Answer For The Irish Times Simplex Crossword

The Irish Times Simplex Crossword is a daily wordplay puzzle that’s easy on the mind and easy on the brain. Cross the grid, increase your vocabulary, and experience the rush of a fast mental victory, all in a compact, easy to use format. It’s the perfect crossword for cross lovers on the go. Enjoy a challenge that’s hard to beat without scratching your head.

Unconditional, without limits


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The clue suggests finding a word that means "unconditional" or "without limits." "Absolute" fits this description perfectly, as it refers to something that is complete, total, or unqualified, without any conditions or restrictions.

Quantity, sum

Answer: AMOUNT

Quantity" and "sum" both refer to the total or aggregate of something. "Amount" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the total number or quantity of items, money, or substances.

Beds on ships or trains

Answer: BERTHS

Beds on ships or trains" refers to the sleeping accommodations available on these modes of transportation. "Berths" is the term used to describe these beds or sleeping areas, often consisting of bunk beds or sleeping compartments.



Improbable" suggests something that is unlikely or difficult to believe. "Unimaginable" fits this description, as it refers to something that is beyond what can be imagined or conceived, often because it is highly unlikely or fantastical.

Pass through a colander

Answer: STRAIN

When you pass a mixture through a colander, you separate solid particles from liquid by pouring the mixture through the colander's perforated surface. "Strain" is the appropriate word for this action, as it describes the process of separating solids from liquids using a filter or sieve.

Leeway, scope


"Leeway" and "scope" both refer to the extent of freedom, flexibility, or room for maneuvering within a particular situation. "Latitude" is the word that encompasses this meaning, indicating the degree of freedom or flexibility one has in making decisions or taking action.

A fossil fuel

Answer: GAS

Fossil fuel" refers to a natural fuel source formed from the remains of living organisms over millions of years. "Gas" is one type of fossil fuel, which includes natural gas formed from the decomposition of organic matter trapped underground

Benjamin ..., English composer


Benjamin Britten" was a renowned English composer known for his wide-ranging compositions, including operas, vocal music, orchestral works, and chamber music. "Britten" is his surname, and this clue refers to him specifically in the context of English composers.

A grant to help defray costs


A "grant to help defray costs" refers to financial assistance provided by a government or organization to reduce the expenses associated with a particular activity or endeavor. "Subsidy" is the appropriate word for this, as it denotes a sum of money given by a government or organization to support or promote a specific purpose, such as agriculture, education, or industry.

Not warm but not very cold

Answer: COOL

Not warm but not very cold" describes a temperature that is moderate or slightly chilly. "Cool" is the word that fits this description, indicating a temperature that is neither hot nor cold, but rather comfortably moderate.

Sample to be studied


A "sample to be studied" refers to a representative example or portion of a larger group or population that is selected for analysis, examination, or experimentation. "Specimen" is the appropriate word for this, indicating a sample collected for scientific study, research, or examination.

Not in a position to

Answer: CANNOT

Not in a position to" suggests being unable or incapable of doing something due to circumstances or limitations. "Cannot" is the appropriate word for this, indicating the inability or impossibility of performing a certain action or task.

Table of days and dates


A "table of days and dates" refers to a system for organizing and displaying the days, weeks, months, and years of a particular period, typically used for keeping track of time and scheduling events. "Calendar" is the appropriate word for this, as it denotes a chart or system that shows the arrangement of days and dates in a specific format.

Roof spaces

Answer: ATTICS

"Roof spaces" refers to the areas or rooms located directly under the roof of a building, typically used for storage or as living spaces. "Attics" is the term used to describe these upper-level spaces in a building, often characterized by sloping ceilings and limited headroom

Posts to support stair handrails

Answer: NEWELS

Posts to support stair handrails" refers to the vertical structural elements positioned at the base and top of a staircase to provide support for the handrails. "Newels" is the appropriate word for these posts, as they are typically larger and more decorative than the other balusters or spindles along the staircase.

Four-stringed instruments

Answer: UKES

Four-stringed instruments" refers to musical instruments that are played with four strings, typically tuned in intervals of fifths or fourths. "Ukes" is the colloquial term for ukuleles, which are small, guitar-like instruments with four strings, commonly associated with Hawaiian music and popular for their bright, cheerful sound.

Take exception to a thing?

Answer: OBJECT

Take exception to" means to disagree with or oppose something. "A thing" in this context refers to an object or idea. "Object" is the appropriate word for this, as it means to express disagreement or disapproval with something.

Legal agreement

Answer: LEASE

A "legal agreement" refers to a contract or arrangement between parties that outlines the terms and conditions of a transaction or relationship, typically involving the use of property or services for a specified period of time. "Lease" is the appropriate word for this, as it specifically refers to a contract granting someone the use of property for a specified period in exchange for payment.

Annoying person or thing

Answer: PEST

An "annoying person or thing" is someone or something that causes irritation, inconvenience, or nuisance. "Pest" is the appropriate word for this, as it refers to an annoying or troublesome person, animal, or thing that disrupts or annoys others.

The strange Mexican drink could equal it


This clue is a cryptic clue, where the solution is a play on words or a hidden meaning within the clue itself. "The strange Mexican drink" refers to tequila, which is a popular alcoholic beverage originating from Mexico. "Could equal it" suggests that the word "tequila" can be rearranged to form the word "equal," indicating that the letters in "tequila" can be rearranged to spell "equal."

Voting system

Answer: BALLOT

A "voting system" is a method or process used for casting and counting votes in an election or other decision-making process. The word "ballot" specifically refers to the paper or electronic document on which voters mark their choices.

pouch in a garment

Answer: POCKET

A "pouch in a garment" is a small, often fabric-lined compartment sewn into clothing, used for carrying small items like keys, coins, or a phone. The word "pocket" refers to this specific compartment within clothing.

Taken in as part of


"Taken in as part of" suggests something being encompassed or comprised within a larger whole. The word "included" means being part of or being made a part of something else.

In Addition


In addition" implies something extra or supplementary to what has already been mentioned or exists. The word "additional" means added or extra, often describing something included beyond what is already present.

One Time

Answer: ISSUE

This clue is a play on words. "One time" could refer to something happening only once or a single occurrence. The word "issue" also means a single instance or occurrence of something, such as a publication or a specific matter or problem being addressed.

Substituted, exchanged


The clue suggests finding a word that means "substituted" or "exchanged." "Replaced" fits this description perfectly, as it means to take the place of something else, typically due to being newer or more suitable.

Emitted long loud cries


Emitted long loud cries" suggests making prolonged and loud vocal sounds. "Ululated" is the appropriate word for this, as it means to emit a long, wavering, high-pitched sound, often as an expression of grief, joy, or celebration, commonly heard in certain cultures or during ceremonies.

Suddenly surprised or alarmed


Suddenly surprised or alarmed" describes the feeling of being suddenly shocked or startled by something unexpected. "Startled" is the appropriate word for this, as it means to be surprised or alarmed suddenly, typically in response to a sudden noise or event

Burdensome, not easily borne


Burdensome, not easily borne" suggests something that is difficult to bear or manage due to being heavy, oppressive, or demanding. "Onerous" fits this description, as it means involving a great deal of effort, difficulty, or hardship, often used to describe tasks, responsibilities, or obligations that are particularly challenging.

French pancakes

Answer: CREPES

French pancakes" refers to a type of thin pancake originating from France, typically made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour and cooked on a hot griddle or frying pan. The word "crepes" specifically denotes this type of pancake, which is known for its delicate texture and versatility in sweet or savory dishes.

Humble, unassuming

Answer: MEEK

Humble, unassuming" describes someone who is modest, mild-mannered, or submissive in nature. The word "meek" is the appropriate term for this, indicating a person who is gentle, submissive, or lacking in assertiveness or aggression.

Passed the tongue over

Answer: LICKED

Passed the tongue over" suggests the action of moving the tongue across a surface, typically to taste, moisten, or clean it. The word "licked" is the appropriate term for this action, indicating the movement of the tongue over a surface.

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