Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today March 28, 2024

Solve your answer here for the Today”s Universal Crossword. This article provides you with the best explanation to solve the answer by the given hints.

by Keerthika

Updated Mar 28, 2024

Universal Crossword Puzzle for Today March 28, 2024


The Universal Puzzle is a word game, where we get entertainment as well as fun by solving the puzzles everyday. These Puzzles help us to improve our vocabulary skills and knowledge and critical thinking. Firstly, guess in several ways and try to find the possible answer. If you are struggling to find, we provide the possible and best answers for Universal puzzles, visit our site regularly.  Firstly, guess in several ways and try to find the possible answer.

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"Copied" with "APED" imitating or mimicking someone or something. 

Brought to light


 Brought to light" could be "DUG UP." This answer fits the clue because "digging up" something literally means bringing it to the surface or uncovering it. It can be used metaphorically to describe the act of revealing information or discovering something previously unknown. So, "DUG UP" serves as a suitable solution for the "Brought to light."

Springtime occurrence


 Springtime occurrence" is "THAW." In many regions, particularly those with cold winters, spring brings warmer temperatures that cause snow and ice to melt. The process of melting snow and ice due to rising temperatures is referred to as a "thaw." It's a common occurrence during the transition from winter to spring, as the environment begins to thaw out after being frozen during the colder months.

Business with a slicer


 "Business with a slicer" is "DELI." A deli, short for delicatessen, is a type of food establishment that specializes in serving prepared foods, particularly meats, cheeses, and sandwiches. Delis commonly use slicers to cut meats and cheeses to order for customers, ensuring freshness and customization.

In unison


"In unison" is "AS ONE." This phrase perfectly captures the idea of unity or synchronicity, where multiple entities or people act together as a single unit. "As one" complete agreement or cooperation among individuals or elements, emphasizing harmony and unity of purpose.

McEntire of country


 "McEntire of country" is "REBA." Reba McEntire is a highly acclaimed and iconic country music singer and actress. She has been a prominent figure in the country music industry for decades, known for her powerful vocals, chart-topping hits, and successful acting career.

Treat company with a hidden agenda?  


Treat company with a hidden agenda?" is "HAAGEN-DAZS." Haagen-Dazs is a well-known ice cream brand. The clue plays on the word "agenda" within the name "Haagen-Dazs," a hidden or secret aspect within the company's branding or name. However, in reality, there is no actual hidden agenda associated with Haagen-Dazs; it's simply a clever wordplay within the context of the puzzle.

In an unfocused manner


"In an unfocused manner" is "IDLY." The adverb "idly" means to do something without purpose, aimlessly, or without focus. It a lack of productivity or engagement in the task at hand. For example, if someone is sitting idly, they might be daydreaming or not actively participating in any particular activity.

It’s not quite a nonet


"It's not quite a nonet" is "OCTET." An octet refers to a composition or group consisting of eight performers or instruments. It is one less than a nonet, fitting the clue's description of something not quite reaching the number of performers in a nonet.



 "Landed" is "ALIT." The word "ALIT" is the past tense of the verb "alight," which means to come down and settle, particularly from flight or elevation. When something has "alit," it has landed or come to rest after being airborne or elevated.

Such a long time 


"Such a long time" is "AGES." "Ages" is a term used colloquially to refer to an extended period, emphasizing the idea of a considerable length of time. For example, if someone says, "I haven't seen you in ages," they mean it's been a very long time since they last saw the person.

Medal spots 


 "Medal spots" is "CHESTS." In this context, "chests" could refer to physical containers or storage spaces where medals are kept, such as treasure chests or display cases. Alternatively, "chests" might also refer to the upper body part where medals are worn or displayed, specifically the chest area.

Cleaning item that may be green and yellow    


"Cleaning item that may be green and yellow" is "SPONGE." Sponges are frequently used for cleaning various surfaces, such as dishes, countertops, and bathrooms. They come in various colors and designs, and it's common to find sponges that are green and yellow, either individually or in combination.

Two after Sun.  


"Two after Sun." is "TUES." "TUES" is an abbreviation commonly used to represent Tuesday, which indeed comes two days after Sunday in the standard seven-day week.

Large highway sights 


"Large highway sights" that we are looking for something commonly seen on highways that is sizable or big. , in this case, is likely "SEMIS," which refers to semi-trailer trucks or tractor-trailers.

Round, chuck and others  


Round, chuck and others" hints at a group of items that fit the description of being round or related to the concept of "round." "CUTS.

Import or export tax 


"Import or export tax" that we are looking for a term that describes a fee imposed on goods when they are either brought into or sent out of a country. to this is "TARIFF."

R&B star Lennox  


"R&B star Lennox" likely refers to a well-known musician in the R&B genre with the last name Lennox. Given the context, is likely "ARI" which refers to ARI Lennox, an American singer-songwriter known for her soulful R&B music.

Suni Lee’s Olympic team  


"Suni Lee’s Olympic team" likely pertains to the national team that gymnast Suni Lee represented at the Olympic Games. Since Suni Lee is from the United States, is "USA," which stands for the United States of America.


 "Alternative to 'fair' and 'good'" finding a word that could be used instead of "fair" and "good" to indicate something in excellent condition. to this clue is "LIKENEW."

Lightning bolt’s sound 


"Lightning bolt’s sound" finding a word that describes the sound associated with a lightning bolt. to this clue is "ZAP." When lightning strikes, it often produces a sudden, sharp sound similar to "zap."

Moment, briefly 


 "Moment, briefly" finding a short term that refers to a brief period of time, specifically a moment. to this clue is "SEC," which is an abbreviation for "second." In common usage, "sec" is often used informally to refer to a very short period of time, similar to a moment. Therefore, "SEC" is the term that fits the clue "Moment, briefly."

At the office, as an interview  


"At the office, as an interview" finding a term that describes where an interview takes place in relation to the workplace. to this clue is "ONSITE." When an interview is conducted "ONSITE," it means it's being held at the actual location of the office or workplace, rather than remotely or at another location.



"Longings" indicates a term that describes desires or strong cravings. to this clue is "YENS." "YENS" is a less common plural form of the word "YEN," which means a strong desire or craving for something. Therefore, "YENS" is the term that fits the clue "Longings," as it represents the plural form of "YEN," capturing the idea of multiple strong desires or cravings.

Teaser ad    


"Teaser ad" finding a term that describes a type of advertisement designed to pique curiosity or generate interest without fully revealing the product or message. to this clue is "PROMO," short for "promotion." A "PROMO" is a type of advertisement that provides a brief glimpse or teaser of a product, event, or message, often aimed at generating excitement or anticipation.

Antiquated, quaintly  


"Antiquated, quaintly" finding a word that describes something old-fashioned or dated, but in a charming or quaint manner. to this clue is "OLDE." This spelling, with an 'e' at the end, is often used in a whimsical or nostalgic way, particularly in branding or signage to evoke a sense of tradition or history.


"Fictional sailor" finding the name of a character known for sailing adventures in fictional stories. to this clue is "SINBAD." Sinbad is a legendary sailor and adventurer who is the protagonist of Middle Eastern folktales and stories.

Talks back to  


"Talks back to" finding a word that describes the act of responding insolently or impudently to someone in conversation. to this clue is "SASSES." "SASSES" is a verb that means to talk back to someone in a disrespectful or cheeky manner. 



 Dagnabbit!’" finding an expression that's similar to "Dagnabbit!" and may be used to convey frustration or annoyance. to this clue is "RATS." "RATS" is an exclamation often used to express disappointment, frustration, or mild anger. It's a mild form of swearing or cursing, often used when something goes wrong or doesn't turn out as expected.



"Slightly" finding a term that means "a bit" or "to a small extent." to this clue is "ABIT." "ABIT" is a colloquial abbreviation of "a bit," which means a small amount or to a small degree. It's often used informally in conversation to indicate a slight or minor amount of something. Therefore, "ABIT" is the term that fits the clue "Slightly."

Put a cap on    


"Put a cap on" implies finding a term that means to impose a restriction or set a maximum limit on something. to this clue is "LIMIT." When you "put a cap on" something, you are establishing a boundary or constraint to prevent it from exceeding a certain level or amount.

Woeful interjection  


  "Woeful interjection" finding a word that expresses sorrow, regret, or disappointment. to this clue is "ALAS." "ALAS" is an interjection commonly used to express sadness, grief, or lamentation over a situation. It's often used to convey a sense of sorrow or disappointment about something unfortunate that has occurred or is anticipated to happen.

Video game cheating method with a hidden mic?  


 "Video game cheating method with a hidden mic?" hints at a well-known cheat code often associated with the gaming company Konami, which typically involved a sequence of button presses to unlock special features or advantages in video games. to this clue is "KONAMICODE."

It’s often topped with a rooster 


"It’s often topped with a rooster" finding a term that typically sits at the highest point of a structure and may be associated with a rooster. to this clue is "VANE."

Manage not to encounter  


Manage not to encounter a word that means avoiding or escaping from something. to this clue is "EVADE." In this context, "evade" means to escape or avoid something, such as a problem, danger, or difficulty. So, in the puzzle, the word "EVADE" fits the clue "Manage not to encounter" because it means to skillfully avoid or sidestep something.

Surface calculation  


"Surface calculation" that we're looking for a word related to determining the measurement of a two-dimensional space, such as the area of a shape or surface. to this clue is "AREA." In mathematics, "area" refers to the measurement of the extent of a two-dimensional surface or region, typically expressed in square units, such as square meters or square feet.



 "Concludes" that we're looking for a word that means to bring something to an end or finish. to this clue is "ENDS." In this context, "ends" is a verb that means to reach or come to a conclusion or termination. It can also mean to finish something or bring it to a close. So, in the puzzle, the word "ENDS" fits the clue "Concludes" because it directly relates to the action of reaching an end or conclusion.

Showed again  


"Showed again" implies that we're looking for a word or phrase that describes the action of presenting something once more, typically in the same manner or form. to this clue is "RERAN."

Pebble-shaped piece of candy 


"Pebble-shaped piece of candy" finding a term that describes a type of candy that is small and round, resembling a pebble in shape. to this clue is "NERD."

Type of committee    


 "Type of committee" with "ADHOC" a specific form of committee established for a particular purpose or task.

Princess in Mario games  


"Princess in Mario games" with "PEACH" refers to Princess Peach, a prominent character in the Mario series of video games.



"Thrill" with "ELATE" a feeling of excitement or happiness.

Regularly sent summaries  


"Regularly sent summaries" with "DIGESTS" refers to a specific type of publication or document that provides condensed versions of various pieces of information.

“Dapper” guy    


"Dapper guy" with "DAN" a person named Dan who is well-groomed and stylish in appearance.

Beef-grading org. 


"Beef-grading org." with "USDA" refers to a specific organization responsible for grading beef in the United States.



"Objectives" with "GOALS" a term related to aims or targets.

Decompress, as a file  


"Decompress, as a file" with "UNZIP" refers to a common action taken with digital files to extract their contents.

Italian sauce whose name means “pounded”  


"Italian sauce whose name means 'pounded'" with "PESTO" refers to a popular type of sauce in Italian cuisine.

Sort by urgency  


"Sort by urgency" with "TRIAGE" refers to a method commonly used in medical contexts to prioritize patients based on the severity of their condition.

Outdoor attraction with a hidden gem?  


Outdoor attraction with a hidden gem?" with "HEDGEMAZE" a type of recreational area that features a maze made of hedges, with a hidden surprise or special feature.

Having the wherewithal 


"Having the wherewithal" with "ABLE" refers to the capability or capacity to accomplish something.



"Routes" with "WAYS" refers to different paths or methods of reaching a destination or achieving a goal.

Dramatic words from Caesar  


 "Dramatic words from Caesar" with "ETTU" likely refers to the famous phrase "Et tu, Brute?" from William Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar."

Took effect 


"Took effect" with "SETIN" the initiation or commencement of something, often implying that it has become established or begun to have an impact.

Letters indicating sensitive content  


"Letters indicating sensitive content" is a clue for an abbreviation commonly used to indicate material that is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). This term is often seen in online forums, email subject lines, or other digital contexts to warn users that the content may be inappropriate for viewing in certain settings, such as workplaces or around children.

___ Fifth Avenue  


 The clue "___ Fifth Avenue" that we're looking for a term that fills in the blank and relates to a location on Fifth Avenue. Given that "Saks" is a well-known luxury department store located on Fifth Avenue in New York City, to the clue would be "Saks."

Middle Eastern home of the Pink Mosque  


 "Middle Eastern home of the Pink Mosque" that is a country located in the Middle East where a notable mosque with a pink hue is situated. One of the most famous pink mosques in the world is the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, located in Shiraz, Iran.

Tastes of wine  


"Tastes of wine" with "SIPS" a subtle, nuanced understanding of wine appreciation. 



"Brink" with "CUSP" a point of transition or the edge of something significant.

Possible source of feedback on an app 


"Possible source of feedback on an app" with "USER" that users of the application are a potential source of valuable feedback

Small food establishment with a hidden cost?  


"Small food establishment with a hidden cost?" with "TACOSTAND" a play on words, where the hidden cost might refer to the pun of "taco stand" but could also imply an unexpected or undisclosed additional expense. 

Place to buy dehydrated food


"Place to buy dehydrated food" with "REI" a popular outdoor retailer where dehydrated food for camping and backpacking purposes can often be found. 

Zealous about 


"Zealous about" with "INTO" a strong enthusiasm or passion for something.

Emotions, slangily  


"Emotions, slangily" with "FEELS" a colloquial term used to describe strong emotions or feelings. 

Diving bird    


Diving bird" with "LOON" refers to a type of bird known for its diving behavior, often found in freshwater lakes and ponds.

“That’s within my abilities!”


 "That's within my abilities!" with "YESICAN" a confident affirmation that one is capable of accomplishing a task or achieving a goal.

Shots that don’t make it in  


 "Shots that don’t make it in" with "MISSES" refers to unsuccessful attempts, particularly in sports or shooting-related contexts.

Spanish artist who coined “nuclear mysticism”  


 "Spanish artist who coined 'nuclear mysticism'" with "DALI" refers to the renowned surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.

One may make muffins    


   "One may make muffins" with "BAKER" a profession or occupation associated with baking goods such as muffins. 

Too good for  


 "Too good for" with "ABOVE" a situation where something is considered superior or beyond the expected standard. 

Algerian currency  


The Algerian currency is called the "DINAR." The dinar is the official currency of Algeria, and it is used for everyday transactions within the country. Like many other currencies, the Algerian dinar is divided into smaller units, such as centimes, to facilitate smaller transactions.

Treat made over an open flame


 Treat made over an open flame" with "SMORE" refers to a popular outdoor dessert commonly enjoyed around campfires.

Duck with soft down 


   "Duck with soft down" with "EIDER" refers to a species of duck known for its soft and dense down feathers. 



 "Place" with "STEAD" a location or position, typically used in phrases like "in place of" or "in someone's stead.

Talk wildly  


"Talk wildly" with "RAVE" a form of speech characterized by enthusiasm, intensity, or irrationality. 

Ruck of “Succession”  


"Ruck of 'Succession'" with "ALAN" seems to be a misinterpretation or error. The term "Ruck" doesn't seem to be directly related to the television show "Succession." Instead, "Ruck" could refer to a group of people, especially in a sporting context like rugby.

Proud proclamation    


"Proud proclamation" with "TADA" a triumphant or celebratory expression often used to signify the completion or success of a task. 

Second-class citizens in Barbieland  


 "Second-class citizens in Barbieland" with "MEN" implies a societal construct within the fictional realm of Barbie dolls, where male characters might be considered secondary or less prominent compared to female characters.

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