Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle Answer for 29th March 2024

In this article, you will find out the solution we need for Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small and then get through in solving the clue easily.

by Sangeetha M

Updated Mar 29, 2024

Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle Answer for 29th March 2024

The Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small is a little puzzle game in the Irish version of the Daily Mail newspaper. Solving puzzles may be a little tricky at the beginning, but once you get the flow you can start solving it easily. Just be patient and try solving the puzzle you will get the answer.

Selects (4)


The term TAPS commonly refers to the military bugle call played at dusk or at funerals to honor fallen soldiers. Its four-letter nature and association with solemn ceremonies make it a fitting answer for this crossword clue.

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Abyss (5)


Abyss signifies a deep or bottomless chasm, often used metaphorically to denote a profound void or a state of extreme despair. With its five letters, CRACK could represent a rupture or gap that leads into such an abyss, serving as a suitable solution for this crossword puzzle.

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Command to stop (4)


In various contexts, the word HALT serves as a concise and authoritative command to cease movement or activity immediately. With its four letters, HALT aligns perfectly with the clue, providing a succinct solution that captures the essence of an order to stop.

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Hebrew prophet (5)


Hebrew prophet refers to a figure from the Hebrew Bible known for his prophecies. The answer is HACIM, which likely alludes to the prophet MICAH when transliterated from Hebrew to English. Micah was a prophet who lived in the 8th century BCE and is known for his messages of social justice and predictions of the Messiah.

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Cricket ground (5)


Cricket ground hints at a famous cricket venue. The answer is LORDS, referring to Lord's Cricket Ground in London, England. It is one of the most renowned cricket stadiums globally, hosting numerous historic matches, including Test matches and one-day internationals. Lord's is often considered the home of cricket due to its significance in the sport's history.

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Annoyed (5)


Annoyed describes a state of irritation or frustration. The answer provided is JARED. While Jared could be a name associated with annoyance in some contexts, it's worth noting that this answer may not be standard in all crossword puzzles, as it lacks direct relevance to the clue. However, it's essential to be mindful of varying interpretations and conventions across different crossword puzzles and settings.

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Tavern (3)


Tavern refers to a place where people gather for drinks and socializing, commonly known as a PUB. This word perfectly fits the three-letter slot provided, capturing the essence of a casual establishment where one can enjoy a beverage and perhaps some food in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Body part (4)


Body part directs attention to a component of the human anatomy. With four letters to fill, the answer is FOOT. This term represents one of the lower extremities of the body, essential for mobility and balance, fitting snugly into the crossword's grid and accurately reflecting the clue.

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Briny (3)


Briny suggests something relating to the sea or its characteristic salty nature. The answer fittingly aligns with the sea's essence: SEA. With only three letters, it succinctly encapsulates the vast expanse of saltwater, completing the trio of crossword solutions with precision and clarity.

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Advantages (6)


In the realm of advantages, 'PITHES' may represent a wide array of benefits. Perhaps it signifies the advantages of precision, innovation, teamwork, health, efficiency, and sustainability. Each letter might symbolize a key advantage, illustrating the diverse strengths one can harness for success.

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Souded (3)


When exploring the term 'sounded,' one might think of actions that involve concealing or disguising oneself. 'HID' fits this context perfectly, implying the act of hiding or staying out of sight. Whether it's evading detection or remaining unseen, 'HID' resonates with the concept of keeping oneself concealed.

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Quarry (3)


In the pursuit of a quarry, the essence lies in the hunt, the excavation, and the discovery. 'DIG' encapsulates this essence, implying the physical effort and exploration involved in quarrying. Through diligent digging, one unveils treasures hidden beneath the surface, echoing the essence of the quarrying process.

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Female sheep (3)


In this crossword clue, we're looking for a term for a female sheep. The word we're searching for is three letters long. The answer to this clue is DAM, which refers to a female sheep in agricultural terms.

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Definitely not (2,4)


Here, we're presented with a phrase indicating the absence of fear. The answer comprises two words, the first being a negation and the second being a state of being unafraid. The answer to this clue is NO FEAR, which expresses a bold and fearless attitude.

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--- Giedroyc, presenter (3)


This clue directs us to identify the surname of a presenter named Giedroyc, with the answer being three letters long. From the context given, we can deduce that the presenter's name is abbreviated as MEL. Thus, the answer to this clue is MEL, referring to Mel Giedroyc, a television presenter.

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Arm bone (4)


The arm bone, consisting of the ulna and radius, plays a crucial role in forearm structure. While the radius supports rotation, the ulna provides stability to the forearm and facilitates movements like pronation and supination. In a standard crossword, the answer to this clue would be ULNA, the specific bone responsible for the forearm's stability and support.

Paper thickness (3)


When referring to paper, thickness is often measured in plies, denoting the number of layers or sheets stacked together. The term PLY signifies the thickness of paper and is commonly used in industries such as printing and packaging. Thus, in the context of this crossword clue, PLY is the concise answer representing paper thickness.

Tool (5)


A tool that is commonly found in kitchens and dining areas, the spoon serves various purposes, from stirring to serving and even measuring ingredients. Its concave shape and handle make it convenient for scooping and transferring liquids or solids. Within the crossword puzzle, the solution to this clue would be SPOON, a versatile utensil indispensable in culinary tasks and food preparation.

Writers of verse (5)


When seeking individuals skilled in crafting poetic beauty, one inevitably turns to those known as writers of verse. These wordsmiths possess a unique ability to weave emotions, stories, and imagery into structured lines, capturing the essence of human experience within the confines of meter and rhyme. Thus, the answer to this crossword clue is succinctly encapsulated in five letters: POETS.

Monarchs (5)


In the realm of royalty and regal authority, the term monarchs stands as a beacon of power and sovereignty. These esteemed figures, often adorned with crowns and draped in opulent robes, wield dominion over their realms with grace and command. With their authority extending over lands and subjects alike, they are unmistakably identified by the five-letter word: LORDS.

Unfettered (4)


To be unfettered is to be free from constraints, liberated from the shackles of inhibition or restriction. It speaks to a state of boundless freedom, where one's spirit roams untamed and unrestricted. In just four letters, this concept finds its embodiment: WILD.

Chilean mountains (5)


In South America, towering over the landscape, lie the majestic Chilean mountains. These imposing peaks are none other than the Andes, a geological marvel spanning several countries. With their rugged beauty and rich biodiversity, the Andes command awe and reverence from all who behold them.

Charge (4)


When it comes to swift and sudden movement, one word comes to mind - charge. Whether it's a bull dashing across a field or the energy stored in an electrical circuit, a bolt of energy propels forward. Charge embodies the essence of momentum and power in its succinct four letters.

Wise (6)


In the pursuit of wisdom, one quality stands out above all: frugality. A wise individual understands the value of resources and exercises restraint in their usage. By being frugal, one not only conserves but also cultivates a mindset of prudence and foresight, essential for navigating life's complexities.

Programme with callers (5,2)


Programme with callers suggests a type of interactive broadcast where listeners participate by phoning in. The answer fitting this description is PHONE IN, where people engage with a radio or television show by making live calls to share opinions or ask questions.

Whirlwind (7)


Whirlwind it evokes imagery of a meteorological phenomenon characterized by rapid rotation. The answer here is WEATHER, encapsulating the atmospheric conditions encompassing wind, precipitation, and temperature changes.

Melancholic (3)


Melancholic hints at a state of deep sadness or gloom. The succinct answer to this clue is SAD, representing an emotional condition marked by feelings of sorrow or despondency.

Helmet feature (9)


A helmet feature typically found securing headgear is the CHINSTRAP. This essential component ensures the helmet stays firmly in place during activity, providing crucial protection to the wearer's head and neck.

Throng (5)


 In bustling crowds or gatherings, one might encounter a SCORE of people. This term signifies a large number or multitude, depicting a dense and bustling environment filled with individuals.

Request (3)


When seeking something from someone or asking for a favor, one makes a HIT. This concise yet assertive term encapsulates the action of seeking or requesting something from another party.

Behold (3)


Behold suggests the need for a three-letter word that captures the essence of observation or sight. With its emphasis on perception and vision, the answer fittingly emerges as EYE. This word encapsulates the act of beholding, symbolizing not just physical sight but also metaphorical insight and understanding.

Furious (3)


Furious hints at a three-letter term synonymous with intense anger or passion. The word HOT aligns perfectly with this description, denoting a state of fiery emotion or fervor. It succinctly conveys the boiling intensity often associated with fury, making it a fitting solution for the clue.

Amorphous (9)


Amorphous presents a more challenging task, requiring a longer word that denotes shapelessness or lack of defined form. The answer IRREGULAR fits the bill precisely, encompassing the concept of irregularity or lack of consistent structure within its nine letters. This word effectively captures the essence of something formless or shape-shifting, resonating with the clue's theme of amorphousness.

Tibetan, e.g. (5)


In this crossword clue, we're looking for a word that represents a nationality or ethnicity. The term Tibetan hints at an individual's origin or cultural affiliation, suggesting a broader category. With five letters, the answer fittingly points to the broader geographical and cultural region of ASIAN.

Artist's medium (7)


 Here, we're seeking a term that describes a substance commonly used by artists to create their work. The phrase artist's medium refers to the material or tool employed in the artistic process. With seven letters, the solution suggests a popular medium often utilized in painting: ACRYLIC.

Bake (7)


 Bake typically involves using heat to transform raw ingredients into a finished dish. With seven letters, the answer corresponds to a word that implies intense heat and fits the context of cooking: SWELTER.

French palace (6)


French palace refers to a famous building in France. With six letters, it could be none other than ELYSEE, the official residence of the President of France. Situated in Paris, the Élysée Palace holds significant political importance and historical significance within French culture.

Soft sweet (5)


Soft sweet is a description often associated with a particular type of confectionery. With five letters, the answer is FUDGE. Fudge is a creamy and indulgent treat made from sugar, butter, and milk. Its soft texture and sweet flavor make it a beloved dessert worldwide.

Jamaican music (3)


Jamaican music refers to a genre with a distinct rhythm and style originating from the Caribbean nation. With three letters, the answer is SKA. Ska music emerged in Jamaica in the late 1950s and is characterized by its upbeat tempo, prominent guitar riffs, and brass instrumentation. It has influenced various other music genres globally.

Brooch (3)


A piece of jewelry often adorned with gemstones or intricate designs, typically worn on clothing. It serves both a decorative and functional purpose, usually secured with a clasp at the back. The answer is PIN, which succinctly describes the fastening mechanism of a brooch.

As well as (3)


This phrase denotes inclusion or addition, indicating something that accompanies or complements another element. It's commonly used to express dual functionality or agreement. The answer is AND, representing the conjunction that connects ideas or items together.

Deactivated (3)


When something is rendered inactive or non-operational, it's described as being deactivated. This term is often used in the context of technology, such as software or electronic devices. In three letters, the answer is OFF, which signifies the state of being turned or switched off, effectively deactivating the function or operation.

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