Check here the answer for Metro Quick Crossword for the date March 29, 2024

In this article, you will find the answer to the Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle and then solve the clue easily from it.

by Dheshni

Updated Mar 29, 2024

Check here the answer for Metro Quick Crossword for the date March 29, 2024

This article helps you to solve the solution for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle, for which you all might be thinking on how to solve it. Solving crosswords don’t need any big skills, if you are aware of some facts or have knowledge on the topics, then you can get the answer to the crossword. So, why are you waiting, take your pen and head to solve the puzzle.


Answer: BOAST

Brag" refers to boasting or talking with excessive pride about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities. "Boast" is synonymous with bragging, as it means to speak proudly or excessively about one's accomplishments or qualities.

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Answer: MERGE

Fuse" can mean to join or blend together, often referring to the process of combining two or more things into a single entity. "Merge" aligns with this meaning, as it denotes the act of blending or combining elements to form a unified whole.

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Agitation, tumult


Agitation" and "tumult" both describe states of disturbance, chaos, or disorder. "Turmoil" accurately reflects this meaning, as it refers to a state of great disturbance, confusion, or upheaval, often characterized by tumultuous or agitated conditions.

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Fold in clothing

Answer: PLEAT

Fold in clothing" refers to the act of creating a crease or ridge by doubling or bending fabric back onto itself, typically to create neatness or style in clothing. "Pleat" specifically denotes a fold or crease made by doubling fabric over itself and then pressing or sewing it into place, often used as a decorative or functional element in garments.

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Lowest point

Answer: NADIR

Lowest point" refers to the bottom or minimum level of something, often used metaphorically to describe the most unfavorable or undesirable state or condition. "Nadir" specifically denotes the lowest point in a celestial sphere, typically referring to the point directly below an observer, opposite the zenith. It is also used metaphorically to describe the lowest or most dismal point in a process, trend, or situation.

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Answer: STAIN

"Tarnish" refers to the process of dulling or discoloring a metal surface due to exposure to air or moisture. "Stain" aligns with this concept, as it denotes the discoloration or blemish caused by the penetration of a substance into a material, such as fabric or wood, resulting in a mark that is difficult to remove.

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"Ripens" describes the process by which fruits, vegetables, or other organic materials become fully mature or develop to their optimal state for consumption. "Matures" aligns with this meaning, as it denotes the process of reaching full development or readiness, often used in the context of ripening fruits or aging processes in general.

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Answer: DAB

"Flatfish" refers to a type of fish with a flattened body and both eyes located on one side of the head, such as flounder or sole. "Dab" specifically denotes a small flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae, often found in shallow coastal waters of the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans.

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Answer: ONUS

"Burden" refers to a heavy load or responsibility that weighs on someone or something, often causing difficulty or hardship. "Onus" aligns with this concept, as it denotes the responsibility or obligation placed on someone to do something or to bear the consequences of an action or decision.

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Time to come

Answer: FUTURE

Time to come" refers to the period or era that is yet to happen, beyond the present moment. "Future" is the appropriate term for this concept, as it denotes the time or events that will occur after the present, encompassing all that is yet to come.

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Yellowish-white colour

Answer: CREAM

Yellowish-white colour" describes a hue that is predominantly white but with a slight tint of yellow, resembling the color of cream or milk. "Cream" is the specific term used to denote this shade, often used to describe colors found in nature or in various objects and substances.

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Comes about

Answer: ARISES

Comes about" indicates the occurrence or happening of something, often unexpectedly or as a result of circumstances. "Arises" aligns with this meaning, as it denotes the process of coming into existence, happening, or becoming evident, typically in response to a situation or event.

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Distribute playing cards

Answer: DEAL

Distribute playing cards" refers to the act of giving out or apportioning cards to players in a game, typically as part of the gameplay process. "Deal" is the appropriate term for this action, as it means to distribute or hand out cards to players according to the rules of the game being played.

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Answer: RIP

Rend" means to tear or split something apart violently. "Rip" is synonymous with rend, representing the action of tearing something forcefully or quickly, often resulting in a jagged or irregular tear.

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Paint-mixing board


A "paint-mixing board" is a surface on which artists mix and blend different colors of paint. "Palette" specifically refers to such a board, typically made of wood, plastic, or other materials, used by painters to organize and mix their colors while working on a piece of art.

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Walk off with

Answer: STEAL

Walk off with" suggests taking something away without permission, typically implying theft. "Steal" aligns with this meaning, denoting the act of taking someone else's property without their consent or by dishonest means.


Answer: OUTER

External" describes something located outside or on the outer surface of an object. "Outer" is synonymous with external, referring to the exterior or outermost part of something, contrasting with its interior or inner components.

Mr Castro, famous Cuban

Answer: FIDEL

"Mr. Castro, famous Cuban" refers to Fidel Castro, a prominent political leader who served as the Prime Minister (1959–1976) and President (1976–2008) of Cuba. "Fidel" is his first name, by which he is commonly known in references to his political career and influence.

Duck type


MALLARD is a type of duck, specifically a species of dabbling duck commonly found in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Threshing implement

Answer: FLAIL

A FLAIL is a tool used for threshing grain. It typically consists of a wooden handle with a freely swinging stick or bar attached, used to beat the grain from the husks

Raising agent

Answer: YEAST

YEAST is a microorganism used in baking to leaven dough, causing it to rise by producing carbon dioxide gas as it ferments sugars in the dough.

Lent out

Answer: ON LOAN

When something is lent out, it is made available temporarily to someone else, often with the expectation of its return. The phrase "ON LOAN" indicates this temporary lending arrangement.


Answer: STATUS

STATUS refers to the relative position or standing of someone or something within a social hierarchy or system. It can denote authority, prestige, or importance

Sound of annoyance

Answer: TUT

"TUT" is an onomatopoeic representation of a clicking or tutting sound made to express annoyance, disapproval, or impatience. It's often used informally in response to something irritating or frustrating

Leaves out

Answer: OMITS

When someone omits something, they leave it out or exclude it. In the context of the question, "leaves out" suggests the action of excluding or not including something, which aligns perfectly with the meaning of "OMITS."

Opposite of maximum


The opposite of maximum is the smallest possible amount or value, which is the minimum. In various contexts, "minimum" refers to the lowest or smallest amount, size, or degree. So, it fits as the opposite of "maximum."

Style, vigour

Answer: ELAN

"Elan" refers to a distinctive style or flair, often accompanied by vigor or enthusiasm. It implies a unique and energetic approach to something, which aligns with the idea of "style" and "vigour" mentioned in the question.

Stringed instrument

Answer: GUITAR

A guitar is a musical instrument that typically has six strings, which are plucked or strummed to produce sound. It is a well-known example of a stringed instrument, fitting the description provided in the question.


Answer: SEERS

"Seers" are individuals who are believed to have the ability to perceive the future or divine insights. In various religious or mystical traditions, prophets are often referred to as seers due to their purported ability to foresee events. So, "SEERS" is an appropriate answer based on the question's reference to prophets.

Tooth type

Answer: MOLAR

Molars are a specific type of teeth found in mammals, including humans. They are located towards the back of the mouth and are characterized by their large, flat surface, which is ideal for grinding and chewing food. So, "MOLAR" fits the description of a tooth type.

Spring bulb

Answer: TULIP

Tulips are flowering plants that grow from bulbs and are known for their vibrant and colorful flowers. They typically bloom in spring, making them commonly associated with the season. Hence, "TULIP" is a fitting answer for a spring bulb.

Continental quilt

Answer: DUVET

A duvet is a type of bedding that consists of a soft flat bag filled with feathers, down, or a synthetic alternative. It is used as a covering to keep warm while sleeping and is often enclosed in a removable cover. The term "continental quilt" is another way of referring to a duvet, especially in some regions. Therefore, "DUVET" is the appropriate answer.

Beautiful girl

Answer: BELLE

"Belle" is a term often used to describe a beautiful and attractive girl or woman, particularly in literature or romantic contexts. It conveys the idea of beauty, charm, and gracefulness, aligning with the description provided in the question.


Answer: FATAL

Fatal" describes something that causes death or has the potential to cause death. It signifies the seriousness and severity of a situation where death is involved. Therefore, "FATAL" appropriately corresponds to the notion of being death-dealing.



"Central" refers to something situated at, in, or near the center. It can also imply something that is most important or crucial within a context. When describing something as "middle," it often denotes its position at the center of a spatial or conceptual arrangement. So, "CENTRAL" fits well as a synonym for "middle."

Procedure regularly followed

Answer: RITUAL

A ritual is a set of actions or procedures that are regularly followed, often in a prescribed manner and with symbolic significance. These actions are typically repeated in a specific sequence, often as part of a religious or cultural tradition. So, "RITUAL" aligns perfectly with the concept of a procedure regularly followed.

Scoff at

Answer: DERIDE

To deride means to mock or ridicule someone or something contemptuously. When someone scoffs at something, they express disdain or contempt towards it. "DERIDE" fits well as it encapsulates the act of scoffing at or mocking something.

Greek capital

Answer: ATHENS

Athens is the capital city of Greece. It is a historical and cultural center, known for its ancient landmarks such as the Acropolis and its significance in the development of democracy and Western civilization. Therefore, "ATHENS" is the appropriate answer as it corresponds to the capital city of Greece, as mentioned in the question.

On friendly terms

Answer: PALLY

PALLY" is a colloquial term meaning to be on friendly or amicable terms with someone. It implies a close and congenial relationship, often characterized by mutual trust and camaraderie. So, "PALLY" fits well as it describes being on friendly terms with someone, as indicated in the question

House type

Answer: SEMI

"SEMI" typically refers to a type of residential house that is semi-detached, meaning it shares one common wall with another house. Semi-detached houses are common in suburban areas and often provide a balance between privacy and community living. Therefore, "SEMI" is a suitable answer for a house type.

Cook in hot fat

Answer: FRY

To fry means to cook food in hot fat or oil, typically in a frying pan or deep fryer. It involves submerging the food item in hot oil or fat until it becomes golden brown and crispy. So, "FRY" is the appropriate answer as it describes the cooking process of immersing food in hot fat, as mentioned in the question.

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