How to Get the Action Button on Older iPhones? Ways to Use Action Button

Learn how to get a special action button to your older iPhone easily. Enhance your phone's features and make tasks simpler with step-by-step instructions. Get started now.

by Tamilarasi S

Updated Mar 29, 2024

How to Get the Action Button on Older iPhones? Ways to Use Action Button

How to Get the Action Button on Older iPhones?

  1. Open the Shortcuts App

    • Find and tap on the "Shortcuts" app picture on your iPhone's home screen.
  2. Access "Rebind" Option

    • Look for the "Rebind" choice in the Shortcuts app and tap on it.
  3. Select Volume Button

    • Choose which volume button you want to change into a special button.
  4. Choose Action Category

    • Pick what kind of action you want the volume button to do.
  5. Pick Specific Action

    • From the options you can see, choose the one you want the volume button to do.
  6. Customize the Second Volume Button

    • If you want the other volume button to do something else, do steps 2-5 for that button too.
  7. Activate Your Custom Action Button

    • Once you've chosen what you want the volume buttons to do, tap "Start" to make it work.
  8. Use Your Action Button

    • Now, you can press the volume buttons on your older iPhone to do what you want.
  9. Stop the Shortcut

    • If you want to stop what the buttons do, tap the "Stop" button.

Action Button

 An action button is like a switch on your iPhone that can be pushed front and back. When you push the button the setting that you have assigned to the button gets turned on and when you turn it off you can see a red mark that indicates that the setting is turned off. You can make it to do different work like making the sound louder taking screenshots or opening the apps or games.

It is beneficial because you can change it according to your requirements, saving you many taps. It makes your phone faster and easier. 

How to Get the Action Button on Older iPhones? Ways to Use Action Button

Ways to Use Action Button

Use these methods to make the most use of the action button of an iPhone:

1. Make Your Screen Brighter or Dimmer:

  • To adjust the screen brightness or dimness you can use the action button. This allows you to see better in various of light. 

2. Change to Light or Dark Mode:

  • You can change the screen to light mode and dark mode. Dark mode is easier on your eyes, particularly when the lighting is low.

3. Turn the Flashlight On or Off:

  • You can use the action button to turn off your phone’s flashlight quickly. It is very useful when you need to find something in the dark or see better in a dim place.

4. Take Pictures Easily:

  • To capture a picture, press the action button. If your phone has multiple cameras, you can switch between them.

5. Manage Internet Settings:

  • To get to internet things like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth use the action button. It helps to connect to the internet or save battery.

6. Take Quick Pictures of Your Screen:

  • Click the action button to take a screenshot. This helps you save important things or share funny things with your friends.

7. Stop ongoing action :

  • To cancel an ongoing action, just tap the action button. Then you'll have control over your phone again.

What is Required to have an Action Button on any iPhone?

1. Shortcuts App:

  • Use the "Shortcuts" app. It's available on most iPhones running iOS 13 or later. If you don't have it, you may download it from the App Store.

2. Rebind Shortcut:

  • To "rebind" a shortcut, first get the "shortcut." It is called "Rebind" and is available on RoutineHub. This shortcut allows you to change how your volume buttons operate.

3. Import and Customize:

  • To import and customize, open the Shortcuts app and go to the "Rebind" shortcut. Then you can make your volume buttons do whatever you want.

4. Test

  • After making changes, hit the volume buttons to ensure they perform properly

Additional Points to Consider

  • Don't Use Other Apps with Volume Buttons:

    • When you're using the "Rebind" shortcut, don't use apps that also need the volume buttons.
    • Using other apps might make the shortcut not work right.
  • Stop the Shortcut if You Need to:

    • If you want to stop the "Rebind" shortcut from working, tap the square button.
    • When you see a checkmark, it means the shortcut is stopped.
  • Change What Your Volume Buttons Do:

    • If you want your volume buttons to do something different, use the "Rebind" shortcut.
    • Just tap "Rebind" when you're using the shortcut.
  • Copying Doesn't Change Things:

    • If you make a copy of the "Rebind" shortcut, it won't change what your volume buttons do.
    • They'll still do the same as the last changes you made to the original shortcut.
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