Wall Street Crossword Puzzle for Today March 28, 2024

Are you troubling to find the solution for Today’s Wall Street Crossword? Let’s sort out the solution with the possible ways.

by Thamizhalagi B

Updated Mar 28, 2024

Wall Street Crossword Puzzle for Today March 28, 2024

Wall Street Crossword

The Wall Street Crossword Puzzles give the best clues which we gain knowledge by solving and guessing the answers. Every person could have fun by solving the crossword puzzle. It's a type of entertainment that everyone should experience. Yeah! Look into the puzzle which is easy to get the answer. 

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Hope you Guess the answer for Today’s Universal Crossword clue. Visit our page for day-to-day Universal Crosswords and enjoy. 

Future performances


"Future performances" suggests something related to performances that will happen later on. The answer, "RAPS," likely refers to rap performances or perhaps future rap performances specifically. Rap is a form of musical performance characterized by spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics, often with a strong rhythmic beat.

Trade barbs or blows


"Trade barbs or blows" suggests an activity where individuals engage in a back-and-forth exchange, either verbally or physically. The answer "SPAR"

Sacred song


"Sacred song" points towards a type of religious or spiritual song that holds significance in certain religious traditions. The answer "PSALM" aligns perfectly with this description.

Janis’s husband in the comics


"Janis’s husband in the comics" refers to a character from a comic strip where a character named Janis has a husband named Arlo. The answer that fits this description is "ARLO."

Digital treatment, for short


"Digital treatment, for short" suggests a shortened term related to the care or treatment of one's feet. The answer "PEDI"



"Different" suggests a word that means something distinct or separate from what is being compared. The answer "OTHER"

Work the customer service desk, perhaps


"Work the customer service desk, perhaps" suggests a phrase or term that describes the action of addressing or handling a customer's dissatisfaction or concern. The answer "FIELDACOMPLAINT" seems to be a play on words to fit this description.

Banned practice


"Banned practice" suggests a term that describes an activity, behavior, or custom that is prohibited or forbidden in certain cultures, societies, or contexts. The answer is "TABOO"

Sun tea brewing spot


"Sun tea brewing spot" suggests a location or surface where one might place a container to brew tea using the heat from the sun. The answer is "SILL"

Decline suddenly


"Decline suddenly" suggests a phrase or term that describes a rapid decrease or drop, especially in terms of performance, popularity, or quality. The answer "HIT THE SKIDS" fits this description.

Group that celebrated its 50th anniversary with a Grammy Record of the Year nomination


Group that celebrated its 50th anniversary with a Grammy Record of the Year nomination" refers to a musical group that reached a significant milestone anniversary and received a nomination for a prestigious Grammy award in the Record of the Year category. The answer that fits this description is "ABBA."

Billionaire investor George


"Billionaire investor George" refers to a well-known billionaire investor named George. The answer that fits this description is "SOROS."

Green, say


"Green, say" suggests a word that can describe something that is environmentally friendly, fresh, or recently made. The answer is "NEW"

Fight fiercely in the ring


"Fight fiercely in the ring" suggests a phrase or term that describes a fierce and intense combat or boxing match. The answer is "SLUG IT OUT"

Sweet, to Salieri


"Sweet, to Salieri" suggests a term or word that means "sweet" in Italian, as the reference to Salieri indicates an Italian context. The answer is "DOLCE"

Some Everglades fauna


"Some Everglades fauna" suggests a term or word that identifies a type of wildlife commonly found in the Everglades, a unique and diverse ecosystem in Florida, USA. The answer is "HERONS"

Prop for a film noir gumshoe


"Prop for a film noir gumshoe" suggests an item or accessory commonly associated with the iconic detective characters often portrayed in film noir movies. The answer is "FEDORA"

Gut feelings?


"Gut feelings?" suggests a word or term that describes sudden and sharp sensations or emotions felt in one's stomach or abdomen, often associated with intuition or emotional reactions. The answer is "PANGS"

Have a hot body?


"Have a hot body?" suggests a phrase or term that describes experiencing a high body temperature, often indicating the presence of a fever or illness. The answer is "RUN A FEVER"

Sprain soother


"Sprain soother" suggests a word or term that describes a common method or treatment used to alleviate pain and swelling associated with a sprain. The answer "ICE"

Packs down


"Packs down" suggests a term or action that describes the act of compacting or pressing something firmly together to make it more dense or solid. The answer "TAMPS"



"Understands" suggests a word or term that describes grasping or comprehending a concept, idea, or situation. The answer "SEES" fits this description in a metaphorical sense.

Host friends, maybe


"Host friends, maybe" suggests a phrase or term that describes the action of organizing and hosting an event or gathering, particularly with the intention of entertaining friends. The answer is "THROW A PARTY"



"Buckle" suggests a term or action that describes bending, warping, or collapsing under pressure or strain. The answer is "WARP"



Result" suggests a word or term that describes what follows or comes next as a consequence or outcome of a particular action, event, or situation. The answer "ENSUE"

Term for people who can do all the actions at the starts of 17-, 22-, 35-, 42- and 48-Across


"Term for people who can do all the actions at the starts of 17-, 22-, 35-, 42- and 48-Across" suggests a phrase or term that describes individuals who possess a diverse range of skills or abilities. The answer is "FIVE TOOL PLAYERS"

Be melodramatic


"Be melodramatic" suggests a word or term that describes the act of expressing emotions or performing in an exaggerated, theatrical manner. The answer "EMOTE"



"“Darn!”" suggests an exclamation or expression of frustration, disappointment, or annoyance. The answer is "RATS"

Make the cut


"Make the cut" suggests a word or term that describes the act of trimming, cutting, or removing something, often with scissors or shears. The answer is "SNIP"



"Patron" suggests a word or term that describes a person who uses or frequents a particular service, establishment, or product. The answer "USER"

Mr. Jackson in Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse,” e.g.


"Mr. Jackson in Beatrix Potter’s 'The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse,' e.g." suggests a character from a children's book written by Beatrix Potter. The answer is "TOAD"

Site with a Gift Mode option


"Site with a Gift Mode option" suggests a popular online marketplace known for selling unique and handmade items, where users can select options specifically designed for gift-giving. The answer is "ETSY"

Large quantity


"Large quantity" suggests a word or term that describes a vast or abundant amount of something. The answer "RAFT"

“Habanera,” for one


"“Habanera,” for one" suggests a word or term that describes a type of solo vocal piece commonly found in operas or musical performances. The answer is "ARIA"



"Commoner" suggests a word or term that describes an ordinary person, as opposed to someone of noble or high-ranking status. The answer is "PLEB"

On one’s own


"On one’s own" suggests a word or term that describes doing something independently or without assistance from others. The answer is "SOLO"

Place to get a 15-Across


"Place to get a 15-Across" suggests a location where one might go to receive a specific type of service or treatment. Without knowing the exact clue for "15-Across," I can't provide a precise answer. However, the answer "SPA" fits the general description for many types of treatments or services related to health, relaxation, and wellness.

Delt neighbor


"Delt neighbor" suggests a term that describes a muscle located adjacent to the deltoid muscle. The answer "PEC"

Big bother


"Big bother" suggests a term or phrase that describes a fuss, commotion, or trouble that is significant or noteworthy. The answer "ADO"

Punchline punctuation


"Punchline punctuation" suggests a term or phrase that describes the drum sound often used as a comedic sound effect to emphasize a joke's punchline. The answer is "RIMSHOT"



"Canvasses" suggests a term or activity related to gathering opinions or information from a group of people. The answer is "POLLS"

Ear setting


"Ear setting" suggests a term or feature related to the ear's anatomy or structure. The answer is "STALK"

Sushi fish


"Sushi fish" suggests a type of fish commonly used as an ingredient in sushi dishes. The answer "AHI"

Cariou of “Sweeney Todd”


 "Cariou of 'Sweeney Todd'" suggests the name of an actor who is known for his role in the musical "Sweeney Todd." The answer is "LEN" Len Cariou is a Canadian actor who is best known for originating the role of Sweeney Todd in the original Broadway production of Stephen Sondheim's musical "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." His portrayal of the vengeful barber received critical acclaim and helped establish the musical as a classic.

“Rocky III” co-star


"“Rocky III” co-star" suggests the name of an actor or character who appeared alongside Sylvester Stallone in the movie "Rocky III." The answer "MRT" does not seem to correspond to any known actor or character from the movie "Rocky III."

“I’m such a moron!”


"“I’m such a moron!”" suggests an exclamation or expression of frustration, disappointment, or self-deprecation. The answer "DOH"  or  "D'oh" is a common expression used to convey a sense of frustration, annoyance, or realization of a mistake. It is often associated with the animated character Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons" TV show. Whenever Homer realizes he has made a mistake or faces an unfortunate situation, he often exclaims "D'oh!"

Their shells are edible


"Their shells are edible" suggests a type of food where the outer covering or shell can be consumed as part of the dish. The answer is "PIES"   In the context of pies, especially certain types like meat pies or pot pies, the pastry shell or crust is indeed edible and an integral part of the dish. When you eat a pie, you consume both the filling and the crust or shell, making pies a suitable answer for a clue indicating that the shells are edible.



"Followers" suggests a term or suffix that denotes someone who adheres to or supports a particular ideology, philosophy, or practice. The answer "ISTS"   The suffix "ISTS" is commonly used to form nouns that refer to people who hold specific beliefs, principles, or practices. For example, "scientists" are people who practice science, "artists" are individuals involved in the arts, and "activists" are those who actively support a cause or movement.



Unduly" suggests a term or word that means excessively or inappropriately. The answer "TOO" "TOO" is an adverb used to indicate an excessive or inappropriate degree of a quality or action. For example, if someone is "too" loud, they are louder than what is considered appropriate or desirable. Similarly, if something is "too" expensive, its price exceeds what is reasonable or affordable.

Drama adapted from the words and works of Capote


"Drama adapted from the words and works of Capote" suggests a theatrical production based on the writings, words, or life of the American author Truman Capote. The answer "TRU"



Smitten" suggests a term or phrase that describes being deeply infatuated or enamored with someone. The answer "INLOVE" "INLOVE" is an expression used to describe the emotional state of being deeply affectionate, attached, or infatuated with another person. When someone is "in love," they feel a strong emotional connection, attraction, and affection towards the object of their affection.

Officially command


"Officially command" suggests a term or phrase that refers to an authoritative order or proclamation issued by someone in a position of power or authority. The answer "DECREE"

Staunchly promises


"Staunchly promises" suggests a term or phrase that describes making a strong and unwavering commitment or declaration. The answer "SWEARS" To "SWEAR" means to make a solemn pledge or promise, often invoking a higher power or making a formal declaration of one's intentions or commitments. When someone "swears" to do something, they are expressing a strong and unwavering commitment to fulfill their promise or obligation.

Barbecue adjunct


"Barbecue adjunct" we're for a term that refers to something associated with or used in conjunction with barbecues. With six letters, "ASHPIT" fits the description

Laundry bottleful


"Bleach" is a chemical solution commonly used in laundry to whiten and disinfect clothes, remove stains, and brighten fabrics. It is often sold in plastic bottles for household use. Bleach works by oxidizing the molecules that cause stains and discoloration, making it an effective cleaning agent for laundry purposes. 

Disposable phone


A "burner phone" is a prepaid mobile phone that is typically used for a short period of time and then discarded or "burned" after its intended use. These phones are often used for temporary communication needs, such as in situations where one desires anonymity or wishes to avoid leaving a digital trail. The term "burner" implies that the phone is disposable and can be discarded after use without any significant loss. 

Excitedly curious


"Agog" is an adjective that means being highly excited or eager, especially in anticipation of something. When someone is "agog," they are filled with curiosity, anticipation, or excitement about something that is happening or going to happen. It implies a state of keen interest or enthusiasm. 

Powerful bunch


"Powerful bunch" suggests we're looking for a term that describes a group of influential individuals or a source of authority. With three letters, "INS" fits the description.

“Absolutely,” in slang


"Absolutely," in slang we're looking for a slang term that means "absolutely" or "definitely." In slang or informal language, "DEF" is an abbreviation for "definitely" or "definitively." It's commonly used to express strong agreement or affirmation, similar in meaning to "absolutely." This abbreviation is often used in casual conversation, especially in informal settings or online communication. 

Horace collection


Horace, a renowned Roman poet of the Augustan Age, is known for his collection of lyric poetry known as "Odes." These poems are characterized by their emotional depth, artistic beauty, and philosophical insights. Horace's odes cover a wide range of themes, including love, friendship, nature, and the passage of time. They are considered among the finest works of classical poetry and have had a significant influence on Western literature.



"Fast" is an adjective that means moving quickly or taking a short amount of time to accomplish something. In the context of the clue "Express," "fast" can refer to the act of conveying information or feelings promptly or efficiently. For example, one might say "to express oneself fast" to mean communicating one's thoughts or emotions quickly and clearly.



"Affinity" suggests we're looking for a term that describes a close and harmonious relationship or connection between individuals. With seven letters, "RAPPORT" fits the description.
"Rapport" refers to a close and harmonious relationship characterized by mutual understanding, trust, and empathy between people. It implies a strong connection or affinity between individuals, often leading to effective communication and cooperation. Having rapport with someone means being able to interact comfortably and positively with them, sharing common interests or perspectives.

Name on “Pulp Fiction” posters


Uma" refers to Uma Thurman, the actress who portrayed the character Mia Wallace in the iconic film "Pulp Fiction," directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie, released in 1994, achieved critical acclaim and became a cultural phenomenon. Uma Thurman's performance in the film earned her widespread recognition, and her name was prominently featured on promotional posters and materials for "Pulp Fiction." 

Media org. based in D.C.


"NPR" stands for National Public Radio, a widely recognized media organization in the United States. NPR is a non-profit media outlet that produces and distributes news, information, and cultural programming through radio broadcasting and digital platforms. It is based in Washington, D.C., where it operates its headquarters and main production facilities. NPR is known for its comprehensive coverage of national and international news, as well as its diverse range of programming, including talk shows, investigative journalism, and cultural content. 

Starchy staple of Polynesia


"Taro" is a starchy root vegetable that is widely cultivated and consumed in various Polynesian islands and cultures. It is a staple food in Polynesian cuisine and is used in a variety of dishes, including poi, taro chips, and taro cakes. Taro is known for its nutty flavor and versatile culinary uses. It is often cooked by boiling, steaming, or frying and can be served as a side dish or incorporated into soups, stews, and desserts. 

Have a loan from


OWETO" doesn't appear to be a recognized English word or phrase, and it doesn't fit the context of the crossword clue "Have a loan from." It's possible that there might be a mistake in the clue or the answer provided.

It makes a sound


"Water" is a liquid substance that makes various sounds depending on its movement or interaction with objects. For example, water flowing in a river or stream creates a soothing babbling sound. Water dripping from a faucet or splashing in a pool produces distinct sound patterns. Additionally, water can be associated with sounds of waves crashing against the shore or raindrops falling on a surface. 



"Yea" is an affirmative word commonly used to express agreement or approval. It is often used in formal contexts such as voting or parliamentary procedures to indicate a positive response. "Yea" can also be used informally to mean "yes" in everyday conversation. 

Institution at 11 Wall St.


"NYSE" stands for the New York Stock Exchange, one of the world's largest and most well-known stock exchanges. It is located at 11 Wall Street in New York City. The NYSE is a key institution in the global financial markets, where stocks of publicly traded companies are bought and sold by investors. Its location at 11 Wall Street has become synonymous with the world of finance and investment. 



"Sent" is the past tense of the verb "send," which means to cause something to go from one place to another, typically by mail or some other form of delivery. When something is "sent," it has been dispatched or conveyed to its intended destination. This could refer to physical items being shipped or messages being transmitted electronically. 

“Mila 18” author


"Mila 18" is a historical novel written by Leon Uris, an American author known for his works of historical fiction. The novel is set during the Holocaust and tells the story of the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. "Mila 18" is one of Uris's best-known works and is highly regarded for its portrayal of the courage and resilience of the Jewish people during one of the darkest periods in history. 



"Espy" is a verb that means to catch sight of or observe something, especially when it is difficult to see or when it is hidden or concealed. It implies the act of noticing or detecting something, often through careful observation or scrutiny. For example, one might "espy" a rare bird in the trees or "espy" a friend in a crowded room.



"Fortified." "Fortified" typically means strengthened or reinforced, which doesn't match the meaning of "FED" as it stands.

Texting qualifier


"IMO" is an abbreviation commonly used in texting and online communication, standing for "in my opinion." It is often used before or after expressing a personal viewpoint or perspective on a topic. For example, someone might say "IMO, this movie is great" to indicate that it's their personal opinion that the movie is enjoyable. In texting and online forums, "IMO" is frequently used to clarify that what follows is subjective and based on the speaker's own thoughts or beliefs. 

From overseas?


"VON" doesn't seem to directly align with the clue "From overseas." "Overseas" typically refers to something situated across or beyond the sea or ocean from a particular location.

Vientiane native


"LAO" refers to someone or something associated with Laos, a country in Southeast Asia, and specifically to someone from Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. "Vientiane native," "LAO" serves as the appropriate answer that aligns with the nationality or origin of someone from Vientiane, Laos.

Local fundraising org.


"PTA" stands for Parent-Teacher Association, a common organization found in schools at the local level. PTAs are typically made up of parents, teachers, and sometimes other members of the community who come together to support the school and its students. They often organize fundraising events, such as bake sales or auctions, to raise money for various school programs, activities, and resources. PTAs also facilitate communication between parents and teachers and may advocate for educational policies and initiatives that benefit students. 

“LBJ IRT USA ___” (“Hair” lyric)


"LSD" stands for Lysergic acid diethylamide, a powerful hallucinogenic drug commonly known as acid. In the context of the musical "Hair," the lyric "LBJ IRT USA LSD" likely refers to the countercultural movement of the 1960s, which embraced experimentation with psychedelic drugs like LSD as a form of protest against societal norms and government policies, including those of Lyndon B. Johnson's administration and the Vietnam War.

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