Puzzle Page Crossword Clue Answer Updated For April 03, 2024

If you want to verify your answers to today’s The Puzzle Page crossword clues, stay on this page to find all the solutions for the puzzle.

by Dheshni

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Puzzle Page Crossword Clue Answer Updated For April 03, 2024

Puzzle Page Crossword

Play the Puzzle Page crosswords to enjoy your company with entertainment and educational learning. You are going to learn some new words and new information on every crossword puzzle you solve. Just remember, getting better at solving these puzzles takes practice. So, enjoy doing them and have fun with the challenge.

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Find the answers here:


Answer: DUPED

When someone is "fooled," they are deceived or tricked into believing something false. A synonym for "fooled" is "duped," which means the same thing—being tricked or deceived.


Answer: DEFER

To "postpone" something is to delay it or put it off until a later time. A word that means the same thing as "postpone" is "defer." Both words indicate delaying an action or decision.

Flattened root vegetable

Answer: TURNIP

This question describes a root vegetable that is typically round and has been "flattened," indicating that it's been shaped differently from its original form. The answer is "turnip," which fits the description as it's a root vegetable that is often round but can be somewhat flattened in shape.

Style of dress

Answer: GARB

Style of dress" refers to the particular way someone dresses or the clothing they wear, often reflecting a certain fashion or tradition. Another word for "style of dress" is "garb," which specifically refers to clothing or attire worn in a particular context or by a certain group.

Rate of progress

Answer: PACE

The "rate of progress" indicates how quickly or slowly something is advancing or moving forward. "Pace" refers to the speed or tempo at which something is done or achieved, making it an appropriate answer for this question.

Manufacturing building

Answer: MILL

A "manufacturing building" is a facility where goods are produced, often through mechanical or industrial processes. A specific type of manufacturing building commonly associated with processing grains or producing textiles is a "mill." Mills historically were powered by water, wind, or steam and used for activities such as grinding grains into flour or processing raw materials into finished products.

Inescapable end

Answer: FATE

The phrase "inescapable end" suggests an outcome or conclusion that cannot be avoided, regardless of efforts or circumstances. "Fate" refers to the inevitable outcome or destiny that is believed to be predetermined or unavoidable. It implies that certain events or circumstances are guided by forces beyond individual control, leading to a specific conclusion or end.

Layered pastry

Answer: PUFF

A "layered pastry" is a type of pastry made from thin layers of dough or batter that rise when baked, creating a light and flaky texture. One common type of layered pastry is a "puff pastry," which is characterized by its numerous thin layers that puff up during baking, resulting in a light and airy pastry with a crispy texture

Mountain plant

Answer: ALPINE

The term "mountain plant" refers to a type of plant that is typically found growing in mountainous regions, where the climate and environmental conditions are often harsh and challenging. "Alpine" specifically describes plants that are native to or adapted to high-altitude mountain environments. These plants often have special adaptations to survive in cold, windy, and rocky habitats characteristic of mountain regions


Answer: REST

"Relax" implies taking a break or engaging in leisure activities to unwind and rejuvenate. The answer, "REST," refers to the act of relaxing or taking a break from activity to regain strength and energy. It commonly involves reclining, lying down, or engaging in peaceful activities to promote physical and mental relaxation.

Mutter in discontent


When someone "mutters in discontent," they are expressing dissatisfaction or unhappiness in a low, grumbling manner. "Grumble" is the appropriate answer, as it describes the act of complaining or expressing discontent in a murmuring or grumbling tone.

Pirates’ tipple

Answer: GROG

"Pirates’ tipple" refers to the alcoholic beverage often associated with pirates in historical depictions. "Grog" specifically refers to a drink made with rum mixed with water, which was commonly consumed by sailors and pirates during the age of sailing ships


Answer: MIRE

A "marsh" is a type of wetland characterized by shallow water and abundant vegetation. The answer, "MIRE," refers to the muddy, swampy ground typically found in marshes. It describes the soft, wet ground that can be difficult to walk or travel through due to its waterlogged and muddy nature.

Take sudden steering action

Answer: SWERVE

"Taking sudden steering action" refers to making a quick and abrupt change in direction, especially while driving or navigating. The answer, "SWERVE," describes the action of suddenly veering or deviating from a straight path to avoid an obstacle or change direction rapidly. It implies a sudden and often unexpected change in course.

Mark with heat

Answer: SEAR

"Marking with heat" refers to the process of applying high heat to food to create a browned outer layer or surface. The answer, "SEAR," specifically describes this action of quickly cooking the surface of food at a high temperature, resulting in caramelization and flavor development while sealing in moisture

Decidedly, much

Answer: VERY

"Decidedly, much" indicates a strong emphasis on quantity or degree. The word "VERY" serves as an intensifier, amplifying the degree or extent of something. It emphasizes the high level or intensity of a particular quality or characteristic.

Single payment


A "single payment" refers to a one-time, entire payment made for something, often as opposed to installment payments spread out over time. "LUMPSUM" specifically denotes a single, large payment made at once, without installment or periodic payments.

Persisting, ongoing

Answer: ALIVE

"Persisting" or "ongoing" suggests something that continues to exist or remain active over time. The answer, "ALIVE," describes something that is living, in a state of existence or activity. It implies that something is not only persisting but also actively thriving or sustaining its existence.

Farther in

Answer: INWARD

"Farther in" suggests a direction towards the interior or inner part of something. The answer, "INWARD," describes this direction, indicating movement or orientation towards the inside. It denotes a spatial relationship indicating movement or position towards the center or interior of something.


Answer: RISKY

"Hazardous" describes something that involves risk or danger, suggesting the potential for harm or adverse consequences. The word "RISKY" serves as a synonym for "hazardous," indicating a situation or action that carries a significant level of risk or uncertainty. It implies the possibility of unfavorable outcomes or potential harm

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