Find Here the Solution for the Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle for 3rd April 2024

This article focuses on covering all the needed details for the crossword puzzle named Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge.

by Dheshni

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Find Here the Solution for the Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle for 3rd April 2024

The crossword puzzle we have for today is The Daily Mail, which is a British publication, not a Scottish one. Crossword Puzzles, have grids with numbers and empty boxes we have to fill. These crossword puzzles are a kind of training to improve your mental ability skills.

To pick up aurally by accident or in an unintentional way (8)


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This refers to the action of unintentionally hearing something that was not intended for your ears. "OVERHEAR" describes the act of accidentally listening to a conversation or sound that was not directed at you.

Character played by Lucy Punch in TV sitcom Motherland (6)

Answer: AMANDA

This question refers to a specific character portrayed by Lucy Punch in the television sitcom "Motherland." By recalling the show and its characters, we identify the character name that fits the given length, which is six letters. The answer is "AMANDA."

A bowl-shaped depression produced by an impact (6)

Answer: CRATER

This question describes a geological feature formed by an impact, resembling a bowl-shaped depression. Searching for a term that fits the given length of six letters and matches the description leads us to the answer, which is "CRATER."

Describing films intended to be culturally worthy, aimed at a niche market rather than a mass audience (8)


The description mentions films targeted at a niche market with cultural significance rather than mass appeal. To find the answer, we search for a term that matches the given length of eight letters and fits the description, leading us to "ARTHOUSE."

The form and technical language used in e.g. employment contracts (8)


This question seeks a term that describes the style and specialized language typically found in documents like employment contracts. To identify the answer, we look for a term fitting the given length of eight letters and matching the context provided. The answer is "LEGALESE."

Emanuel, German chess player who excelled in the early 20th century (6)

Answer: LASKER

This question provides a clue about a German chess player named Emanuel who achieved notable success in the early 20th century. By recalling notable chess players from that era and considering the given length of six letters, we determine that the answer is "LASKER," referring to Emanuel Lasker.

____ Another Day, song by boy band East 17 released in 1994 (4)

Answer: STAY

This clue is asking for the title of a song by the boy band East 17, released in 1994, and the answer fits within four letters. Based on this information, we can infer that the song title includes a word related to staying or remaining. One common word that fits these criteria is "STAY."

A sheet of information in the form of a table, graph or diagram (5)

Answer: CHART

This clue describes a form of presenting information that typically involves tables, graphs, or diagrams. It is a common tool for visually representing data. The answer must be a word that captures this description within five letters. The word that fits this description is "CHART."

Describing vegetation that is rich and abundant (4)

Answer: LUSH

This clue is seeking a term that characterizes vegetation as being plentiful and lush. The answer should be a word that conveys this meaning within four letters. One suitable word fitting this description is "LUSH."

Flora, stage and screen actress born in South Shields in 1902 (6)

Answer: ROBSON

This clue refers to a specific actress named Flora who was born in South Shields in 1902 and has worked in both stage and screen productions. The answer should be the surname of this actress, which is "ROBSON."

The Heroes Of ____, 1965 war film about a sabotage mission in Norway (8)


This clue refers to a war film from 1965 centered around a sabotage mission in Norway. The answer must be the name of a place related to this context, with eight letters. The term "Telemark" refers to a region in Norway, which fits the criteria of the clue.

A plant of the lily family with flowers borne on a spike (8)


This clue describes a type of plant that belongs to the lily family and typically has flowers arranged on a spike-like structure. The answer should be a specific plant fitting this description within eight letters. "Asphodel" is a type of plant that matches these characteristics

____ Hall, fictional country house in the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover (6)

Answer: WRAGBY

This clue refers to a fictional country house featured in the novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover." The answer must be the name of this house, which consists of six letters. The house mentioned in the novel is called "Wragby.

____ Aluko, female football pundit and ex-player born in Nigeria in 1987 (6)

Answer: ENIOLA

This clue points to a female football pundit and former player who was born in Nigeria in 1987. The answer should be the first name of this individual, which consists of six letters. The person referred to here is "Eniola Aluko."

To correct a literary work (8)


"To correct" indicates the action of making improvements or revisions. "A literary work" refers to any written material, such as a book or manuscript. The word "emendate" means to make corrections or amendments to a text, hence fitting the clue.

Hostile or opposed (6)

Answer: AVERSE

"Hostile or opposed" suggests having a feeling of opposition or antipathy towards something. The word "averse" describes precisely such a sentiment, meaning having a strong dislike or opposition to something.

Medium-sized dog breed with a muscular build (8)


The clue describes a specific type of dog breed. "Medium-sized" indicates the size range of the dog, not too large or small. "With a muscular build" suggests that the breed is strong and well-built. The answer, "Brittany," refers to a breed of dog known for its medium size and muscular physique.

Flinders, archaeologist noted for his work on Egyptian excavations (6)

Answer: PETRIE

The clue provides a reference to an archaeologist who is known for their work on Egyptian excavations. "Flinders" likely refers to Flinders Petrie, a renowned British archaeologist and Egyptologist who made significant contributions to the field of Egyptology through his excavations and studies in Egypt. Therefore, the answer is "Petrie," which is likely referring to Flinders Petrie.

Large island group in the Caribbean Sea that includes Cuba and Jamaica (7,8)


The clue describes a geographical feature, specifically a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. "Includes Cuba and Jamaica" provides a hint regarding the islands being referred to. The term "Greater Antilles" denotes a group of larger islands in the Caribbean region, which indeed includes Cuba and Jamaica among others.

A level expanse of ground left by the total evaporation of water (4,4)


This clue describes a geographical feature formed by the evaporation of water, leaving behind a level expanse of ground. The term "salt flat" refers to such a feature, where water has evaporated, leaving a crust of salt on the ground. This is common in arid regions such as deserts.

Cylinders of wood or plastic carried in relay races (6)

Answer: BATONS

The clue describes an object commonly used in relay races, where runners pass it to the next runner in line. "Cylinders of wood or plastic" refers to the shape and material of the object used, which are typically lightweight and easy to pass. The answer is "batons," which are indeed cylindrical objects used in relay races for passing between runners.

Privately owned spacecraft that landed on the Moon in 2024 (8)


  • This clue refers to a significant event in space exploration that occurred in 2024. "Privately owned spacecraft" indicates that the mission was not conducted by a government space agency but rather by a private entity.
  • "Landed on the Moon" specifies the destination of the spacecraft. The answer, "Odysseus," likely denotes the name of the privately owned spacecraft that successfully landed on the Moon in 2024, marking a historic achievement in space exploration

Number represented by M in Roman numerals (8)


The clue refers to a specific number represented by the letter M in Roman numerals. In Roman numerals, M represents the number 1000. Therefore, the answer is "thousand," denoting the numerical value represented by the letter M.

Nationality of fashion model Linda Evangelista (8)


This clue provides information about the nationality of a famous fashion model, Linda Evangelista. "Nationality" indicates the country to which she belongs. Linda Evangelista is known for being Canadian, hence the answer is "Canadian."

Lella, racing driver who is the only woman to score points in Formula One (8)


The clue describes a racing driver who holds a notable achievement in Formula One. "Lella" likely refers to Lella Lombardi, an Italian racing driver who is indeed the only woman to have scored points in Formula One. Therefore, the answer is "Lombardi," denoting Lella Lombardi, the accomplished racing driver.

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