March 28, 2024: Crossword Challenge - Solve the Daily Commuter Crossword

The Daily Commuter Crossword is a daily puzzle that will test your vocabulary and problem-solving abilities. It will challenge your intellect. Complete the grid by solving clues that go across and down to uncover a fresh, interesting puzzle every day.

by Ramya R

Updated Mar 28, 2024

March 28, 2024: Crossword Challenge - Solve the Daily Commuter Crossword

Daily Commuter Crossword

For players with limited time or expertise completing puzzles, the Daily Commuter Crossword Puzzle is a good choice because of its straightforward, understandable advice. This puzzle can help you kill time when traveling by bus or train, avoid boredom, and get the most out of your daily commute.

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Walk very slowly


Walk very slowly"describing a manner of walking that is slow, laborious, and lacking in speed or energy. The word that fits this description is "PLOD," which means to walk heavily and slowly, often with a lack of enthusiasm or energy.

Strike-breaking worker


"Strike-breaking worker" a person who continues to work during a strike, often taking the place of striking workers. These individuals are typically viewed negatively by unions and striking workers. In the context of labor strikes, a "SCAB" is a worker who crosses the picket line to continue working or takes the job of a striking worker.

Augusta's state


Augusta's state" for the name of the state in the United States where the city of Augusta is located. Augusta is the capital city of the state referred to in the clue. Augusta is the capital city of Maine, which is a state located in the northeastern region of the United States. As such, "Maine" is the state being referenced in the clue.

Like a fly ball's path


"Like a fly ball's path" the trajectory of a fly ball in sports like baseball or softball. When a ball is hit into the air, it typically follows a curved path as it travels through the air before descending back to the ground. The word that fits this is "ARCED," which means curved or bent in the shape of an arc.

Orchestral leader: 2 wds.


"Orchestral leader: 2 wds."a position within an orchestra that involves leadership and direction. The term "2 wds." indicates that the answer consists of two words. The to this is "CONCERTMASTER also known as the leader of the first violin section, is a prominent position within an orchestra. The concertmaster plays a crucial role in leading the orchestra, coordinating rehearsals, interpreting the conductor's directions, and often performing solos.

Express gratitude


"Express gratitude"  an action where someone shows appreciation or thanks for something they have received or experienced. The word that this is "THANK." When someone expresses gratitude, they are acknowledging the kindness, help, or generosity of others. This expression of thanks can take various forms, such as saying "thank you," writing a note of appreciation, or performing a kind gesture in return.

Senior's dance


"Senior's dance" to a traditional event in high schools, typically held near the end of the school year for graduating seniors. The word that fits this is "PROM." The prom is a formal dance or gathering usually held for high school students at the end of the academic year, especially for seniors before their graduation. It's often considered a significant social event and a rite of passage for many students.

Apt rhyme for "spam"


"Spam" refers to unsolicited or unwanted emails, messages, or advertisements, especially those sent in bulk. Similarly, a "scam" refers to a fraudulent scheme or deceitful practice designed to trick people into giving away their money or personal information. Both "spam" and "scam" involve deceptive or unwanted communications.



"Truthful" quality of a person who consistently tells the truth or behaves with integrity and sincerity. When someone is described as "HONEST," it means they are truthful, sincere, and trustworthy in their words and actions. They are likely to tell the truth even when it may be difficult or inconvenient to do so, and they adhere to moral and ethical principles.

__ Heritage Month (May)


May is designated as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, often abbreviated as "AAPI Heritage Month." During this month, various events, celebrations, and educational activities are organized to recognize and honor the diverse cultures, histories, and achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Big name in electronics


Big name in electronics" well-known company that is prominent in the field of electronics, likely producing a wide range of electronic products. RCA, or the Radio Corporation of America, was a major American electronics company that played a significant role in the development and advancement of various electronic technologies throughout the 20th century.

Said yes to


"Said yes to" action where someone agrees to or approves of something. which is an informal term meaning to give approval or consent. When someone "OKED" something, they effectively said yes to it or gave their approval. This term is commonly used in informal or casual contexts to indicate agreement or acceptance.

Tried not to be seen


 "Tried not to be seen" an action taken to avoid being observed or noticed. which is the past tense of the verb "HID." When someone "hides," they attempt to conceal themselves or something else from view.

Parallel parking place


 "Parallel parking place" to a location where one might parallel park a vehicle. In urban areas and residential neighborhoods, the most common place for parallel parking is on a "STREET."

Stop sign's color


"Stop sign's color" to the hue of the color typically used on stop signs. In most countries, including the United States, stop signs are octagonal and feature the word "STOP" in white letters on a background of "RED." The color "RED" serves as a universal symbol for stopping or halting at intersections.

LA baller


"LA baller" an individual associated with the city of Los Angeles (LA) who is involved in basketball, colloquially referred to as a "baller." In Los Angeles, one of the most prominent basketball teams is the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Soft shoe material


"Soft shoe material" indicates a type of fabric commonly used to make shoes, particularly those known for their softness and flexibility. "SUEDE" fits this description perfectly, as it is a type of leather with a napped finish, giving it a soft and velvety texture. Shoes made from suede are often prized for their comfort and stylish appearance.

Loan specification


"Loan specification" refers to a particular detail or condition associated with a loan. In the context of loans, the "RATE" commonly refers to the interest rate, which is the percentage of the loan amount charged by the lender for borrowing the money. The interest rate determines the cost of borrowing and is a critical aspect of any loan agreement. 

Golf club type


In golf, players typically use different types of clubs for various shots, such as driving, approaching the green, or putting. "IRON" refers to a specific category of golf club characterized by a solid metal head, typically made of steel or iron. Iron clubs are known for their versatility and are commonly used for shots requiring precision and control, such as approach shots from the fairway or rough.

Bags on a diamond


 The term "diamond" refers to the infield area of the baseball field, which is shaped like a diamond. "Bags" in this context are the bases—first base, second base, third base, and home plate—located at the corners of the infield diamond. Players run from one base to another during the game. 

Colorado ski town


"Colorado ski town" refers to a specific town located in the state of Colorado known for its association with skiing and winter sports. "ASPEN" is a famous ski resort town nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Renowned for its world-class ski slopes, luxurious resorts, and vibrant cultural scene, Aspen attracts skiers and snowboarders from around the globe. 

Hem and __


 "Hem and __" completing an expression where "Hem" is the first part. When paired together, "Hem and haw" form a common expression meaning to hesitate, equivocate, or speak evasively. "HAW" is the word that completes this expression. 

Two-word letter signoff


"Two-word letter signoff" the conclusion of a letter with a two-word phrase. "AS EVER" is a common signoff used at the end of a letter, indicating that the sender remains consistent or steadfast in their feelings or regards towards the recipient. 

Giggly syllable


"Giggly syllable" implies a sound or expression associated with laughter, particularly a light or playful laughter. "HEE" is a syllable commonly used to represent such laughter in writing or speech. It is often used to convey amusement or joy in a whimsical manner.

Number in a quartet


 "Number in a quartet" the quantity of members typically found in a quartet. A quartet is a musical ensemble composed of four performers or musicians. The to the is "FOUR," as it represents the number of members in a quartet.

Letters before an alias


"Letters before an alias" the abbreviation commonly used before an alias or alternate name. "AKA" is an acronym that stands for "Also Known As." It is often used to introduce an alternative name or pseudonym associated with a person.

Auto seizure, for short


 "Auto seizure, for short" a term used to describe the repossession of a vehicle. "REPO" is a short form or abbreviation for "repossession," which refers to the legal process by which a lender takes back possession of a vehicle from a borrower who has failed to make loan payments. 

Japanese martial art


"Japanese martial art" to a form of self-defense and physical training originating from Japan. "KARATE" is a martial art characterized by striking techniques using the hands, feet, knees, and elbows. It emphasizes power, speed, and precision in executing various techniques such as punches, kicks, and blocks. Karate practitioners often train in katas (forms) and kumite (sparring) to develop their skills. 

Comedian's units


"Comedian's units" the term used to describe the segments or performances that a comedian delivers during a show. "SETS" is the appropriate answer, as it refers to the individual segments or routines performed by a comedian during their act. Comedians often organize their material into sets, each containing a series of jokes, stories, or sketches.

Stare openly


"Stare openly" implies observing or looking at something or someone in a way that is obvious or blatant. "GAWK" is a verb that describes this action of staring openly or rudely, often with a sense of curiosity or disbelief. When someone gawks, they may stare with their eyes wide open, sometimes without regard for social norms or manners.

President after Johnson


"President after Johnson" suggests identifying the individual who served as President of the United States following Lyndon B. Johnson. Richard Nixon, often referred to as "NIXON," was the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974. He succeeded President Johnson after winning the 1968 presidential election.

Spicy Szechuan dish: 3 wds.


"Spicy Szechuan dish: 3 wds." indicates a dish known for its spiciness and originating from the Szechuan province of China. "DANDANNOODLES" is a specific three-word term used to describe a traditional Szechuan dish consisting of noodles served with a spicy sauce typically made from chili oil, Szechuan peppercorns, minced pork, and various seasonings.



"Woo" an action related to romantic pursuit or trying to gain favor or affection from someone. "COURT" is the appropriate word that fits this context, as it refers to the act of attempting to win someone's love or admiration through gestures, compliments, or romantic gestures. 

Throws forcefully


 "Throws forcefully" indicates an action of throwing something with significant force or strength. "HURLS" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it means to throw or propel something forcefully and with great intensity.

"Nothing you say is true!"


 "Nothing you say is true!" a situation where someone is accusing another of consistently speaking falsehoods. "LIES" is the appropriate term that fits this context, as it refers to false statements or untruths. 

Gave a bad review to


"Gave a bad review to" an action taken towards a performance, product, or piece of work, indicating disapproval or criticism. "PANNED" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it means to criticize harshly or give a negative review. In the context of movies, books, or other forms of entertainment, if something is "panned," it means it received unfavorable reviews.

Lollipop tastes


"Lollipop tastes" implies an action related to the flavoring or experiencing of a lollipop. "LICKS" is the appropriate word that fits this context, as it represents the action of touching or tasting something with the tongue. When enjoying a lollipop, one typically licks it to savor the flavor.



 "United" a state of being together or joined as a single entity. "ONE" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the concept of unity or being in agreement. 



"Oops" an expression of mild embarrassment or mistake. "DERP" is a colloquial term often used humorously to convey a sense of clumsiness or silliness, especially in internet culture. It's commonly used to acknowledge a blunder or mishap. 

Coconutty Girl Scout cookie


"Coconutty Girl Scout cookie" indicates a type of cookie sold by the Girl Scouts organization, known for its coconut flavor. "SAMOA" is the specific variety of Girl Scout cookie that fits this description. It consists of a round cookie topped with caramel, coconut flakes, and chocolate stripes.

Muscle spasms


"Muscle spasms" a condition characterized by sudden, involuntary contractions or tightening of muscles. "CRAMPS" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the sensation of discomfort or pain caused by muscle spasms. Muscle cramps can occur for various reasons, including dehydration, overexertion, or mineral deficiencies. 

Summer coolers, for short


"Summer coolers, for short" identifying a term used to refer to refreshing beverages commonly consumed during hot weather. "ACS" is an abbreviation that stands for "ACs," which is short for "air conditioners." While air conditioners do provide cooling during hot weather, they are not beverages.



"Wagers" actions involving placing money or valuables on the outcome of an uncertain event or proposition, typically in gambling or betting. "BETS" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the monetary or material stakes placed on such uncertain outcomes.

Made ghostly noises


 "Made ghostly noises" implies an action associated with producing eerie or supernatural sounds typically attributed to ghosts. "MOANED" is the appropriate word that fits this context, as it represents the action of emitting low, mournful sounds, often associated with ghosts or spirits in folklore and fiction.



"Edict" a formal proclamation or order issued by an authority figure, such as a ruler or government official. "DECREE" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents an official order or directive with the force of law behind it. Decrees are often used to establish rules, regulations, or policies within a particular jurisdiction. 

Perform poorly in the playoffs


 "Perform poorly in the playoffs" suggests an action related to failing or underperforming in critical sports competitions, particularly during playoff games or matches. "CHOKE" is the appropriate term that fits this context, as it refers to a situation where an athlete or team fails to perform at their best under pressure, often leading to unexpected or disappointing outcomes. 



"Swap" an action involving the exchange of goods, services, or assets between two parties. "TRADE" is the appropriate word that fits this context, as it represents the act of swapping or exchanging one item for another, often with mutual benefit or agreement. In various contexts, trade can involve the exchange of goods, services, currencies, or other commodities.

Didn't dawdle


"Didn't dawdle" implies taking quick or swift action instead of delaying or wasting time. "RACED" is the appropriate word that fits this context, as it represents the action of moving swiftly or quickly, often in a competitive manner. When someone races, they move rapidly without slowing down or procrastinating. 

2011 MCU movie


"2011 MCU movie" refers to a film released in 2011 as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). "THOR" is the specific movie that fits this description. Released in May 2011, "Thor" is a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh. It introduces the character of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, and explores his origin story and his adventures on Earth.

Life partner


 "Life partner" suggests identifying a term used to refer to a significant other or companion with whom one shares a close and committed relationship. "MATE" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents a partner or companion in various contexts, including romantic relationships, marriage, or friendships.

The one there


"The one there" a specific object or individual in close proximity to the speaker or another point of reference. "THAT" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it is commonly used to refer to something or someone mentioned earlier or located nearby. It indicates a particular item or person distinct from others.

Fighting words


"Fighting words" an or declaration signaling a readiness for conflict or confrontation. "ITSON" is a colloquial term that fits this context, often used to indicate a challenge or assertion that a confrontation or competition is imminent. It signifies a determination to engage in combat or competition. 

Swedish furniture chain


"Swedish furniture chain" a well-known company specializing in furniture retail that originates from Sweden. "IKEA" is the appropriate answer that fits this description. IKEA is a multinational conglomerate known for its affordable and stylish furniture, home accessories, and household goods. Founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA has become one of the world's largest furniture retailers, with stores in numerous countries worldwide.

Do a 5K, say


"Do a 5K, say" an activity or action associated with participating in a 5K race, which involves running a distance of approximately 5 kilometers (or 3.1 miles). "RUN" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the physical activity of moving swiftly on foot, typically at a pace faster than walking. 

Scanner component


"Scanner component" suggests identifying a technology or device commonly used in scanners to capture images or data. "LASER" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents a type of technology utilized in scanners for precise and rapid scanning of documents or images. Laser scanners emit focused beams of light to detect and capture information, enabling accurate reproduction of scanned materials.

Ready to pick


"Ready to pick" suggests identifying a state of readiness for harvesting or gathering fruits or crops. "RIPE" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the stage at which fruits or crops are fully matured and ready for consumption or harvesting. When fruits or crops are ripe, they are typically at their optimal taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Gun, as an engine


 "Gun" often refers to accelerating or increasing the speed of the engine, similar to the action of pulling the trigger of a gun. Therefore, "REV" is the appropriate answer that fits this description. "REV" is short for "revving," which means rapidly increasing the engine's revolutions per minute (RPM) by pressing on the accelerator pedal. It signifies the action of powering up the engine to achieve higher speed or performance. 



"Stink" a word that describes a strong, unpleasant odor or smell. "REEK" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents a foul or offensive smell that is often overpowering or pervasive. When something reeks, it emits a strong and unpleasant odor that is typically indicative of decay, rot, or other unpleasant conditions. 

Sheep sounds


Sheep sounds" implies the vocalizations made by sheep. "BAAS" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the bleating or baaing noise produced by sheep. When sheep baas, they emit a characteristic sound that is commonly associated with their species.



 "Inquired" an action related to seeking information or requesting clarification from someone. "ASKED" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the act of posing a question or seeking answers through verbal communication. When someone asks, they seek information or clarification on a particular topic or issue. 

Pacific NW airport


"Pacific NW airport" a specific airport located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. "SEATAC" is the appropriate answer that fits this description. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, commonly referred to as Sea-Tac Airport, is a major airport serving the Seattle metropolitan area and the broader Pacific Northwest region. It is located in SeaTac, Washington, which is situated between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma. 



"Demonstrated" an action related to presenting or displaying something to others as a form of explanation or proof. "SHOWN" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the act of revealing or exhibiting something in a visible or tangible manner. When something is shown, it is presented clearly and visibly for others to see or understand.

Snopes listings


 "Snopes listings" a term associated with false or deceptive information that may be debunked or fact-checked by organizations like Snopes. "HOAXES" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents fabricated or misleading stories, rumors, or claims intended to deceive or trick people. Snopes is a fact-checking website known for debunking urban legends, myths, and hoaxes by providing accurate information and evidence. 

Chevys and Cadillacs


"Chevys and Cadillacs" a term that encompasses both Chevrolet and Cadillac vehicles. "AUTOS" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it is a colloquial term commonly used to refer to automobiles or cars in general. Both Chevys (Chevrolet) and Cadillacs (Cadillac) are types of automobiles produced by General Motors, and they fall under the broader category of "AUTOS."

Small songbird


"Small songbird" a type of bird known for its small size and melodious singing. "WREN" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents a family of small, brownish songbirds found in various parts of the world. Wrens are known for their beautiful songs and agile movements, often inhabiting gardens, woodlands, and shrubby areas. 



"Esteem" a word that relates to respect, admiration, or high regard for someone or something. "REGARD" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents the feeling of esteem or admiration towards a person, object, or concept. When someone is held in high regard, they are esteemed or respected by others.

Ruffly adornments


"Ruffly adornments"a term that describes decorative embellishments characterized by ruffles or ornamental details. "FRILLS" is the appropriate word that fits this description, as it represents decorative trimmings or embellishments often characterized by ruffles, pleats, or intricate designs. These frilly adornments are commonly used in fashion, clothing, and decorative arts to add flair or decorative elements to garments, accessories, or other items.

Follower of "palazzo" or "parachute"


Follows the words "palazzo" or "parachute" to describe a type of clothing. "PANTS" is the appropriate answer that fits this description. "Palazzo pants" are loose, wide-legged trousers that flow from the waist, often associated with a relaxed and flowing style. "Parachute pants" are baggy trousers with a characteristic appearance resembling parachute material. Both "palazzo" and "parachute" refer to specific styles or types of pants, and "PANTS" encompasses various types of trousers worn as clothing.

Pianist Watts


 "Pianist Watts" a pianist with the last name "Watts." "ANDRE" is the appropriate answer that fits this description. André Watts is a renowned classical pianist known for his virtuosic performances and interpretations of classical repertoire. He gained prominence at a young age and has since established himself as one of the leading pianists of his generation. 

Kiss like a Brit


"Kiss like a Brit" a term used in British English to describe a passionate or prolonged kiss. "SNOG" is the appropriate word that fits this description. In British slang, "snog" refers to kissing with passion or intimacy, similar to what might be called "making out" in American English.

'90s German leader


"’90s German leader" a prominent political figure who served as a leader in Germany during the 1990s. "KOHL" is the appropriate answer that fits this description. Helmut Kohl was a German statesman who served as Chancellor of West Germany from 1982 to 1990 and as the first Chancellor of a reunified Germany from 1990 to 1998. He played a key role in the reunification of East and West Germany and was a central figure in European politics during the late 20th century



"Pair" a term that represents a grouping of two items or individuals. "DUO" is the appropriate word that fits this description. A duo refers to a pair or twosome, often used to describe two people or objects working together or performing together as a team.

Yes, to Yves


"Yes, to Yves" the French word for "yes," which would be used in response to someone named Yves. "OUI" is the appropriate answer that fits this description. In French, "oui" translates to "yes" in English.

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