How to Play Tiktok Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game? A Step-by-Step Guide

Many want to know what this new open or closed bottle game is all about, so that's why we are here to explain this new trend and how to do it, scroll down and check how it is done.

by V Gomala

Updated Mar 29, 2024

How to Play Tiktok Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game? A Step-by-Step Guide

New Viral Trend on Tiktok

TikTok is a place where new trends happen every day. We are going to discuss one such trend in this article. The open or closed water bottle game is becoming viral on TikTok. This game appears tricky but it is really simple.

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A person holds a bottle and starts asking the other person if they believe the bottle is open or closed. The other person concentrates only on the bottle but it is not the bottle that we should concentrate on. Then what is it about? How to play the game? Let's start digging!

How to Play TikTok Viral Open or Closed Bottle Game?

This new trend 'open or closed bottle game' on TikTok got us wondering what it is all about. No. It's not about water bottles. In this trend, a person holds a water bottle and asks another person whether it is closed or open. The other person will think it's about the bottle cap. But, that's not what it is about. It's about the mouth.

  • In this trend, the bottle is held by the person just to distract another person's attention from the first person’s mouth.
  • If the person who has the bottle asks another person closed or open, they are asking about their mouth but the other person will focus on the bottle cap.
  • If the person who has the bottle says it is closed, it means their mouth is closed, not the bottle. If their mouth is open, then the answer is open. So, it's not about the bottle.

How Did This Trend Became Famous?

TikTokers always enjoy challenges and games. Open or Closed Bottle is a game and that's why it became so popular. Similarly, there are so many challenges which are one of the huge trends on TikTok. Influencers and content creators may also be the reason for TikTok trends. If they start a trend, then others might also start doing the trend. The 2 main reasons why trends go viral are challenges and popular songs.

Everyone likes challenges. 'Open or Closed Bottle Game' is also a challenge. There are many challenges like lip-syncing, dancing, skits, and singing. A challenge can be done easily but carefully. We cannot try all the challenges we see on TikTok.

Brands on TikTok can employ challenges to develop user-generated content, which can help them increase brand exposure. Songs are also a reason for the TikTok trend. Any music with catchy lyrics will go viral.

How to Make a Viral Video?

It is easy to make a video viral on Tiktok. Here are the steps to make viral trends on TikTok.

Find What is Trending on TikTok

TikTok has many new trends. If you want your video to get views, use a popular song or join a challenge.

  • To find a popular song, go to the ‘For You page’ in the app.
  • Pick music that you find trending.
  • If you find a song that fits your video, click on it to see all the videos that use it.

Now, you can get an idea. Also go to to see what hashtags, songs, and videos are trending.

Start Filming

Decide how you want to use the trending song and keep your video short. It can be around 10-15 seconds because short videos get more attention.

When recording, use TikTok's features like filters and effects. Here are the steps:

  • Tap the + button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap "Add Sound" at the top.
  • Find the song you want or search for it.
  • Tap the song and click the checkmark to add it.
  • Start recording.

Write a Good Caption and Post

Now, write a short caption and add the important words. Use trending hashtags that fit your content. When your caption is set, post your video. By doing this, you can get more likes and views. Caption always captures heart. So, choose an idea, create video and have fun!

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