UP Board Class 11 Hindi Syllabus 2025 Download Official PDF Here

The UP Board Class 11 Hindi Syllabus for 2025 comprises two sections, equally weighted. It encompasses Hindi and Sanskrit literature, prose, poetry, drama, essays, grammar, and translation.

by Tamilarasi S

Updated Jun 10, 2024

UP Board Class 11 Hindi Syllabus 2025 Download Official PDF Here

UP Board Class 11 Hindi Syllabus 2025

The UP Board Class 11 Hindi Syllabus for 2025 consists of two sections, each carrying equal weight. Section K covers prose, poetry, drama, block poetry, and stories in Hindi literature. Section KH focuses on Sanskrit prose, poetry, essays, poetic elements, grammar, and translation.

Understanding this syllabus is vital for students to prepare effectively for their exams. It provides a roadmap for their studies, ensuring they cover all required topics. By following the syllabus, students can streamline their learning and perform well in their examinations.

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Syllabus Structure

The syllabus is divided into two main parts: Section K and Section KH. Each part carries equal weightage, accounting for 50% of the overall syllabus.

Section K:

This section covers various literary forms and genres in Hindi. Students will study:

  • Prose: This includes written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.
  • Poetry: In this part, students will learn about different types of Hindi poetry.
  • Block Poetry: This refers to poetry that is written in blocks or sections, rather than in traditional verse form.
  • Drama: Students will explore Hindi dramas, focusing on themes, characters, and plot.
  • Stories: This part includes the study of short stories in Hindi literature, examining their structure, themes, and literary devices.

Section KH:

In this section, the focus shifts to the study of Sanskrit literature and language. Students will delve into:

  • Sanskrit Prose: This involves the study of prose texts written in the Sanskrit language.
  • Sanskrit Poetry: Students will explore various Sanskrit poetic forms and styles.
  • Essays: This part includes the analysis of essays written in Hindi.
  • Elements of Poetic Beauty: Students will learn about the aesthetic elements present in poetry, such as rhyme, rhythm, and imagery.
  • Sanskrit Grammar: The study of Sanskrit grammar will help students understand the structure and rules of the language.
  • Translation: Students will practice translating passages from Hindi to Sanskrit and vice versa.

Importance of Syllabus

Understanding the syllabus is crucial for students as it guides their preparation for exams. By following the syllabus, students can focus their studies on the topics and areas specified by the board.

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