NEET UG Cutoff 2024 Check Qualifying Marks

Get ready for NEET UG Cutoff 2024! Learn how to calculate the NEET Cut-Off 2024. Discover all about NEET UG Cutoff 2024 and ensure your success.

by Tamilarasi S

Updated May 10, 2024

NEET UG Cutoff 2024 Check Qualifying Marks

NEET UG Cutoff 2024

The NEET UG cutoff for 2024 is like a pass mark for students who want to study medicine in India. To get into government medical colleges, students must score above this cutoff. It's the minimum score needed to qualify for admission to MBBS/BDS/AYUSH courses.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) will announce the official cutoff along with the NEET 2024 Result. Students eagerly await this cutoff to see if they can get into their preferred colleges.

Chemistry was the toughest part of the NEET UG 2024 exam for many students. This cutoff decides if students can take part in counseling for medical college admissions. It's an important milestone for students aiming to pursue a career in medicine.

How to Calculate NEET Cut-Off 2024

  1. No Direct Formula: There isn't a direct formula for individuals to calculate the NEET cut-off themselves.
  2. Determined by NTA: The National Testing Agency (NTA) determines the NEET cut-off marks.
  3. Consideration of Factors: The NTA considers several factors to determine the cut-off marks, including:

    • Total number of students who took the exam.
    • Difficulty level of the specific NEET exam.
    • Number of available seats in medical colleges across India.
  4. Yearly Variation: Since these factors vary from year to year, the NEET cut-off marks also change.
  5. Announcement: Candidates don't calculate the NEET cut-off themselves; they wait for the NTA to announce it after considering all relevant factors post-exam.

What is the Required Number of Marks in NEET for MBBS?

Varies Annually: 

The required marks in NEET for MBBS change yearly due to factors like exam difficulty, number of test-takers, and available seats in medical colleges.

Exam Structure: 

NEET comprises 200 multiple-choice questions, with a total score of 720 marks.

Marking Scheme:

For correct answers, candidates earn 4 marks, while 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect response.

Qualifying Score: 

To pass NEET, candidates need to achieve the qualifying score, which differs for various categories. For instance, in the previous year, it was 117 marks for unreserved and 116 for reserved categories.

Admission Not Guaranteed: 

Simply reaching the qualifying score doesn't ensure admission. Acceptance depends on the candidate's NEET score, rank, and criteria set by admission authorities.

Result Date

The NEET 2024 results will be out on June 14, 2024, as declared by the National Testing Agency (NTA). This announcement will include the official NEET qualifying marks. Students are eagerly waiting for this date as it will decide their admission eligibility to medical colleges.

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