KUK Date Sheet 2024 for UG Programme and Integrated Courses 4th Semester Check the Exam Dates and Time

Check the date sheet for the UG Programme & Integrated Courses 4th Semester, and learn the exam dates and time in the below article.

by V Gomala

Updated Jun 07, 2024

KUK Date Sheet 2024 for UG Programme and Integrated Courses 4th Semester Check the Exam Dates and Time

KUK Date Sheet 2024

The date sheet for the UG Programme & Integrated Courses 4th Semester (NEP w.e.f. 2023-24) for IMS, IMC & MT, Fine Arts, and Music Department candidates, for the June/July 2024 examinations are as follows,

Examination Details



Examination Centre As mentioned in Admit Card
Time of Examination 09:30 A.M. (Morning Session)

The exams for MDC-2, MI-2, AEC-2, and SEC-2 (Deficiency Paper from the 2nd Semester, if any) for all students will be held in the Evening Session along with the 2nd Semester students.

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Exam Dates



20-Jun-2024 MBA (Hons) 5Yrs:CC-A4:B23-BBA-401:Capital Markets
20-Jun-2024 BA (JMC):CC-A4:B23-JMC-401:TV Production
20-Jun-2024 B.Sc. Multimedia:CC-A4:B23-MMT-401:Animation Techniques
20-Jun-2024 B.Sc. PPT:CC-A4:B23-PPT-401:Pre-Press Technology
20-Jun-2024 B.Sc. GA:CC-A4:B23-GAG-401:Compositing and Visual Effects
20-Jun-2024 BFA:CC-A4:23-FAS-401:History of Ancient Indian Art-II
20-Jun-2024 MPA (5-Year Integrated):CC-A4:B23-PAS-401:History of Indian Music
26-Jun-2024 MBA (Hons) 5Yrs:CC-B4:B23-BBA-402:Business Research Methods
26-Jun-2024 BA (JMC):CC-B4:B23-JMC-402:Introduction to Public Relations
26-Jun-2024 B.Sc. Multimedia:CC-B4:B23-MMT-402:Audio Production
26-Jun-2024 B.Sc. PPT:CC-B4:B23-PPT-402:Web-Fed Offset Technology
26-Jun-2024 B.Sc. GA:CC-B4:B23-GAG-402:User Interface Design (UI)
26-Jun-2024 BFA:CC-B4:23-FAS-402:History of Early Western Art-II
26-Jun-2024 MPA (5-Year Integrated):CC-B4:B23-PAS-402:Technical aspects of Sitar Education
1-Jul-2024 B23-VAC-311: Indian Art & Culture
1-Jul-2024 B23-VAC-324: Gender Sensitization
1-Jul-2024 B23-VAC-401: Business Ethics
1-Jul-2024 B23-VAC-403: Financial Literacy
1-Jul-2024 B23-VAC-407: Ecology and Environment
1-Jul-2024 B23-VAC-421: Digital Empowerment
4-Jul-2024 MBA (Hons) 5Yrs:CC-C4:B23-BBA-403:Business Environment
4-Jul-2024 BA (JMC):CC-C4:B23-JMC-403:Current Affairs
4-Jul-2024 B.Sc. Multimedia:CC-C4:B23-MMT-403:Web Programming using PHP
4-Jul-2024 B.Sc. PPT:CC-C4:B23-PPT-403:Gravure Technology
4-Jul-2024 B.Sc. GA:CC-C4:B23-GAG-403:3D Organic Modeling And Texturing
4-Jul-2024 MPA (5-Year Integrated):CC-C4:B23-PAS-403:Therapeutic Aspects of Indian Classical Dance
22-Jul-2024 B23-AEC-411: English Language and Communication: Level-4
22-Jul-2024 B23-AEC-421: Hindi Bhasha Avam Sanpreshan Vyaktitav Vikas
22-Jul-2024 B23-AEC-431: Sanskrit Bhasha Avam Sanpreshan-4
22-Jul-2024 B23-AEC-441: Punjabi Bhasha Ate Sanchaar-4
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-201: Graphic Designing
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-202: Vermicomposting
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-203: Chocolate Crafts
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-205: Electronic Product Testing
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-206: 3-D Graphics
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-208: GST Return Filing
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-209: Floriculture
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-210: Print Designing
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-212: Photo and Video Editing
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-213: Training in Yogassana
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-215: Rangmanch
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-216: Software Testing
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-219: Food Quality Testing
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-220: Fashion Jewellery Making
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-222: Agricultural Chemistry
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-223: DNA Fingerprinting
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-224: Clinical Lab Management
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-225: International English Language Proficiency Development
24-Jul-2024 B23-VOC-226: Geographical Information System (GIS)
24-Jul-2024 B23-PAS-404: Various Forms of Hindustani Classical Music
24-Jul-2024 B23-PAS-405: Musical Instruments : History and Structure
24-Jul-2024 B23-PAS-406: Teaching System of Tabla and its development
24-Jul-2024 B23-PAS-407: General Introduction of Indian Classical Dance & Folk Dance


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