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AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024: Selection Process, Selected Candidates

Check the AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024 to see who got selected for temporary positions. Find out who made it after the interviews at AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024

by Tamilarasi S

Updated May 13, 2024

AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024: Selection Process, Selected Candidates

AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024

The AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024 is the outcome of a walk-in interview conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bibinagar. The interviews were held for filling contractual positions in the Department of Community Medicine & Family Medicine. 

The AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024 signifies the successful culmination of the recruitment process for the specified contractual positions. It reflects AIIMS Bibinagar's commitment to research and innovation in healthcare, particularly in addressing the challenges of tuberculosis elimination in remote and underserved communities.

Here is the PDF for AIIMS Bibinagar Result 2024.

Positions Available

Two positions were available for recruitment:

  • Project Technical Support-II
  • Project Technical Support-I

These positions were sanctioned by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) under a research project focused on the feasibility study of using drones for transporting sputum samples and drugs as part of the National TB Elimination Programme. The research project specifically targeted tribal and hilly areas within the Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana.

Selection Process

Interview Date and Place:

The interviews happened on May 8, 2024, which was a Wednesday. They took place at the Department of Community Medicine & Family Medicine (CM&FM) in AIIMS Bibinagar.

Selection Committee's Decision:

After the interviews, a group called the Selection Committee thought about everyone they met. They picked out some people they thought were good for the job, based on how they did in the interviews.

Temporary Selection:

After the Selection Committee chose some people, someone important (called the competent authority) checked and agreed with their choices. Then, they officially picked those people for the job. But it's important to know that these jobs are temporary, not permanent.

Selected Candidates

After careful consideration, the following candidates were provisionally selected for the contractual positions:

Project Technical Support-II:

  1. Mr. Bandi Narender
  2. Mr. Sanda Vidhya Sagar

Project Technical Support-I:

  1. Mr. Sanda Vidhya Sagar
  2. Mr. R. Murali Goud
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