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Posted on :29-02-2016
Q1. If a sum of money compound half yearly amounts of twice itself in 3 years. In how many years will a sum of money compounded yearly at the same rate becomes 8 times itself?

a) 6 
b) 8 
c) 10 
d) 12

Q2. Ussain Bolt runs 100 m in 9.76 seconds in a race. Another sprinter finishes race 0.23 seconds after him. What is the difference between their speeds in km/hr?

a) 1 
b) 0.75 
c) 0.85 
d) 0.95

Q3. How many small hemispheres of radius 10 cm can be made from a sphere of radius 1 m?

a) 2000 
b) 200 
c) 20000 
d) 200000

Q4. x% of y% of z is y% of xz% of?

a) x 
b) y 
c) z 
d) 1

Q5. Going at 12 steps per minute, a lion covers 240m. If the step size of lion is 5 times that of deer, how much distance deer covers in an hour if deer takes 10 steps in a minute?

a) 6 km 
b) 1.2 km 
c) 2.4 km 
d) None of these

Q6. A merchant gained 25% by selling a stock of grains. In maintaining the stock, he has spent 10,000 rupee. If the total cost of grains sold is Rs. 60,000, how much has he gained?

a) Rs. 5000 
b) Rs. 15,000 
c) Rs.10000 
d) None of these

Q7. (1728+2197)/(144+169-156)

a) 1 
b) 25 
c) 13 
d) None of these

Q8. A toy train of length 10 m has to move on a circular track. What should be the minimum radius of track to avoid collision if train can move in both directions?

a) 1.59 m 
b) 3.18 m 
c) 10 m 
d) None of these

Q9. A lawyer goes for a daily walk and climbs up a hill at 2 km/hr. He comes back down the slope and reaches at the bottom of the hill. If he covers 4.8 km in 2 hours, how much his speed was when he came down the hill?

a) 2 km/hr 
b) 3 km/hr 
c) 4 km/hr 
d) 2.7 km/hr

Directions for questions 10-12:

There are 6 collinear points and 6 non collinear points on a plane.

Q10. How many triangles can be formed using these points?

a) 180 
b) 240 
c) 320 
d) 200

Q11. How many quadrilaterals can be formed using these points?

a) 720 
b) 360 
c) 100
d) 880

Q12. How many pentagons can be formed using these points?

a) 426 
b) 540 
c) 240 
d) 396

Q13. Three circular pipes P, Q and R are filling a tank. The ratios of the diameters of these pipes are 2:3:5, respectively. What will be the ratio of time taken to fill the empty tank when pipe P and Q are open and when only pipe R is open?

a) 1:1 
b) 13:25 
c) 4:9 
d) none of these

Q14. It is often said, Rome was not built in a day. But, if there are 2000 walls in Rome and each wall has 3000 bricks. It takes 2 seconds for one worker to fix a brick. How much time would have been taken to build Rome if there were 100 such workers?

a) less than a day 
b) 1-2 days 
c) 2-3 days 
d) 4-5 days

Q15. The ratio of ages of Raja and Raju is 2:3. If the younger has completed a silver jubilee last year, what will be the ratio of their ages after 26 years?

a) 2:3 
b) 3:4 
c) 4:5 
d) None of these

Q16. A group of 10 cars start from Chandigarh for Lucknow at 9 a.m. The slowest among them reached in 2.52 hours. If their speeds are in the ratio 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8:9:10, what is the total time for which all the cars have run in total?

a) 7.381 hours 
b) 25.2 hours 
c) 4.672 hours 
d) None of these

Q17. The prices of Gold suddenly rose from Rs. 3000 per gram to Rs. 3298 per gram. Mrs. Verma was lucky enough to buy 340 grams yesterday only. How much Mrs. Verma will gain if she sells the gold today?

a) Rs. 98260 
b) Rs. 101320 
c) Rs. 62880 
d) Rs.70520

Q18. In a class of 50 students, the score of 30% of students is above Shahrukh. What percent of students have score below Shahrukh?

a) 70 
b) 68 
c) 66 
d) None of these

Q19. The average of first five co-primes is

a) 40.4 
b) 41.2 
c) 41.6 
d) 42.7

Q20. If the radius of a sphere is 6 cm, what is the ratio of its surface area and volume?

a) 1:2 
b) 1:5 
c) 1:3 
d) None of these

Q21. Today is Friday. The day after 56 weeks and 3 days will be?

a) Sunday 
b) Monday 
c) Tuesday
d) Friday

Q22. Find the next two alphabets.
B, D, G, J, L, N, ______

a) Q 
b) P 
c) R 
d) J

Q23. 111, 248, 3927, 41664, ________

a) 25125 
b) 52512 
c) 52525 
d) 525125

Q24. 270 degrees clockwise of right of 45 degrees anticlockwise of North-east will be

a) East 
b) South-West 
c) North 
d) South

Q25. In a 7X7 grid, no two persons should be in adjacent squares, row wise or column wise. However, they can be together diagonally. How many persons at maximum can stand in this grid?

a) 49 
b) 25 
c) 12 
d) 24

Q26. If KEY is coded as LJFDZX, then how will BOARD be coded as?


Q27. Sulekha is daughter of wife of brother of Raghavs father. How is Sulekha related to Raghav?

a) Wife 
b) cousin 
c) Daughter-in-law 
d) None of these

Q28. The probability that A wins the race is 2/5 and that of B is 1/3. If the probability of a dead heat between two is 1⁄4, find the probability that none of them wins the race?

a) 1/9 
b) 1/2 
c) 29/60 
d) none of these

Q29. How many 4 digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1,2,3 and 4 such that it is divisible by 4?(Repetition of digit is allowed)

a) 24 
b) 64 
c) 16 
d) 25

Q30. Choose the number which is different from others in the group.

a) 2744 
b) 3375 
c) 9261
d) 7982

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