Virtusa Aptitude paper

Posted on :05-03-2016
Virtusa Placement Papers :

Q1. x1 peach + y1 plum = z1 apple, x2 peach + y2 plum = z2 apple ,(x1,y1 .... z2 are integer values) How many peaches make one apple? 

Q2. 100,100,102,106,112,120,____ 

Q3. Which is greater ?Product of all Bradmans first class scores or Sum of all test scores of Sachin. 

Q4. U r provided with 500ml and 300ml jar(it has no markings). 

a) u have to measure exactly 100ml. 
b) u have to measure exactly 200ml. 

Q5. Using four 4s u have to make 1 ... 10. ( for eg. 1 = (4/4)*(4/4) 2 = ? 10 = ?

Q6. Student,canopy,thirst,... are the words given.u have to group the words using the following words 

1) Master 
2) Teacher 
3) Deft etc. 

Q7. U have to cut a Pizza using 7 st. lines(wit out rearranging) and u have to obtain maximum number of pieces.( Give generalised solution..) 

Q8. U have to cut a Cylindrical cake of diameter 32 cm and height 20 cm in to 12 equal pieces. 

Q9. In a village there r 2 groups. 1 Knight -> always tell true 2 Knave -> always tell false Mr.X met a man of that village

Q10. Obtain 277 from 3,25,50,65,100.use 4 arithmetic operations only.

Q11. CODE is encoded as DGBF, READ is encoded as JHNV ,Fins "KOVAI"

Q12. Essay(General). (Topic given: India should spend money on Atom bomb and Rocket OR for the welfare of poor.) 

Q13. Programming.(4 Qns) : ( we can use any Programming Language for coding) • They had given one function ,we have to find it what it does and also problem in the fn. and how to overcome it. double what( double z, int y) { double answer; while( y > 0 ) { if( y%2 == 1) answer = answer * z; y=y/2; z=z*z; } return answer; } • They had given one Pseudocode.We have to find bug in the pseudocode.

1) It should have one integer parameter. 
2) If the value passed is -ve, return -1. 
3) If the value passed is a perfect square, return root of that number. 
4) If the value passed is a not a perfect square, return that number itself.

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