Virtusa Test Pattern

Posted on :05-03-2016
VIRTUSA Verbal Ability

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 5:  

Read the given passage and answer the questions.

Many speakers ignore their hearers, stare over their heads or at the floor. They seem to be delivering a soliloquy. There is no sense of communication, no give and take between the audience and the speaker. That kind of attitude would kill a conversation; it also kills a speech.Good delivery is conversational tone and directness enlarged. Talk to the Community Chest just as you would to John Smith. What is the Chest Committee, after all, but a collection of John Smiths? Everyone has the ability to deliver a talk. If you question this statement, try it out for yourself; knock down the most ignorant man you know; when he gets on his feet will probably say some things, and his manner of saying them will be almost flawless. We want you to take that same naturalness with you when you speak in public. To develop it, you must practice. Dont imitate others. If you speak spontaneously you will speak differently from anyone else in the world. Put your own individuality, your own characteristic manner into your delivery.

Q1. Choose the proper word or words which mean Soliloquy

A) Sole person
B) Talk to oneself
C) Lock a person
D) Alone


Q2. What is the defect in some speakers?

A) They talk too softly
B) They talk too loudly
C) They do not take heed of the audience
D) They do not have any substance in their speech


Q3. What does the author believe in?

A) Not all can deliver a talk
B) It is difficult to deliver a talk
C) Everyone can deliver a speech
D) Everyone cannot deliver a speech


Q4. What is the test suggested by him?

A) Ask questions to any person
B) Make any person ask you any question
C) Knock down someone and hear him say things naturally
D) Knock down a person and hear his abuses


Q5. In order to be a successful orator

A) speak with determination and conviction
B) speak with naturalness and in an individualistic manner
C) imitate big orators
D) speak in an unnatural tone


Q6. Hibernation is to

A) Winter
B) Bear
C) Dream
D) Sleep


Q7. Yard is to inch as quart is to -

A) gallon
B) Ounce
C) Solid
D) Liquid


Q8. Elated is to despondent as enlightened is to -

A) Aware
B) Ignorant
C) Miserable
D) Patient



A) accountant : meticulous
B) furrier : rambunctious
C) lawyer : ironic
D) shepherd : garrulous



A) romance : sympathy
B) furtherance : melancholy
C) independence : autonomy
D) tolerance : philanthropy


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