Virtusa C/C++ placement paper

Posted on :05-03-2016
Q1. What is the range of any 8 bit signed no.?

A. 0 to 255
B. -255 to 254
C. -128 to 127
D. 0 to 515

Q2. Consider the following statements and accordingly tell the output of these programs:

integer x = 34.54, y = 20, z = -5
print ( y > 50 AND z > 10 or x > 30)

A. 1
B. -1
C. 10
D. 0

Q3. Disha designs a program which can print the product of the cubes of numbers 1 — 10 (First 10 natural numbers)
This is the program: 

Integer x = 0 // Statement 1
Integer sum = 0 // Statement 2
While ( x < 10) // Statement 3
Sum = x*x*x // Statement 4
x = x + 1 // Statement 5
Print sum // Statement 6

Is her program totally correct? If not where does the problem lie?

A. No error in the program
B. Statement 1
C. Statement 6
D. Statement 4

Q4. There is a problem which inputs a number n. This problem has a unique property that given you can solve this problem for (n-1) you can easily solve it for n. Which technique would apply best in such a case?

A. Recursion
B. Object Oriented Programming
C. Iteration
D. Decision Making

Q5. In which area of a class are function and data directly accessible, even outside the class?

A. Private
B. Protected
C. Public
D. None

Q6. In programming, if a trees depth is 3 levels determine the size of that Tree?

A. 4
B. 8
C. 2
D. 6

Q7. You are to add three matrices of order N X N. What will be the time complexity?

A. O(N x N x N)
B. O x N
C. O x N x N
D. None

Q8. Determine the option which is a form of access and is commonly used in addition and removal of nodes from a dedicated queue.

C. Both
D. None

x = 40
y = 35
z = 20
w = 10
If these are the values assigned, comment of output of these two statements.
Statement 1: print x * y / z — w
Statement 2: print x * y / (z — w)

A. Output will change by 80
B. Change by 160
C. Change by 50
D. Will remain the same

Q10. Choose the correct postfix notation for this infix notation:
((A + B)* C — (D — E)) ∧ (F + G))

A. AB + C* DE -- FG +∧
B. AB + C D*E -- FG +∧
C. A+ BC* DE - FG- +∧
D. AB + C* DE - FG -+∧

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