Samsung aptitude question

Posted on :10-02-2016
Samsung Mathematical aptitude question:

Q1. Assume it costs x dollars for making a certain item. If we require 1000 such pieces then price is x dollars but on increasing the number of pieces the price changes to y dollars. If z  number of items are made, z>1000, calculate the total cost?

ANS: 1000(x-y) +yz

Q2. A is 10 km from B and C is 17 km from B. The correct option is?

A) A is in between B and C. 
B) B is in between A and C 
C) C is in between A and B 
D) A and B 


Q3. A and B are two stations 330 km apart. A train starts from A at 8pm and travels toward B at 60 kmph. Another train starts from B at 9pm and travels towards A at 75 kmph. At what time do they meet?

A) 11 am
B) 12 pm
C) 11.30 am
D) 11.45 am


Q4. What investment should be made in order to obtain an income of Rs. 650 from 10% stock at Rs. 96

A) Rs. 3100 
B) Rs. 6240 
C) Rs. 6500 
D) Rs. 9600


Q5. What is the market value of each share for a man if he buys Rs. 20 shares paying 9% dividend and wants to have an interest of 12% on his money.
A) Rs. 12 
B) Rs. 15
C) Rs. 18 
D) Rs. 21


Q6. A certain jar contains 60 jelly beans - 22 white, 18 green, 11 yellow, 5 red and 4 purple. If a jelly bean is to be chosen at random, what is the probability that the jelly bean will be neither red nor purple?

A) 0.09
B) 0.15
C) 0.54
D) 0.85
E) 0.91


Q7. If length of a rectangle of increases by 20% and breadth decreases by 20%. Then the area

A. decreases by 4% 
B. increases by 4%
C. none


Q8. The no. of 8s which are preceded by 5 but not just followed by 3 in the following series: 


Q9. If m people take d days to complete a given work, then m+r people take how many days for the same work? 

Q10. A large further education college and a small school decided to make committees for inspection. Each committee has 3 members and there are 2 such committees, one from the university and one from the college. 

In each committee no two members belong to the same subject

Conditions for Further Education College: 

M—Maths teachers 
K—Natural Science 
For small college: 

On the basis of this information answer the following:

Q11. If L is not included, then what are the possibilities of 3 member team 

A) L,N,H 
B) M,K,P 
C) K,M,N 
D) None of the above.

12. If M surveys, what other two members will be in the committee: 

A) L,K 
B) L,N 
C) K,O 
D) None of the above 

Q13. Shruti is older than Parag.
Aman is older than Shruti.
Parag is older than Aman.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

A. True
B. False
C. Uncertain

Q14. The 9/10 Grocery is south of Shri Ram Pharmacy.
Ashishs house is northeast of Shri Ram Pharmacy.
Ashishs house is west of the 9/10 Grocery.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

A). True
B) False
C) Uncertain 

Q15. Three pens price the same as two sharpeners.
Four sharpeners price the same as one compass.
Pens are more costly than compasses.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

A) True
B) False
c) Uncertain

Q16. Fact 1: Jessica has four children
Fact 2: Two of the children have blue eyes and two of the children have brown eyes.
Fact 3: Half of the children are girls.

If the three statements can be listed as facts, which of the following statements must also be considered as a fact?

I: At least one girl has blue eyes.
II: Two of the children are boys.
III: The boys have brown eyes.

A. I only
B. II only
C. II and III only
D. None of the statements is a known fact. 

Q17. Four defensive football players are chasing the opposing wide receiver, who has the ball. Calvin is directly behind the ball carrier. Jenkins and Burton are side by side behind Calvin. Zeller is behind Jenkins and Burton. Calvin tries for the tackle but misses and falls. Burton trips. Which defensive player tackles the receiver?

A. Burton
B. Zeller
C. Jenkins
D. Calvin

Samsung technical questions:

Q18. Out of the following which supports error checking and error correction in  data link layer? 

A. 802.2 LLC 
B. 802.3 CSMA/CD 
C. 802.4 Token Bus 
D. 802.5 Token Ring

Q19. 8 subnets are made by how many bits of IP addresses? 

A. 1 
B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 4 

Q20. In which topology do Network equipments make hierarchy?

A. Bus
B. Star
C. Ring
D. Tree

Q21. Which of the following is not CDMA technology? 

A. DS-FH (Discrete spectrum-freq hoping) 
C. DS- 

Q22. 20-20kHz analog signals have a minimum sampling frequency of? 

A. 20 KHz 
B. 40 KHz 
C. 44.1 KHz 
D. 20 Hz 

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