Samsung Technical Aptitude Paper Bangalore 12 Dec 2011

Posted on :08-02-2016
Samsung SISO dec-2011 paper
Written test C (20)

Q1) If integer needs two bytes of storage, then maximum value of an unsigned integer is

a. 2^16-1
b. 2^15-1
c. 2^16
d. 2^15

ANS: a

Q2) If integer needs two bytes of storage, then maximum value of a signed integer is

a. 2^16-1
b. 2^15-1
c. 2^16
d. 2^15       
ANS: b

Q3) What is the output of printf (%d, printf(time) );

a. results in a syntax error
b. outputs time
c. outputs garbage
d. prints time and terminates abruptly 

ANS: b

Q4) Length of string correct is

a. 7
b. 8
c. 6
d. implementation dependent

ANS: a

Q5) Consider the following program fragment

char c= a;
while(c++ <= z)

If the required output is abcdwxyz, then xxx should be

a. c
b. c++
c. c-1
d. c

ANS: c

Q6) Consider the function

Find(int x, int y)
return ((x

The call find   find(a, b)  can be used to find

a. maximum of a, b
b. positive difference of a, b
c. sum of a, b
d. minimum of a, b

ANS: b

Q7) If abc is the input, then the following program fragment

char x, y, z;
printf(%d,scanf(%c%c%c, &x, &y, &z));

results in

a. a syntax error
b. a fatal error
c. segmentation violation
d. printing of 3

ANS: d

Q8) Consider the statements

If ab is the input, the output will be
a. an error message
b. this cant be input
c. ab
d. a b

ANS: c

Q9) The operators ,  ||   <   = if arranged in the ascending order of

a. ,  ||  <   =
b. =  <   ||  ,
c. =   ||    <  ,
d. <   ||    =   ,

Q10) The following program fragment

Unsigned i=-1;
int j = -4
printf(%u, i+j);

a. garbage
b. -3
c. an integer that changes from machine to machine
d. none of the above

ANS: c

Q11) The following program fragment

for( i=3; i<15;i+=3);
printf (%d,i);
results in

a. a syntax error
b. an execution error
c. printing of 12
d. printing of 15

ANS: d

Q12) The following description of the program, please pick the wrong one? 

int main(void) {
int i= 100;
int**dpi = 

a. dpi to store a pointer with the address for pi is a double pointer
b. (*pi==i) is true.
c. (*pi== **dpi)is true.
d. (*dpi == 100) is true

ANS: d

Q13) Below, please find the results for the program do?

int counter = 0, i;
for(i=0;;i++) (
if (i < 100) continue;
counter ++;
if (counter == 100) break;
printf(%d%d,i, counter);
a. 199 100
b. 200 100      
c. 199 99
d. 200 0

ANS: b

Q14) See below for a description of the defined array, please choose the wrong thing?

int a [] = {10,20,30,40};

a. successive one-dimensional array of elements in the array a[1], a[2] is  located in the contiguous memory space.
b. a[1] and a* (a+1) is the same.
c. During the initialization of an array; array size must be specified otherwise the initial value at compile error occurs
d.  & a[1] which has a +1 value, such as the address

ANS: c

Q15) Which is true about go to statement

ANS: It is used for coming out of the nested loop    
Q16) What is conditional compilation

ANS: compilation is based on condition

Q17) Minimum no. of temporary variables required for swapping two numbers

a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 0

ANS: d

Q18) The correct relation between / and 

Logic:-there will be expression containing a,b,/,%.take random values substitute and check the result(LHS=RHS)
Q19) What is the output of the below code

Main ()

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