L & T placement paper 2014

Posted on :09-02-2016
Q1. These questions are based on situations given below:

7 Uni crick players are to be honored at a special luncheon. The players will be seated on a dais along one side of a single rectangular table. A and G have to leave the luncheon early and must be seated at the extreme right end of table, which is closest to exit. B will receive Man of the Match and must be in the centre chair C and D who are bitter rivals for the position of Wicket keeper dislike one another and should be seated as far apart as possible E and F are best friends and want to seat together.

1. Which of the foll may not be seated at either end of the table?

i. C 
ii. D 
iv. F

2. Which of the foll pairs may not be seated together?

i. E & A 
ii. B & D 
iii. C & F
iv. G & D

Q2. A man sets out to cycle from Delhi to Rohtak and at the same time another man starts from Rohtak to cycle to cycle to Delhi. After passing each other they completed their journey in (10/3) hours and (16/3) hours respectively. At what rate does the second man cycle if the first cycle at 8 kmph?

A. 6.12 kmph 
B. 6.42 kmph 
C. 6.22 kmph 
D. 6.32 kmph

Q3. A certain sum of money becomes Rs.750 in 2 years and becomes Rs.873 in 3.5 years. Find the sum and rate of interest. 

A. Rs.400, 13% p.a 
B. Rs.500,11%p.a 
C. Rs.630,12%p.a 
D. Rs.600,13%p.a

Q4. A sum was put at simple interest at certain rate for 3 years. Had it been put at 1% higher rate it would have fetched Rs. 63 more. The sum is: A. Rs. 2,400 B. Rs. 2,100 C. Rs. 2,200 D.Rs. 2,480 For what value of k will the equation (2kx2 + 5kx +2)=0 have equal roots?

A. 2/7 
B. 9/4 
C. 16/25 
D. 7/1

Q5. Anirudh, Harish and Sahil invested a total of Rs.1,35,000 in the ratio 5:6:4 Anirudh invested has capital for 8 months. Harish invested for 6 months and Sahil invested for 4 months. If they earn a profit of Rs.75,900,then what is the share of Sahil in the profit? 

A. Rs.12,400 
B. Rs.14,700 
C. Rs.15,800 
D. Rs.13,200

Q6. A sum of Rs 468.75 was lent out at simple interest and at the end of 1 year and 8 months, the total amount of Rs 500 is received. find the rate of interest.
(x + 1/x) = 6 the value of ( x5 + 1/x5 ) = ?

Q7. Two trains for Palwal leave Kanpur at 10 a.m and 10:30 am and travel at the speeds of 60 Kmph and 75 Kmph respectively. After how many kilometers from Kanpur will the two trains be together?

Q8. A sum of Rs. 900 amounts to Rs. 950 in 3 years at simple interest. If the interest rate is increased by 4%, it would amount to how much?

Q9. 28 children can do a piece of work in 50 days.how many children are needed to complete the work in 30 days?

A. 49 
B. 40 
C. 35 
D. 45

Q10. In a certain college, 20% of the boys and 40% of the girls attended the annual college outing. If 35% of all the students are boys, what percent of all the employees went to the outing?

Q11. A peacock is sitting on a 19 m long pole, a snake is approaching the hole which is at bottom of the pole, the snake is 27 m away from the hole, if their speeds are same, find the distance from the hole at which the peacock pounces over the snake.

a. 3.4 m 
b. 6.8 m 
c. 5.9 m 
d. 7.3 m

Q12. If m+ (m-3)-1 = 6 then determine the value of (m-3)2 + (m-3)-2

a. 3 
b -1 
c. 1 
d. 0

Q13. A photograph is to be fitted in a photo frame of sides 18 cm by 15 cm such that there is a margin of 1.5 cm left. What should be the area of the photograph?

a. 140 cm2
b. 180 cm2
c. None of these 
d. 270 cm2

Q14. If (p+q)=3 then what is the value of (p3 + q3), when it is given that p=1/q?

a. 123 
b. 143 
c. 111 
d. 132

Q15. 3 designers x, y and z can stitch 324 dresses in 6 weeks working simultaneously. During one shift, z stitches as many dresses more than y as y stitches more than x. Zs work in 10 weeks in equivalent to xs work in 14 weeks. How many dresses does x stitch per shift.

a. 21 
b. 15 
c. 27 
d. 18

Q16. Determine the metal required to make a 21 m long pipe if its inner and outer diameter are 12 m and 10 m respectively.

a. 2904 m3 
b. 2534 m3 
c. 2843 m3 
d. 2647 m3

Q17. Two trains whose respective lengths are 240 m and 360 m cross each other in 30 seconds when they are moving in opposite directions and in 1 minute 40 seconds when they are moving in the same direction. What is the speed of the faster train (kmph)

a. 39.2 
b. 36.6 
c. 46.8 
d. 33.33 
e. 49.2

Q18. Two trains whose respective lengths are 240 m and 360 m cross each other in 30 seconds when they are moving in opposite directions and in 1 minute 40 seconds when they are moving in the same direction. What is the speed of the faster train (kmph)

a. 39.2
b. 36.6 
c. 46.8 
d. 33.33 
e. 49.2

Q19. If average of five student ages is 14. what will the average age of these student after 5 years?

Q20. Rs 5000 was divided among 5 men, 6 women and 5 boys, such that the ratio of the shares of men, women and boys is 5:3:2, what is the share of the boy?

a. 200 
b. 100 
c. 250 
d. 150

Q21. Find the remainder when 83*85*87*88*91 is divided by 41.

a. 32 
b. 31 
c. 29 
d. 34

Q22. Director he said would ------------- the matters once

Q23. A man owns 2/3 of the market research bureau business and sells 3/4th of his shares for rs.75,000. What is the value of business?

Q24. Find in what ratio will the total wages of the workers of a factory be increased or decreased. If there be a reduction in the ratio 15:11, and a increment in the wages in the ratio 22:25

Q25. Gary bought 5 cars with an investment of Rs.500000 and started renting them. Fuel charges are Rs.50/km and he pays Rs.5000 as the salary to each driver of the car. If the average run of each car in a month is 200 km, how much should be charged per km to get his investment in 15 years?

Q26. Log 2 [log 3(log 2x)] = 1. X = ?

a) 512 
b) None

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