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International Business Machines Corporation, incorporated on June 16, 1911, is a technology company. The Company operates five business segments: Global Technology Services (GTC) and Global Business Services (GBS), Software, Systems and Technology (STG), and Global Financing. Global Technology Services (GTS) primarily provides IT infrastructure and business process services. Global Technology Services The Companys GTC segments services include Strategic Outsourcing, Global Process Services, Integrated Technology Services, Cloud and Technology Support Services (Maintenance Services). Strategic Outsourcing delivers IT outsourcing services. Strategic Outsourcing, which includes Global Process Services, delivers a range of offerings, including processing platforms and business process outsourcing. Integrated Technology Services delivers a portfolio of project-based and managed services. Cloud delivers a set of cloud services ranging from assisting clients with building their own private clouds, to building managed clouds, and allowing clients to leverage standardized cloud infrastructure services from the SoftLayer and Cloud Managed Services offerings. Technology Support Services (Maintenance Services) delivers a line of support services from product maintenance through solution support.

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