EMC Corporation Interview Questions

Posted on :10-02-2016

Q1. Write a program to find the first unique element in the following array:
{a, a, u, b}

Q2. Write a method to change the password of a valid user. The method accepts 3 parameters userId, oldPassword, NewPassword: The password should be changed only when the old password is valid.

Q3. Write a java program to explain life cycle of a thread.

Q4. Write a program to find the missing element in second array (Array2): 

5 15 2 20 30 40 8 1 
2 20 15 30 1 40 0 8

Q5. Without using loops, write a function to print 1 to 500 in serial order.

Q6. Write a program to get out of the Maze. Maze can be represented in the form of Matrix where x can be represented as wall. and - can be represented as a path.

Q7. Write output of the following program:

Class A 
public static void main(String[] s) 
public static void main() 
public static void main (int args[]) 

Q8. Design a class for a digital watch - outline the methods, properties, and class hierarchy. UML diagram welcome but not required. Write some test cases to test the above methods outlined.

Q9. Write a function that counts the number of primes in the range [1-N]. Write test cases for this function.

Q10. Write a java function to access properties from ini file. (contents of ini file will be like: username=xyz)

Q11. Write a java program to count number of words in a file.

Q12. Write a String Reverser (using Recursion) and write JUnit test for the reverse method.

Q13. Swap 2 variables without using a temporary variable.

Q14. Similar to memory barriers and conditional variable (used in multi threaded process),what can you do for multi process application? 

Q15. In a single linked list, how to delete a node (no head node given)?

Q16. How will you determine the page size of a *nix machine using C code? Hint: Use malloc()

Q17. Given array of 3 integers. Write a method that returns possible numbers of those 3 integers. 
For example: 

int[] a = {1,2,3} 
Output: 12,13,123,321,213 etc..

Q18. Write a method that returns 40% A, 50% B and 10% C.

Q19. Remove unnecessary from an expression: 

1) (((a))) => a 
2) (a+b) => a+b 
3) (a+b)*c => (a+b)*c 
4)(((a+b)*(c+d))+e) => (a+b)*(c+d)+e

Q20. Given a sorted array with repeated numbers: e.g: 1,2,2,7,7,7,7,9,9... 
Find first occurance of any given value.

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