EMC Corporation Placement Paper February 2012

Posted on :09-02-2016
EMC Corporation Placement Paper February 2012:-

Q1. Given following sequence, find the next term in the series:
0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 12, 20, 16, ____

a. 12 
b. 18 
c. 30 
d. 36 
e. None of these

Q2. Which of the following is not a deadlock prevention technique?

a. Mutual exclusion 
b. No preemption 
c. Bankers algorithm 
d. Hold and wait 
e. None of these

Q3. Which of the following is not connected with revocation of access rights?

a. Immediate 
b. Delayed 
c. Selective 
d. Reactive 
e. None of these

Q4. If computers are connected across a single cable, this is called which type of topology?

a. Star 
b. Bus 
c. Hierarchical 
d. Mesh 
e. None of these

Q5. Which of the following dos commands find errors in a drive and fixes any problem it encounters?

e. None of these

Q6. In which layers, do error correction and detection happen?

a. layer 4,layer 2 
b. layer 5,layer 1 
c. layer 2,layer 4 
d. layer 1,layer 5 
e. None of these

Q7. In the _______ approach, you can keep the address of first free block and number of free contiguous blocks that follow first block?

a. Counting 
b. linked list 
c. bit vector 
d. grouping 
e. None of these

Q8. What is Anns relation with her husbands mothers only daughter-in-laws sisters husband?

a. Brother 
b. Brother-in-law 
c. Son 
d. Son-in-law 
e. None of these

Q9. Given following sequence, find the next term in the series:
3, 6, 13, 26, 33, 66, ___

a. 73 
b. 63 
c. 53 
d. 43 
e. None of these

Q10. There are three different types of objects in a bucket. How many times does one need to select object from the bucket to get at least 3 objects of the same type?

a. 3 
b. 5 
c. 7 
d. 9 
e. None of these

Q11. Some guy holding a glass of wine in his hand looking around in the room says, This is same as it was four years ago, how old are your two kids now? Other guy says Three now, Pam had one more in the meanwhile. Pam says, If you multiply their ages, answer is 96 and if you add the ages of first two kids, addition is same as our house number. The first guy says, You are very smart but that does not tell me their ages. Pam says, Its very simple, just think. What are the ages of three kids?

a. 8, 4, 3 
b. 12, 4, 2 
c. 8, 6, 2 
d. 16, 3, 2 
e. None of these

Q12. Three customers want haircut and a shave. In a saloon, two barbers operate at same speed. They take quarter of an hour for the haircut and 5 mins for the shave. How quickly can they finish the haircut and shave of these three customers?

a. 20 minutes 
b. 30 minutes 
c. 45 minutes 
d. 60 minutes 
e. None of these

Q13. A motor cyclist participant of a race says, We drove with the speed of 10 miles an hour one way, but while returning because of less traffic we drove on the same route with 15 miles per hour. What was their average speed in the whole journey?

a. 12 miles per hour 
b. 12.5 miles per hour 
c. 14 miles per hour 
d. 15 miles per hour 
e. None of these

Q14. Which of the following is not a file access operation?

a. read 
b. write 
c. open 
d. rename 
e. None of these

Q15. Mirroring uses which raid level?

a. 1 
b. 3 
c. 5 
d. 0 
e. None of these

Q16. What will be the output of below program?

char *a = Hello ;
char *b = World;
printf(%s, strcpy(a,b));

a. Hello 
b. Hello World 
c. HelloWorld 
d. World 
e. None of these

Q17. A shopkeeper likes to arrange and rearrange his collection of stamps. He arranges them sometimes in pair, sometimes in bundle of three, sometimes in bundle of fours, occasionally in bundle of fives and sixes. Every time he has left with one stamp in hand after arrangement in bundles. But if he arranges in the bundle of seven, he has not left with any stamp. How many stamps does a shopkeeper have?

a. 61 
b. 301 
c. 721 
d. 1001 
e. None of these

Q18. What will be the output of below program?

char *a = Hello ;
char *b = World;
printf(%s, strcat(a,b));

a. Hello 
b. Hello World 
c. HelloWorld 
d. World 
e. None of these

Q19. Which of the following responsible for memory management?

a. system hardware 
b. operating system 
c. system software 
d. system program 
e. None of these

Q20. Under which condition we have any process neither killed nor shared?

a. Mutual exclusion 
b. no preemption 
c. circular wait 
d. hold and wait 
e. None of these

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