Dell Reasoning Ability Paper

Posted on :09-02-2016
Q1. A man whose bowling average is 12.4, takes 5 wickets for 26 runs and there by decreases his average by 0.4. The number of wickets taken by him before his last match is?

Q2. Which is not a leap year?

a. 2004
b. 2012
c. 1700
d. 1704

Q3. a, b, c running on a race a is 15m ahead than b, and 19m ahead of c. then 3700m race, what is d distance b/w b and c?

Q4. Equal quantities of three mixtures of milk and water are mixed in the ratio 1:2, 2:3 and 3:4. The ratio of water and milk in the mixture is:

a. 193:122
b. 61:97
c. 137:178
d. 122:193

Q5. n^(n/2)=2 is true when n=2 in the same way what is the value of n if n^(n/2) =4?

Q6. Which polygon has no. of sides = diagonal (Eg. Pentagon)

Q7. Only a single rail track exists between station A and B on a railway line. One hour after the north bound super fast train N leaves station A for Station B, a south bound passenger train S reaches station A from station B. The speed of the super fast train is twice that of a normal express train E, while the speed of a passenger train is half that of E. On a particular day N leaves for station B from Station A, 20 minutes behind the normal schedule. In order to maintain the schedule both N and S increased their speed. If the super fast train doubles its speed, what should be the ratio (approximately) of the speed of passenger train to that of the super fast train so that passenger train S reaches exactly at the scheduled time at station A on that day.


a) 1 : 3
b) 1 : 4
c) 1 : 5
d) 1 : 6

Q8. Flights A and B are scheduled from an airport within the next one hour. All the booked passengers of the two flights are waiting in the boarding hall after check-in. The hall has a seating capacity of 200 out of which 10% remained vacant. 40% of the waiting passengers are ladies. When boarding announcements came, passengers of flights A left the hall and boarded the flight. Seating capacity of each flight is two-third of the passengers who waited in the waiting hall for both the flights put together. Half the passengers who boarded flight A are women. After boarding for flight A, 60% of the waiting hall seats became empty. For every twenty of those who are still waiting in the hall for flight B, there is one air hostess in flight A. Then, what is the ratio of empty seats in flight B to number of air hostesses in flight A?

a) 10:1 
b) 5:1 
c) 20:1
d) 1:1

Q9. Five boys went to a store to buy sweets. One boy had Rs.40. Another boy had Rs.30. Two other boys had Rs.20 each. The remaining boy had Rs.10. Below are some more facts about the initial and final cash positions.

(1) Alam started with more than Jugraj.
(2) Sandeep spent Rs. 1.50 more than Daljeet.
(3) Ganesh started with more money than just only one other person.
(4) Daljeet started with 2/3 of what Sandeep started with.
(5) Alam spent the most, but did not end with the least.
(6) Jugraj spent the least and ended with more than Alam or Daljeet.
(7) Alam spent 10 times more than what Ganesh did.
In the choices given below, all statements except one are false. Which one of the following statements can be true?


a) Alam started with Rs.40 and ended with Rs.9.50.
b) Sandeep started with Rs.30 and ended with Rs.1.00.
c) Ganesh started with Rs20 and ended with Rs.4.00.
d) Jugraj started with Rs.10 and ended with Rs.7.00.

Q10. If the list price of a book is reduced by Rs.5,then a person can buy 5 more books for Rs.300. The original cost of the book is

a) Rs.15
b) Rs.20
c) Rs.25
d) Rs.30

Q11. 9 15 50 = x
12 25 24 = y
What will be the value of x/y?

1) 18
2) 8
3) 5
4) 6
5) None of these

Q12. 18 5 17 = x
64 8 11 = y
What will be the value of x + y?

1) 189
2) 129
3) 69
4) 169

Q13. In the word CONTRACTUAL, the positions of the first and the eleventh letters are interchanged. Similarly, the positions of the second and the tenth letters are interchanged, and so on, up to the positions of fifth and seventh letters are interchanged, keeping the position of sixth letter unchanged. Which letter will be the third to the right of the sixth letter from the left end?

1) U
2) N
3) T
4) A
5) None of these

Q14. A, B, C and D are four people. There are four houses Red, Yellow, Blue, White. P, Q, R and S are four sections not in same order Conditions like Three are sisters B comes from Red C comes from Blue. 

Q15. There is a 20 X 20 array. In Each row, the tallest person is called and among them, the tallest person is A. In Each column, the shortest person is called and among them, the shortest person is B. Who is taller?

Q16. An Engine length 1000 m moving at 10 m/s. A bird is flying from engine to end with x kmph and coming back at 2x. Take total time of bird traveling as 187.5 s. Find x and 2x.

Q17. There is a point P on the circle. A and B started running in two constant different speeds. A in Clockwise and B in Anti-clockwise. First time 500 m in Clockwise from P then 400 Anti-clockwise. If B is yet to complete one round, What is the circumference of the circle?

Q18. Which of the following cannot be the sum of 12 consecutive odd natural numbers?

a) 2300
b) 2924
c) 3644
d) 4356
e) All of these

Q19. Three independent strategies A, B and C have been initiated for cost cutting in a company producing respectively 30%, 40% and 10% savings. Assuming that they operate independently, what is the net saving achieved?

a) 56% 
b) 64% 
c) 62.2% 
d) 68% 
e) 61%

Q20. A circle has two parallel chords of lengths 6 cm and 8 cm. If the chord are 1 cm apart and the chord is on the same side of the centre, then find the diameter of the circle.

Q21. A single pipe of diameter x has to be replaced by six pipes of diameters 10 cm each. The pipes are used to covey some liquid in a laboratory. If the speed/flow of the liquid is maintained the same then the value of x is:

1) 13 cm 
2) 18 cm
3) 24.5 cm 
4) 24 cm

Q22. 5, 11, 23, 41, 64, _

Q23. 1, 1, 3, 9, 5, 25, 7, 49 _, 81

Q24. Jayant gets 3 marks for each right sum and loses 2 marks for each wrong sum. He attempts 30 sums and obtains 40 marks. The number of sums attempted correctly is

(1) 25
(2) 20
(3) 26
(4) 27

Q25. A man has only 20-paise and 25-paise coins in a bag. If he has 50 coins in all totaling to Rs.11.25, then the number of 20-paise coins is

(1) 28
(2) 27 
(3) 26
(4) 25

Q26. A farmer divides his herd of x cows among his 4 sons so that one son gets one half of the herd, the second gets one-fourth, the third gets one-fifth and the fourth gets 7 cows. Then x is equal to

(1) 100
(2) 140
(3) 180
(4) 160

Q27. Three bells rings at the intervals of 36 seconds, 40 seconds and 48 seconds respectively. They start ringing together at a particular time. When they will start ringing together again?

(1) After 6 minutes
(2) After 12 minutes
(3) After 18 minutes
(4) After 24 minutes

Q28. The sum of one-half, one-third and one-fourth of a number exceeds the number by 12. The number is

(1) 144
(2) 154
(3) 90
(4) 174

Q29. 5 years ago Kate was 5 times as old as her Son. 5 years hence her age will be 8 less than three times the corresponding age of her Son. Find their ages.

Q30. Solve
Every alphabet has a numerical value to satisfy this equation.
Find values.

Q31. If after successive discounts of 20% and 25/4% on the marked price of an article, a trader gets 20% profit on the cost price,then by what percent is the marked price above the cost price?

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