Dell Technical Interview Questions 1

Posted on :05-02-2016
In this interview the students can expect questions based on programming, Oops, fundamentals, etc. The students must be well prepared to answer these questions.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to a software engineer at the DELL Technical Interview:

Q1. With an example explain what is virtual function?

Q2. Explain briefly the features of OOPS.

Q3. Explain the difference between overriding and overloading.

Q4. What are the public private protected modifiers behaviours on data members in inheritance?

Q5. Explain what is linking in brief?

Q6. Explain when a heap and stack memory is used also state the difference between the two.

Q7. What is Client Server technology?

Q8. What is a ROM?

Q9. Explain what is RITI. 

Q10. Explain the difference between pointers and references.

Q11. Explain what is aggregation and composition?

Q12. Explain what is meant by Passing by value.

Q13. Explain DLL and also state the advantages of using DLL.

Q14. Explain what is a RAM?

Q15. State the difference between RAM and ROM?

Q16. Explain what is factory method?

Q17. Can you write a function to remove duplicates in array?

Q18. Without using a temporary variable, write a program to exchange two numbers.

Q19. To reverse linked lists write a function.

Q20. What is post-order, pre-order and in-order binary tree transversal?

Q21. Explain the difference between structure and union?

Q22. Explain the difference between TCP protocols and UDP protocol?

Q23. Explain passing by reference.

Q24. Explain the difference between HTTP post and HTTP GET?

Q25. Explain what is passing by pointer?

Q26. To sort an array can you implement an algorithm

Q27. Explain what is an interrupt?

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