Celstream Technical Aptitude Paper

Posted on :15-04-2016

Q1. 2 passengers have together 560 kgs of luggage and are charged for the excess above the weight allowed at 10$ and 26$. If all the luggage had belonged to one of them he would have to pay 46$. The amount of luggage each passenger is allowed without any charge is

(a) 100 kg 
(b) 150 kg 
(c) 160 kg 
(d) Insufficient data

Q2. 6 pigs cost the same as 9 sheep. 27 sheep cost the same as 30 goats. 50 goats cost the same as 3 elephants. If two elephants cost $4800, then the cost of one pig in dollar is

(a) 120 
(b) 240 
(c) 105 
(d) 250

Q3. A wholesaler allows a discount of 20 % on the list price to the retailer. The retailer sells at 5% below the list price. If the customer pays Rs.19 for an article what profit is made by the retailer on it?

(a) Rs.2 
(b) Rs.3 
(c) Rs.4 
(d) Rs.4.5

Q4. A circular metal plate of even thickness has 12 holes of radius 1 cm drilled into it. As a result the plate lost 1/6th its original weight. The radius of the circular plate is

(a) 16sqrt2 
(b) 8sqrt2 
(c) 32sqrt2 
(d) sqrt72

Q5. 3 machines a,b,c can be used to produce a product. Machine a will take 60 hours to produce a million units. Machine b is twice as fast as machine a. Machine c takes the same amount of time as machine a and b taken together. How much time will be required to produce a million units if all the three machines are used simultaneously?

(a) 12 hours 
(b) 10 hours 
(c) 8 hours 
(d) 6 hours

Q6. There are 6 consecutive numbers P, Q, R, S, T, U, not necessarily in that order. Given that, Q is 2 less that P, P is 3 less that T and R is 2 less than S, arrange them in an ascending order.


Q7. There are seven persons up on the ladder. 'A' is further up than 'E' but is lower than ?C?, 'B' is in the middle. 'G' is between 'A' and ?B?. 'E' is between 'B' and ?F?. If 'F' is between 'B' and ?D?, then the person on the top of the ladder will be

(1) A 
(2) B 
(3) C 
(4) D 

Q8. I am proceeding towards North. I take a turn to my right. After some time I take a turn to my left and again to my left. Then I go to my right. After some distance I again turn towards my right. The direction in which I am moving now

(1) East 
(2) West 
(3) North 
(4) South

Q9. In a class, 6 students can speak gujarati, 15 can speak Hindi and 6 can speak Marathi. If two students can speak two languages and one student can speak all the three languages, then how many students are there in the class?

(1) 21 
(2) 22 
(3) 23 
(4) 24

Q10. If 'A' runs faster than ?E? but not as fast as 'D' and 'D' runs faster than 'C' but not as fast as' ?B?, then the person who runs the fastest is

(1) A 
(2) B 
(3) C 

Q11. Number of digits with a 2 in them between 100 and 400?

ANS: 138

Q12. Ram gets 148 marks for 20 questions. +10 for correct. -3 for wrong. How many correct answers?

ANS: 16

Q13. Ganesh and Shankar travel abroad and take more luggage than the airlines allow. They have to pay extra money for it. They carry 52 kgs together and pay $60 and $100 respectively. Now, if the same luggage was carried by only Ganesh it would cost him $340. If the airlines charges only at one rate for extra luggage what is the maximum luggage that a person can carry without paying extra?

ANS: 18 kgs

Q14. Out of the following numbers which is the greatest number when 7 times that number is < 100

1) 12 
2) 13 
3) 15 
4) 14

ANS: 14

Q15. 2/3 of people read newspaper A , 3/4 read newspaper B.if 38 read both and 8 didn't read any of the 2.how many read A?

ANS: 48

Q16. Bactria double every 3 mins. It is N in 1 hour, when was it N/4?

ANS: 54 minutes.

Q17. A plane goes from Chicago to Columbus and then comes back. It takes the same time to travel in either ways. It leave Chicago early in the morning 0644 LOCAL TIME and reaches the destination Columbus at 0849 LOCAL TIME. In the same evening it leave Columbus at 1625 hrs LOCAL TIME and reaches the destination at 1638 LOCAL TIME. Find the time that the plane takes to travel either way?

ANS: 69 mins 

Q18. There is 31 days in the month of January. If there is 4 Sundays and 4 Thursdays exactly.what day is the first day of the month?


ANS:  Monday.

Q19. There are 5 questions based on a murder story.the questions concentrate on the seating arrangements of people mentioned.

Q20. One day the Finance minister decides that the country should have only 33 paise and 56 paise.If there are two traders having enough change in the two denominations, what is the minimum amount for which they can transact?


ANS: 3

Q21. there are 5 tyres including a spare tyre.total number of Kms to be covered is 10000 and each tyre should run equally.How may Kms does each tyre run?


ANS: 8000.

Q22. What is Virtual member function?

8) Cin, Cout are


ANS: objects


cout << ( cout << "Hello" )<< "World"

ANS: HelloWorld

Language : VB

Q24. How will u keep the exisiting values of a array when enlarging it

ANS:  Using Redim Preserve

Q25. How would it get printed in the form?

for( i = 0 to 5;a = i)
print a
next i


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