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Posted on :15-04-2016

Q1. A husband drives his wife to the railway station every morning and in the evening exactly at 6:00pm he picks her up & takes her home.One day she was let off at work an hour earlier and arrived at the railway station at 5:00pm instead of 6:00pm.She started walking home. However, she met her husband enroute the station and got into the car. They drove home arriving 10mins earlier than usual.How long did the wife had to walk , before she was picked up by her husband?


Qns (2-8):

Logical reasoning questions:


(a) Japan now produces more semiconductors, than US.
(b) Semiconductors are one of the fastest growing industry segments.
(c) A decade ago Japan was producing 24% and the US was producing 22% of the worlds emiconductors, respectively.
(d) 10 years ago Japan ranked third in semiconductor production.
(e) During the last 10 years Japans production of semiconductors has increased by 500% while that of the us has increased by 200%


(a) Bob is older than Dinku and Ismer 
(b) Rahul is oldet than Dinku
(c) Rahul is younger than Bob 
(d) Rahul is older than Ismer 
(e) Dinku is older than


(a) In the last six months the number of robberies at gun point in the city has dropped by 18%
(b) Guns are necessary protection against robbers
(c) Strict gun control causes a decrease in violent crime
(d) Most crimes are committed with guns and knives
(e) Six months ago this city's council passed a gun control law


(a) All missiles follow a fixed trajectory 
(b) The boomerang requires a high degree of skill
(c) A boomerang is a missile
(d) The boomerang is used by Australian aborigines to hunt
(e)A boomerang normally has an elliptical flight path


(a) But if powers that be, extended any, how will be the first one to take might claim
(b) I don't believe in seeking special privileges because I'm a woman
(c) Let me explain this in context of what happened the other

(a) bac 
(b) acb 
(c) bca 
(d) abc


(a) A long search produce a comprehensive list of 203 manufacturing firms
(b) The number of workers employed by the firms in the area ranged from a dozen to approximately 3500
(c) Those concerned with mining and quarrying, construction ,transport, trade and commerce were excluded
(d) The investigation was confined to manufacturing firms in the area.

(a) bcda 
(b) bcab 
(c) abcd 
(d) dabc


(a) The quickly came back with pots laden with water
(b) The water gurgled out and the dying embers hissed and send up little curls of vapour
(c) The poured it on the glowing bed of charcoal
(d) The men jumped up and rushed to the river

(a) acdb 
(b) bacb 
(c) dabc 
(d) dcba

Data sufficiency questions:

Q9. Each floor of a 3 storeyed building is occupied and a total of 15 people live in the building. How many live on the first floor?

1) The no. of people living in the first floor is an odd number
2) The no. of people living on the first floor double the number living on the second floor

Q10.The sum of digits of a 5 digit no. is 10. The digit in the ten thousandth place is cube of that of units place. what is the number.

1) The digits in the thousandth, hundredth and tenth place are equal
2) The digit in the units and tenth place are not equal


Q11.If I deposit Rs.1000 in the bank now and withdraw the amount only at the end of the year how much will I get?

1) The rate of compound interest is 12% per year
2) The interest is deposited in the account at the end of every six months

Q12.Is white color the best reflector of light?

1) The lower a color's reflection index the better its power of reflection
2) White has a reflection index of 0.28

Q13. Does Mehta work in an advertising agency?

1) Mehta begins work at 9 am in the morning and works till 9 in the night
2) Mehta is a copywriter

Q14.Is it true that Maggi Noodles success was largely due to its ability to satisfy a latent consumer need?

1) Before the entry of Maggi Noodles, Others did not have access to a food item which was convenient to prepare and could be consumed between meals.
2) Maggi Noodles was an instant hit with ladies who had children in the range of 10 to 12 years

Q15.Are all Argots also Knicks?

1) All Argots are Drones
2) All Drones are Knicks

Q16. Does classical music aid plant growth?

1) Music aids in the development of sugar in plants.
2) In an experiment conducted, its was observed that plants exposed to classical music grew by 5cm more than plants not exposed to classical music in the same period.

Q17. Are cheques the safest method of making a payment.

1) Cheques are more convenient than cash in making and resolving payments.
2) Payment by cheques eliminate the risk involved in handling cash.

Q18.Is it true that smiling is easier than frowning?

1) Smiling requires the movement of 14 facial muscles while frowning requires the movement of 24 facial muscles.
2) Moving every facial muscles requires the same amount of effort.

Q19. Is it true that the Carpenter lives on the first floor.?

1) the Barber lives two floors above the black smith who in turn stays one floor above the carpenter.
2) the blacksmith lives two floors above the weaver who lives one floor below the carpenter in a three storeyed building.

Analytical problems:

Qns (20-23).

At a formal dinner for 8, the host and the hostess are seated at opposite ends of a rectangular table, with 3 persons along each side. Each man must be seated next to at least to 1 woman, and vice versa. Alan is opposite to Diana, who is not the hostess. George has a woman on his right and is opposite to a woman. Helga is at the hostess's right, next to Frank. One person is seated between Belinda and Carol.

Q20.The 8th person present, Eric must be

(a) the host
(b) seated to Diana's right
(c) seated opposite to Carol

(a) a only

(b) c only

(c) b and c

(d) a, b and c

Q21. If each person is placed directly opposite to his or her spouse, which of the following pairs mustbe married.

(a) George and Helga 
(b) Belinda and Frank
(c) Carol and Frank 
(d) George and Belinda

Q22. Which person is not seated next to a person of the same sex.?

(a) Alan 
(b) Belinda 
(c) Carol 
(d) Diana

Q23. George is bothered by the cigarette smoke of his neighbor and exchanges seats with the person 4 places to his left. Which of the following must be true following the exchange?

(a) No one is seated between two persons of the opposite sex.
(b) one side of the table consists entirely of persons of the same sex.
(c) Either the host or hostess has changed seats

(a) A only 
(b) C only 
(c) A and B 
(d) B and C


The hotel Miramar has two wings, the east wing and the west wing. Some east wing rooms but not all, have an ocean view. All west wing rooms have a harbor view. The charge for all rooms is identical except for the following.There is an extra charge for all harbor view rooms on or above third floor. There is an extra charge for all ocean view rooms except those without balcony. Some harbor view rooms on the first two floors and some east wing rooms without ocean view have kitchen facilities for which there is an extra charge. Only the ocean view and harbor view rooms have balconies.
Q24. A guest may avoid an extra charge by requesting

(a) A west wing room on one of the first two floors.
(b) A west wing room on the fourth floor without balcony.
(c) An East wing room without balcony. (d) Any room without kitchen.

Q25. Which of the following must be true if all conditions are as stated?

(a) All rooms above the third floor involves extra charges.
(b) No room without an ocean or harbor view or kitchen facilities involves extra charge.
(c) There is no extra charge for an east wing room without ocean view.
(d) There is no extra charge for any room without Kitchen facilities. 

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