Celstream Aptitude Questions

Posted on :15-04-2016

Q1. In a group of 28 junior high school students, 7 take French, 10 take Spanish, and 4 take both languages. The students taking both French and Spanish are not counted with the 7 taking French or the 10 taking Spanish. How many students are not taking either French or Spanish?.


Seven students are not taking a language. Add 7 + 10 +4 to get 21.
Then subtract 21 from the total students: 28 - 21 = 7.


Q2. Place the numbers 1 - 12 in the twelve circles below so the sum of each side of the triangle is 36. I will give you a head start by placing some of the numbers for you. (The numbers may be used once only).

ANS: 4


Q3. 5 Friends live in the same road A, B, C, D, E. The numbers of B, C, D when multiplied together equals 1260. The numbers B, C, D when added equal twice E’s number, and is even.A’s number is half as much again as E’s. The road numbers run from 2 to 222.What are the 5 house numbers?

A 36
B 4
C 9
D 35
E 24.


Q4. If I had one more sister I would have twice as many sisters as brothers. If I had one more brother I would have the same number of each. How many brothers and sisters have I?

ANS: Three sisters and two brothers.


This can be solved by simple deduction, but if algebra is used let x be the number of sisters and y the number of brothers :
x+ 1= 2y
y+ 1= x
Therefore, y + 1+ 1= 2y
so y =2 or x + 1= 2x – 2
so x = 3.


Q5. A bag contains 64 balls of eight different colours. There are eight of each colour (including red). What is the least number you would have to pick, without looking, to be sure of selecting 3 red balls?


ANS: 59


The first 56 balls could be of all colours except red. This would leave 8 balls, all of which are red. so any three chosen would be red.


Q6. Now can you tell how many triangles are there in this figure?

ANS: There are 47 triangles.


Q7. What is X?

ANS: 6


The series is spaced incorrectly. When the spacing is correct it becomes: 2 4 8 16 32 64 128, 256, which is an obvious doubling-up series..


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