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Last Modified: Dec 11, 2023 00:00 IST

Petrol Price in Chandigarh (11 Dec 2023): Would you like to know the Petrol Rate in Chandigarh today? If so, then referring to the Petrol price Chandigarh hike article will be helpful for you. FreshersLive updated Petrol price in Chandigarh Rs. L chart daily 11 Dec 2023. Hence, consumers can update themselves the change in Petrol price by referring to this page. Check Today’s Petrol price in Chandigarh and other Metro cities of India.
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Today's Petrol Price in Indian Metro Cities & State Capitals

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Importance of Petrol and Reason for Hike in Petrol Price in Chandigarh

The importance of petrol is increasing in these days. Simultaneously, the Petrol Price in Chandigarh is also increasing due to various factors. The major factor for the hike in Petrol Price in Chandigarh is the increase in the dollar value. Some of the other factors include no productivity of petrol in India, charges for import of petrol from other countries, an increase in vehicle usage. Due to the increase in population, the use of the vehicle is increasing every day. This is also one of the reasons for the hike in petrol price in India. The main reason for the increase or decrease in the fuel price is that it is traded in USD. Hence, the slight variation in the United States dollars leads to a drastic change in the Petrol Price in Chandigarh. Read this article further to know the factors that affect the petrol price in India, today petrol rate, the controller of the Petrol pump price in India, fuel rates in various states of India and much more.

How often the Petrol Price in Chandigarh revised?

Recently, there is a hike in Petrol Price in Chandigarh. Petrol price is changing every day and it is revised daily at 6 am in the morning. Hence, people are advised to have a look at the Petrol Price in Chandigarh before they leave their home. This helps them to avoid an unnecessary rise in their limited budget. Besides, getting updates of Petrol Price in Chandigarh aids the long-rider to complete their ride without any trouble. Petrol Price in Chandigarh has been updated regularly here. People who would like to get an up-to-date change in petrol price can make use of this page. There is a huge increase in the cost of crude oil and refined product when compared to the previous years. These two factors are also the major reason for the increase in fuel rates in India. In addition to those two factors, seasonal demand, increased oil demand, and a few other factors are also the cause of a hike in Today Petrol rate.

Who gets affected due to hike in Petrol Price in Chandigarh?

It is a difficult situation for the common man to handle the increase in Petrol Price in Chandigarh. India is the 4th largest consumer of energy. Due to the increase in the number of vehicles, the consumption of petrol level also increased in India. The demand for petrol is higher than the supply level of petrol and this is the major reason for the hike in Petrol Price in Chandigarh. The rise in Petrol Price in Chandigarh affects the economy of a common man so the government has to find an immediate solution to resolve this increase in Petrol Price in Chandigarh. Petrol Price in Chandigarh is updated regularly on this page with respect to the changes in the crude oil prices in the global market. A minor change in the crude oil price in the global market would impact petrol price in Chandigarh. So, keep yourself updated about the petrol price in Chandigarh through this page.
What are all the information you can get related to Petrol Price in Chandigarh at FreshersLive?
Petrol Price in Chandigarh is changing day-by-day. Keep yourself updated about the Petrol Price in Chandigarh to overcome further risks. We update this page regularly to list out the daily petrol rates in Chennai. People who are interested in knowing the Petrol Price today in various states across India can check the Petrol Price page at FreshersLive. Our team gathers the latest news on Petrol price today in various states across India. Check this page frequently to know the updates on Petrol Price in Chandigarh. Petrol price is revised daily in India and the cost of petrol vary from one place to another. Here, we have updated the petrol price today in all the major states and cities of India. Besides, we provide you with the recent changes in the petrol rates in various cities of India. Check out the Petrol Price today in this article.

Why is the Petrol Price in Chandigarh rising?

Drop in price of the rupee is the major reason for the increase in Petrol Price in India. The Petrol price in India has been revised at 6 am every day. The Petrol Price in Chandigarh changes regularly so it is called dynamic fuel pricing. Both the increase and decrease in Petrol price today depends on the crude oil price in the global market. Due to this continuous change in Petrol Price in Chandigarh, it is important to keep yourself updated about the Petrol price today. This page lists out the petrol price today in India. There are various factors affecting the petrol price in Chandigarh. The petrol price in Chandigarh is revised daily based on the previous day crude oil price in the global market and currency exchange rate.

How is the actual cost of Petrol Calculated?

Price of Petrol is calculated based on various factors such as the movement of the currency and fall in rupee against the dollar. Oil marketing companies in India buys crude oil from foreign suppliers at benchmark rates. There are various factors has been considered to calculate the actual cost of Petrol in India. They are as follows,
Delivery price at refinery
Brent Crude’s daily price
Here is how the actual cost of petrol is calculated,
Step 1: Convert US dollars to Indian rupee
Step 2: Divide the rupee by the number of litres of oil
The price of crude oil is calculated as mentioned above. Alright! Here is what is happening after buying the crude oil from foreign suppliers.

After buying the crude oil from foreign suppliers, it is then transported to various refineries in India.
Later, the crude oil is separated into different products such as coal tar, diesel, petrol, and more in the distillation towers of the 20 refineries in India.
After the separation process of petrol from crude oil, it will be stored in the storage tanks of oil companies.
This is how petrol is separated from the crude oil and the following section explains the factors used to calculate the petrol price.

Distillation cost
Cost of Refining
Crude Custom levy charges
Transportation charges from ports to the refinery
Cost of transportation from refineries to oil companies tanks
In addition to the above, the petrol price includes the following,
Commission of a dealer
Excise duty
Value-added Tax (VAT)
Total duties.
Read further to know the importance of checking Petrol Price in Chandigarh regularly.

Importance of Checking Petrol Price Today

It is all-important to check petrol price today if you're going for a long ride or drive. This is because more litres of petrol is needed for a long drive. Hence, even a small variation in Petrol Price today will lead to a big loss. The current petrol rate is either high or low when compared to other places across India. Sometimes, the petrol price varies from one Chandigarh to another. This is due to the VAT charged by the various state government is higher compared to other states includes Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, etc. Hence, it is crucial to check the live petrol price today in India. FreshersLive gives the revised Petrol Price in various Chandigarhs such as Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and so on in India. You can find the exact Petrol Price today in India. Have a hawk-eye on this page to get latest updates on Petrol Price in Chandigarh.

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