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Verbal Ability Questions And Answers Sample Test 6

Sample Verbal Ability Test 6 for you to Practice. Evaluate your Verbal Ability Test 6 test answering skills by trying the online Verbal Ability Sample Test 6 and know your score.

Verbal Ability Test 6

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1.  Moon : Satellite :: Earth : ?

Some proverbs/idioms are given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom, If there is no correct meaning given, E (i.e.) 'None of these' will be the answer.

To make clean breast of

Brothers must live in harmony. They must never fall ......

4. My uncle decided to take ...... and my sister to the market.

5. Veena who is the sister-in-law of Ashok, is the daughter-in-law of Kalyani. Dheeraj is the father of Sudeep who is the only brother of Ashok. How Kalyani is related to Ashok?


Ashok is the only brother of Sudeep and Veena is the sister-in-law of Ashok. Hence Veena is the wife of Sudeep. Kalyani is the mother-in-law of Veena. Kalyani is the mother of Ashok.

Rearrange the following five sentences in proper sequence so as to for a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below them.

After Examining him, the doctor smiled at him mischievously and took out a syringe.
Thinking that he was really sick, his father summoned the family doctor.
That day, Mintu wanted to take a day off from school
Immediately, Mintu jumped up from his bed and swore the he was fine
Therefor; he pretended to be sick and remained in bed.

Which sentence should come third in the paragraph?

7. I don't really know how to ...... the problem.

1. him 2. the 3. to 4. charge 5. handover


"Handover the charge to him."

9. If South-East becomes North, North-East becomes West and so on. What will West become?

10. 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18, ?, 54


The pattern is x 2, x 3/2, x 2, x 3/2, x 2,.....

So, missing term = 18 x 3/2 = 27.

11. Complete the series 2,2,5, 13,28,....


text{Pattern is }\
+1^2-1, +2^2-1, +3^2-1,+4^2-1 \
5^2-1 = 28 + 24 \
= 52

12. In a class, there are 18 boys who are over 160 cm tall. If these constitute three-fourths of the boys and the total number of boys is two-thirds of the total number of students in the class, what is the number of girls in the class ?


Let the number of boys be x.
Then, 3/4 x = 18
=> x = 24

If total number of students is y, then
2/3 y = 24
=> y = 36

Number of girls in class = y - x
= 36 - 24 = 12

13. Pointing to a photograph, a man said, "I have no brother or sister but that man's father is my father's son." Whose photograph was it ?


Since the person who is telling has no brother or sister, so his father son is he himself.
So the man in the photograph is his son.

14. Complete the series, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25,....


Series Pattern is +3, +5, +7, +9.

So next number = 25+11 = 36

15. Tree : Forest :: Grass : ?


As Tree is found in Forest similarly Grass is found in Lawn.

16. For many centuries in Indian History there was no city so famous like the city of Ujjain.

17. It ...... that Prashant will not be selected for the post

A and B are children of D. Who is the father of A? To answer this question which of the statements (1) and (2) is necessary?

C is the brother of A and the son of E.
F is the mother B.


A and B are children of D.

From (1), C is the brother B and son of E.

Since, the sex of D and E are not known. Hence (1) is not sufficient to answer the question.

From (2). F is the mother of B. Hence, F is also the mother of A. Hence D is the father of A.

Thus, (2) is sufficient to answer the question.

19. Looking at the portrait of a man, Harsh said, "His mother is the wife of my father's son. I have no brothers or sisters." At whose portrait was Harsh was looking ?


Blood relation Analysis :

Have no brother's or sister, so Harsh is single child

Wife of father's son -> His wife

His wife is mother of the person whose portrait is. So portrait is of his child.

From the passage it appears that the author was

21. Which one of the following a 'Drama' must have?

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1. Infant 2. Old 3. Adult
4. Adolescent 5. Child  


The correct order is :

Infant Child Adolescent Adult Old
1 5 4 3 2

1. seen 2. going 3. you 4. him 5. have


"You have seen him going."

24. She ...... a brief appearance at the end of party.

1. killed 2. a 3. Jaswant 4. bear 5. wild  


"Jaswant killed a wild bear."

26. A man walks 2 km towards North. Then he turns to East and walks 10 km. After this he turns to North and walks 3 km. Again he turns towards East and walks 2 km. How far is he from the starting point?

27. Rahul put his timepiece on the table in such a way that at 6 P.M. hour hand points to North. In which direction the minute hand will point at 9.15 P.M. ?

28. 6, 13, 25, 51, 101, ?


The pattern is x 2 + 1, x 2 - 1, x 2 + 1, x 2 - 1,.....

So, missing term = 101 x 2 + 1 = 203.

29. If A + B means A is the brother of B; A % B means A is the father of B and A x B means A is the sister of B. Which of the following means M is the uncle of P?


M + K → M is the brother of K

K % T → K is the father of T

T x P → T is the sister of P

Therefore, K is the father of P and M is the uncle of P.

30. Spelling test - find correct spelling

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