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Verbal Ability Questions And Answers Sample Test 5

Sample Verbal Ability Test 5 for you to Practice. Evaluate your Verbal Ability Test 5 test answering skills by trying the online Verbal Ability Sample Test 5 and know your score.

Verbal Ability Test 5

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1. Introducing a man, a woman said, "He is the only son of the mother of my mother." How is the woman related to the man?


The man is the only son of the mother of the woman. Hence, the man is the maternal uncle of the woman. So, the woman is the niece of the man.

2. Race : Fatigue :: Fast : ?


As the result of Race is Fatigue similarly the result of Fast is Hunger.

3. Pointing to a girl in photograph. Amar said, "Her mother's brother is the only son of my mothers's father." How the girl's mother related to Amar ?


Blood Relation Analysis:

Only son of my Mother's father -> Amar maternal Uncle

So Girl's maternal uncle is the Amar's maternal uncle. Thus, the Girl's mother is Amar's Aunt.

4. To be the question

5. To put one's hand to plough

6.      RESCUE

7. I hate sitting ...... him as he always smells of garlic.

8.      (solve as per the direction given above)

9. Choose the word which is least like the other words.


Beethovan was a musician, rest were scientists.

10.    He found the gold coin as he cleans the floor.

11. A is three times as old as B. C was twice-as old as A four years ago. In four years' time, A will be 31. What are the present ages of B and C ?


As from the question we have,
A = 3B --- (i)
c - 4 = 2(A+4) ---(ii)

Also, A + 4 = 31
or A = 31-4 = 27

Putting A = 27 in (i) we get
B = 9
Putting A = 27 in (ii) we get
C = 50

12. 198, 194, 185, 169, ?


The pattern is - 4, - 9, - 16,.....i.e. - 22, - 32, - 42,.....

So, missing pattern = 169 - 52 = 169 - 25 = 144.

13. She ...... a brief appearance at the end of party.

14. A mirror always

15.       (solve as per the direction given above)

16. (solve as per the direction given above)


on the part of the railways

17. One day, Raviraj left home and cycled 20 Km southwards, turned right and cycled 10 km and turned right and cycled 20 Km and turned left and cycled 20 Km. How many kilometres will he have to cycle to reach his home straight ?

18. Amit said - "This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother". How is Amit related to the girl?


The girl is the wife of grandson of Amit's mother i.e., the girl is the wife of son of Amit. Hence, Amit is the father-in-law of the girl.

19. The paths of glory lead ...... to the grave.

In each question below a sentence broken into five or six parts. Join these parts to make a meaningful sentence. The correct order of parts is the answer.
1. I 2. immediately 3. salary
4. my 5. want

21. Rasik walked 20 m towards north. Then he turned right and walks 30 m. Then he turns right and walks 35 m. Then he turns left and walks 15 m. Finally he turns left and walks 15 m. In which direction and how many metres is he from the starting position?

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1. Word 2. Paragraph 3. Sentence
4. Letters 5. Phrase


The correct order is :

Letters Word Phrase Sentence Paragraph
4 1 5 3 2

23. Spelling test - find correct spelling

24. Ornithologist : Bird :: Archealogist : ?


As Ornithologist is a specialist of Birds similarly Archealogist is a specialist of Archealogy.

25.     BARE

26. Why should the candidates be afraid of English Language is not clear.

1. do 2. today 3. you 4. must 5. it  


"You must do it today."

28. That rule is applicable ...... every one.

29.     (solve as per the direction given above)


won't you

30. A, B, C, D and E play a game of cards. A says to B, "If you give me three cards, you will have as many as E has and if I give you three cards, you will have as many as D has." A and B together have 10 cards more than what D and E together have. If B has two cards more than what C has and the total number of cards be 133, how many cards does B have ?


Clearly, we have :

B-3 = E ...(i)

B + 3 = D ...(ii)

A+B = D + E+10 ...(iii)

B = C + 2 ...(iv)

A+B + C + D + E= 133 ...(v)

From (i) and (ii), we have : 2 B = D + E ...(vi)

From (iii) and (vi), we have : A = B + 10 ...(vii)

Using (iv), (vi) and (vii) in (v), we get:

(B + 10) + B + (B - 2) + 2B = 133 5B = 125 B = 25.

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