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Verbal Ability Questions And Answers Sample Test 10

Sample Verbal Ability Test 10 for you to Practice. Evaluate your Verbal Ability Test 10 test answering skills by trying the online Verbal Ability Sample Test 10 and know your score.

Verbal Ability Test 10

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1.      RABBLE

2.        AUGUST

3. How many persons are seated between K and F ?

The statement that 'he later threw off the security bug' means that

5. Which one of the following is always found in 'Bravery'?

6. A man walks 2 km towards North. Then he turns to East and walks 10 km. After this he turns to North and walks 3 km. Again he turns towards East and walks 2 km. How far is he from the starting point?

7. Choose the odd one.


All other can be used to answer "where".

8. Harold's dream was fearful because

Which number would replace the question mark in series


Pattern is , +5, +7, +9
Missing Number = 19+9 = 28

10. Anyone interested in the use of computers can learn much if you have access to a personal computer.

11. In Bush, Saddam was up ...... more than his match.

12. Rasik walked 20 m towards north. Then he turned right and walks 30 m. Then he turns right and walks 35 m. Then he turns left and walks 15 m. Finally he turns left and walks 15 m. In which direction and how many metres is he from the starting position?

13. He became enamored ...... her grace when he first saw her dance.

14. Spelling test - find correct spelling 

15. There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names only

16. Spelling test - find correct spelling

17. 125,80,45,20,?


The pattern is - 45, - 35, - 25, .....

So, missing term = 20 - 15 = 5.

18. The author did not want to shoot the elephant because he

19. 1,6,15,(...),45,66,91


Pattern in the series is, +5, +9, .., .., +21, +25
So 4 is getting increased at every term addition.
Missing term in the series will be 15+(9+4)
= 15+13 = 28

20. If 100 cats kill 100 mice in 100 days, then 4 cats would kill 4 mice in how many days ?

21. Pointing to a photograph Anjali said, "He is the son of the only son of my grandfather." How is the man in the photograph related to Anjali?


The man in the photograph is son of Anjali's grandfather's son i.e., the son of Anjali's father. Hence, the boy is the brother of Anjali.

22. Ornithologist : Bird :: Archealogist : ?


As Ornithologist is a specialist of Birds similarly Archealogist is a specialist of Archealogy.

23.      VENT

24. That rule is applicable ...... every one.

25. In a caravan, in addition to 50 hens, there are 45 goats and 8 camels with some keepers. If the total number of feet be 224 more than the number of heads in the caravan, the number of keepers is


Let the number of keepers be x.
Then, total number of feet = 2*50+4*45+4*8+2x
= 2x + 312

Total number of heads = 50+45+8+x = 103 + x
Now, (2x+312) = (103+x)+224
=> x = 15

26. Laws of nature are not commands but statements of acts. The use of the word "law" in this context is rather unfortunate. It would be better to speak of uniformities in nature. This would do away with the elementary fallacy that a law implies a law giver. If a piece of matter does not obey a law of nature it is punished. On the contrary, we say that the law has been incorrectly started.

If a piece of matter violates nature's law, it is not punished because

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1. Probation 2. Interview 3. Selection
4. Appointment 5. Advertisement 6. Application


The correct order is :

Advertisement Application Interview Selection Appointment Probation
5 6 2 3 4 1

28. Choose the word which is least like the other words.


Except club, in rest people use to stay.

29. My uncle decided to take ...... and my sister to the market.

30.        BRIEF

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