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Verbal Ability Questions And Answers Sample Test 1

Sample Verbal Ability Test 1 for you to Practice. Evaluate your Verbal Ability Test 1 test answering skills by trying the online Verbal Ability Sample Test 1 and know your score.

Verbal Ability Test 1

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1. Shapes of gods and goddess are worshipped by people.

2. A, B, C, D and E play a game of cards. A says to B, "If you give me three cards, you will have as many as E has and if I give you three cards, you will have as many as D has." A and B together have 10 cards more than what D and E together have. If B has two cards more than what C has and the total number of cards be 133, how many cards does B have ?


Clearly, we have :

B-3 = E ...(i)

B + 3 = D ...(ii)

A+B = D + E+10 ...(iii)

B = C + 2 ...(iv)

A+B + C + D + E= 133 ...(v)

From (i) and (ii), we have : 2 B = D + E ...(vi)

From (iii) and (vi), we have : A = B + 10 ...(vii)

Using (iv), (vi) and (vii) in (v), we get:

(B + 10) + B + (B - 2) + 2B = 133 5B = 125 B = 25.

Jawaharlal spent his childhood ...... Anand Bhawan.

4. The paths of glory lead ...... to the grave.

5. Some proverbs/idioms are given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom, If there is no correct meaning given, E (i.e.) 'None of these' will be the answer.

To leave someone in the lurch

6. Who is in the middle of the photograph ?

7. The ruling party will have to put its own house ...... order.

8. I hate sitting ...... him as he always smells of garlic.

9. Harold's dream was fearful because

10. (solve as per the direction given above)


expressed doubt that

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1. Elephant 2. Cat 3. Mosquito
4. Tiger 5. Whale  


The correct order is :

Mosquito Cat Tiger Elephant Whale
3 2 4 1 5

12.      EXPAND


14. Looking at the portrait of a man, Harsh said, "His mother is the wife of my father's son. I have no brothers or sisters." At whose portrait was Harsh was looking ?


Blood relation Analysis :

Have no brother's or sister, so Harsh is single child

Wife of father's son -> His wife

His wife is mother of the person whose portrait is. So portrait is of his child.

15. If South-East becomes North, North-East becomes West and so on. What will West become?

16. It ...... that Prashant will not be selected for the post

17. Choose the word which is least like the other words.


All except the Universe are part of Universe.

18.    He dislikes the word dislike, isn't he

19. Spelling test - find correct spelling 

20. How many persons are seated between K and F ?

21.     BARE

22. (solve as per the direction given above)

23. She cooks, washes dishes, does her homework and then relaxing.

24. You need not come unless you want to.

25. Pointing a photograph X said to his friend Y, "She is the only daughter of the father of my mother." How X is related to the person of photograph?


'The only daughter of the father of X's mother' means mother of X.

Hence X is the son of the lady in the photograph.

Find the correctly spelt words. 

But I did not want to shoot the elephant. I watched him beating his bunch of grass against his knees, with the preoccupied grandmotherly air that elephants have. It seemed to me that it would be murder to shoot him. I had never shot an elephant and never wanted to. (Somehow it always seems worse to kill large animal.) Besides, there was the beast's owner to be considered. But I had got to act quickly. I turned to some experienced-looking Burmans who had been there when we arrived, and asked them how the elephants had been behaving. They all said the same thing; he took no notice of you if you left him alone, but he might charge if you went too close to him.

The phrase 'Preoccupied grandmotherly air' signifies

28.     ZANY

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

1. Family 2. Community 3. Member
4. Locality 5. Country


The correct order is :

MemberFamily CommunityLocality Country
3 1 2 4 5

30. Which of the following is correct ?

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