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Para Jumpled Questions

Given four/five statements which need not be proper in order, choose the correct option which makes these statements arranged in the correct sequential order.

Refer the above for the Questions 1 to 20
1. (P) And what if you and I get a shot at the peak that yielded to Tenzing and Hillary in May 1953 ?
(Q) But what can be better than the tallest of 'em all, the 8,848-metre Mount Everest ?
(R) In the 50th year of Everest conquest, the Indian Army has tied up with the National Geographic Channel to allow five average Indians to be part of their team for the commemorative expedition along with the Royal Nepalese Army.
(S) Climb every mountain, they said.

Correct Ans:SQRP

2. 1. But to achieve 8 per cent economic growth, India needs to power-lift its exports from $46 billion now to about $100 billion.
(P) L.Mansingh, feels that the industrial cluster towns with exports potential like Tirupur (hosiery) Panipat (woolen blankets) and Ludhiana (woollen knitwear), which have efficient assembly-line production facilities, only need to be promoted and their infrastructure upgraded to transform them into export zones.
(Q) Even then, we'd do less than what China does now.
(R) But Mansingh, director-general for foreign trade is optimistic, even as he acknowledges that the new SEZ scheme may not have a significant impact on trade or economy or offset the high transaction cost problem that plagues our exports.
(S) Ajanta Clocks, for instance, saw drastic cut in production cycle from one month in India to two days when it went to China.
6. It's hard uphill road ahead if India wants to increase its share in world trade from the present 0.65 percent.

Correct Ans:SPQR

3. 1. The rise in inflation is a global phenomenon.
P) Although the reserve bank of India recently signalled higher short term interest rates, by and large it has preferred to restrain an explosive growth of bank lending only in certain sectors where bubbles are seen to be developing.
Q) Along with many other countries, India is learning that there are no simple solutions.
R) The central bank has to strive for a balance between the imperatives of holding the price line and meeting genuine credit requirements.
S) Restraining credit growth by raising interest rates has not always been feasible.
6. For policy makers, supply side solutions involve the balancing of conflicting interests.

Correct Ans:RSPQ

4. 1. That India needs to democratize its higher education system is not in dispute but that would truly happen only if the government sought to universalize both quality and access.
P) That the issue of caste based quotas has become more and more socially divisive must also be attributed to the shrinking higher - education pie.
Q) The scarcity of higher educational institutions has led to a spate of inferior quality professional educational institutions that offer seats for exorbitant capitation fees.
R) Fewer and fewer people will have to suffer poor working conditions and meagre wages and this would enhance society's capacity to social and economic growth.
S) Enhancing access to quality higher education would not only increase the pool of skilled labour force available to indian industry, it would also improve it's quality of production and delivery.
6. The government should realize that concentrating on a few isolated centers of excellence no longer makes sense.

Correct Ans:QRPS

5. (P) The CBI took into custody Ravi Vermas that auction house Bowrings was to put under the hammer, an Anjolie Ela Menon Murano sculpture, priced at Rs 3.5 lakh, went missing from an exhibition and then fakes of Aparna Caur Were traced to Lajpat Nagar in Delhi.
(Q) The Ela Menon was reported stolen only a few months after an M.F. Hussain went missing in Hyderabad and the art world suspects more fake artists are doing the round than have come to light.
(R) For a close-knit community that can go for months without action, it has been an interesting fortnight.
(S) Negligence in museums, lack of incentives and conservation are issues raised by the art world before, but the immediate concern is the surge in art crimes.

Correct Ans:SRQP

6. (P) And this because it doesn't want to be dubbed a spoilsport in the region.
(Q) If you stop griming and bearing it, you would be declared a loser,” says a source, throwing up his hands in absolute exasperation.
(R) There are many takers for this line of argument.
(S) But, ironically, say many government sources, the very political class that lambasts Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism is shying away from matching its rhetoric with act.
(T) “ It is like being in a popularity contest.

Correct Ans:TQRSP

7. 1) The concept of a nation state assumes a complete correspondence between the boundaries of the nation and the boundaries of those who live in a specific state.
P) then there are members of national collectives who live in other countries, making a mockery of the concept.
Q) there are always people living in particular states who are not considered to be (and often do not consider themselves to be members of the hegemonic nation.
R) even worse, there are nations which never had a state or which are divided across several states.
S) this, of course, has been subject to severe criticism and is virtually everywhere a fiction.
6) however, the fiction has been, and continuous to be, at the basis of nationalist ideologies.

Correct Ans:SQPR

8. P) It is difficult to date the epics.
Q) Evidently many authors have written them or added to them in successive periods.
R) The Ramayana is an epic poem with a certain unity of treatment; the Mahabharata is a vast & miscellaneous collection of ancient lore.
S) They deal with remote periods when the Aryans were still in the process of setting down & consolidating themselves in India.

Correct Ans:SRQP

9. P) Moreover, there are very basic differences between the two tripartite theories.
Q) Plato had given aggression a more honorable status as a spirited element, thus revealing the importance of war in the Greek world and the honorable status Athenians gave to warriors.
R) Plato's concept of the bodily appetites may be compared with Freud's concept of the id, which is, however, a very much more complex concept.
S) Freud demoted aggression, a part of Plato's spirited element, to one of the drives or instincts.

Correct Ans:RPQS

10. P) An old and semi-apocryphal story is routinely doing the rounds at the elections
Q) The nub of the story is this: Sir Peter's association sought to dissuade him from standing on the grounds of his advanced age, reasoning that, should he die mid-term, the cash-strapped Tories of Louth would not be able to bear the cost of fighting a by-election.
R) It concerns negotiations between Sir Peter Tapsell, the 74-year old Conservative member for Louth and his constituency association, ahead of the forthcoming general election.
S) Sir Peter is said to have a written a personal cheque for the estimated 10,000 $ cost of a by election campaign
T) He posted it along with the instruction that it is cashed in the event of his death.
U) This is seen as one more instance of his wit and ability to create hype about his candidature.

Correct Ans:PRQSTU

11. P) Ethnography has long been used in the academic world, and was first employed in commercial research in the 70s.
Q) “I spent time with different consumers while they were shopping, cooking and eating in their own home”.
R) “Perhaps the difference now is that a great deal of market research is not conducted solely at a single point in time.”
S) Anne-Marie McDermott, managing director of Quaestor Research, points to a project 13 years ago, which looked at a new chicken-burger product.
T) “This method of conducting research was revolutionary at the time”.
U) “Researchers spend a lot of time with respondents, living in their environment – even to the point of moving in with them and sharing the experience being researched”, she says.

Correct Ans:PSQTRU

12. P) As if being embroiled in a murderous conspiracy was not enough, there is further sadness for Harrods owner Mohammed Fayed.
Q) This accusation comes from the fact that Mr Fayed's tinned mince-pie programme has been infiltrated by a batch of rogue Bakewell tarts.
R) He has been forced to issue a product-recall notice in top people's paper the Times that may permanently damage his standing as a purveyor of culinary fancies to the aristocracy
S) What is irksome about this fact is that Bakewell tarts are a rather common form of sugary comestible; not quite the thing the purchasers of Harrods finest mince pies expect to find for pudding.
T) This news came in a full month and a bit after Christmas with the information - Bakewell tarts may contain nuts.
U) The obvious implication: that a Traditional Mince Pie With Harrods Brandy and these proletarian old Bakewell tarts are, in fact, made in the same factory.

Correct Ans:PRQTSU

13. P) The charming head waiter answered our questions very politely.
Q) There were so many young long-legged waiters that they were in danger of running into each other as my companion and I considered the overheads.
R) These boys have taken the place of the middle-aged women in white overalls with a lot of Nanny about them who used to serve the excellent plain English nursery food in a plain English nursery way.
S) We enquired about the number of covers, the existence of a private room and many other questions about the cuisine and service.
T) He may have smelt a rat and guessed that we were from one of the many magazines which describe places to eat, or perhaps he just thought we were naturally curious country bumpkins on an outing.
U) Bread-and-butter pudding and raspberry crumble came as naturally to them as they do to the customers brought up on such no-frills fare.

Correct Ans:PSTQRU

14. P) Nonetheless, Tocqueville was only one of the first of a long line of thinkers to worry whether such rough equality could survive in the face of a growing factory system that threatened to create divisions between industrial workers and a new business elite.
Q) "The government of democracy brings the nation of political rights to the level of the humblest citizens." He wrote,"Just as the dissemination of wealth brings the notion of property within the reach of all the members of the community".
R) Tocqueville was far too shrewd an observer to be uncritical about the United States, but his verdict was fundamentally positive.
S) No visitor to the United States has left a more enduring record of his travels and observations than the French writer and political theorist Alexis De Tocqueville, whose "Democracy In America", first published in 1835, remains one of the most trenchant and insightful analyses of American social and political practices.

Correct Ans:SRQP

15. P) "you are the crucial component in the transformation of the US INDIA relationship", said ambassador Blackwill.
Q) Mani summed it up:"if we can sustain the cohesion reflected here and successfully act on our collective vision as alumni of our world class institution we will become a ' tour de force' in enhancing India's well being and engagement with the US and the rest of the world"
R) The US India trade relationship, which he describes as " flat as a chapati", needs a leavening agent.
S) What better than the IIT's and their alumni ?
T) Now that the IIT alumni have defined their charter it is up to them to step up to the plate and deliver on the promise.

Correct Ans:QTPRS

16. P) a group of about 35 bhumij tribal families here still hang on to the traditions of the discipline.
Q) the dance portrayals are mostly enactments of hunting scenes and self defence.
R) today, firkal survives in just one obscure village, Jamundi, of Potka block in East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand.
S) Experts say, Firkal is in fact, A variation of 'Kirpan Susan' (Kirpan means sword and susan dance), a traditional dance form among the bhumij tribes of Chotanagpur.

Correct Ans:RPSQ

17. P) Nanotechnology has been around for two decades, but the first wave of applications is only now beginning to break.
Q) Technological revolutions travel with the same stealth.
R) A tsunami is unnoticeable in the open ocean—a long, low wave whose power becomes clear only when it reaches shore and breaks.
S) As it does, it will make the computer revolution look like small change.
T) Spotting the wave while it's still crossing the ocean is tricky, which explains why so few of us are aware of the one that's approaching.
U) It will affect everything from the batteries we use to the pants we wear to the way we treat cancer

Correct Ans:RQTPSU

18. P) Take her account of Mr Bush's Yale years.
Q) Mr Bush, on the other hand, spent his time doing everything but burnishing his credentials.
R) The case against Ms Kelley is not just that she fails to take new muck.
S) The Ivy League universities are full of grubbing prodigies who regard themselves as the next president.
T) It is that she makes her principal target, the current president, look rather good.

Correct Ans:RTPSQ

19. P) Germany has been less staunch, worrying more than the others that Iran may make good on its threat to leave the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Q) Yet Iran is exhausting the patience of even the friendlier European governments.
R) Britain and France have told Iran privately that it must fulfill its obligations to the IAEA, and also its original promise of a full suspension of enrichment-related activity.
S) But, ultimately, it agrees with its European partners that Iran must toe the line.
T) The reasons for the three countries' stance are not far to seek - An Iran that went nuclear despite repeated European overtures would make a mockery of European claims to be defter at diplomacy than heavy handed America.

Correct Ans:QPRST

20. P) This applies to material goods generally, and therefore to the greater part of the present economic life of the world.
Q) We may distinguish two sorts of goods, and two corresponding sorts of impulses.
R) The food and clothing of one man is not the food and clothing of another; if the supply is insufficient,what one man has is obtained at the expense of another man.
S) On the other hand, mental and spiritual goods do not belong to one man to the exclusion of another.
T) There are goods in regard to which individual possession is possible, and there are goods in which all can share alike.

Correct Ans:QTRPS


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