Para Jumpled Questions and Answers updated daily – English

Para Jumpled Questions and Answers updated daily – English

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Para Jumpled Questions

Given four/five statements which need not be proper in order, choose the correct option which makes these statements arranged in the correct sequential order.

Refer the above for the Questions 1 to 20
1. 1. One of the reasons why people wear clothes is to protect their bodies.
P) In cold countries, on the other hand, people wear woollen clothes which keep the body warm.
Q) Besides cotton and wool, new fibres such as nylon and rayon are also used today for clothes.
R) in hot countries like India, people wear clothes made cotton which are cool.
S) The body has to be protected from cold and heat.
6. We can say, therefore that all our clothes are made from three different materials-animal fur or skins,plant fibres and artificial fibres.

Correct Ans:SRPQ

2. 1. Most people are afraid of snakes.
P) There may, be some truth in this theory, because Monkeys have a deep, instinctive fear of pythons and other tree snakes.
Q) But this fear is as irrational as the fear of ghosts.
R) Any way, snakes have been feared and hated for thousands of years.
S) The ear of snakes, according to some biologies,may be an instinct passed on to us by our ancestors.
6.In the literature of many countries the snake is regarded as a symbol of evil.

Correct Ans:QSPR

3. 1. National integrity means National Unity for all.
P) They are the evils of Communalism and Regionalism
Q) Our Government is taking steps to remove such tendencies.
R) But then: are some evil tendencies in our society to hamper our unity.
S) The feeling of indianness should be achieved to preserve our unity.
6. And this is what every Indian should aim at.

Correct Ans:SRQP

4. 1. Fighting a fire demands a lot of strength and endurance.
P) The breathing unit may weigh as much as 25 kilograms
Q) The protective clothing the firefighter wears will weigh about10 kilograms.
R) The fire-fighter will normally wear an oxygen mask and carry an oxygen tank.
S) Apart from these, he will have to carry the hose and other tools.
6. The weight of the hose and other tools, the fire-fighter carries, will be around 50 kilograms.

Correct Ans:QRPS

5. 1. The dead do sometimes tell tales, if you know how to look for them.
P) The flash of bomb victims is shredded and may be sieged by chemicals.
Q) In the autopsy rooms of the Suffolk country;the medical examiner and his team were looking for clues that could explain how the passengers of TWA Flight 800 died.
R) But most of the corpses he examined had been killed by the impact of hitting the water from a height of more than two miles.
S) The body of a person killed by a bomb looks different from the body of a victim in an ordinary plane crash.
6. The mystery of their deaths will be solved in time, but it won't be easy or quick.

Correct Ans:QSPR

6. 1. 'Acu' means needless in Latin.
P) The needles stimulates specific nerves that transmit electrical impulses via the spinal cord and brain to the affected area.
Q) Quite appropriately, then, acupuncture consists of inserting Very fine needles at specific points on the skin located near nerve endings.
R) Acupuncture also stimulates the release of chemical substances from the brain centres and pituitary glands.
S) These are connected to one another by lines called channels or meridians.
6. Known as endorphins and encephalins, which are released and carried across the blood stream. these chemicals are the body's own pain-relief mechanism.

Correct Ans:QSPR

7. 1. It's only in the last three years that we have seen the rebirth of TB.
P) What bothers experts is the emergence of particularly patent Strains of the TB. bacteria that are resistant to two or more anti-T.B. drugs.
Q) This is compounded by the fact that the symptoms disappear in about two months.
R) Three or four anti-TB, drugs are available at no cost in Government clinics.
S) Yet, the long period of treatment leads to a high rate of non-compliance with the treatment.
6. In such cases, a relapse occurs and the bacteria appear in more Went and drug-resistant.

Correct Ans:PQRS

8. 1. Nobody in their mind would doubt that America has problems.
P) Leave out euphoria, after the Gulf War and that is the highest such figure for six years.
Q) And whatever the gloomy politicians may think, Americans themselves seem to sense that.
R) But these are problems, things that can and will be solved they are not the stuff of national crisis.
S) The latest Time/ CNN poll says 62% of Americans thought their nation was doing “fairly well" or Very well”
6. All it needs now is for politicians to catch the new mood of Optimism.

Correct Ans:SPRQ

9. 1. I shall tell you about the ways you can see a rainbow.
P) Big rainbows can be seen when the sun is close to horizon.
Q) Or you can notice a rainbow in the spray from a garden hose.
R) You can see a rainbow in the mist from a waterfall.
S) When you stand with a light source behind you and misty water before you. you can see a rainbow.
6. Occasionally. even a full moon on a rainy night will create a faint rainbow.

Correct Ans:SPRQ

10. 1. My uncle Martin went to live in a hamlet.
P) But it was a very lazy parrot.
Q) So martin bought a parrot.
R) Martin's neighbour told him that he must buy a parrot.
S) Every home there had a parrot as a custom.
6. The parrot did not like to speak.

Correct Ans:RSQP

11. 1. The tiny bacterial plants that live in the soil help to prepare food for the plants we cultivate.
P) The farmer works very hard to make the soil favourable.
Q) But these soil bacteria are very necessary and helpful.
R) There are millions of bacteria in a cubic inch of fertile soil.
S) Some kinds of bacteria are harmful.
6. They do not need sunlight as do most plants.

Correct Ans:RPSQ

12. 1. Abraham worked very hard and no time to feel lonely.
P) Abraham was very fond of books.
Q) When his day's work in the fields or in the forest was over the settled down in the earrings to read by the light of the fire.
R) She used to sit by the fireside in the evenings and tell him stories.
S) His mother had taught him to read when he was very young.
6. Every evening he would spend his time in reading all the books he could find.

Correct Ans:PSRQ

13. (1) It was nine o'clock in the evening and Rajan was reading.
P) At first he thought nothing of it.
Q) The walls were a moving mass of big ants.
R) Suddenly, he heard faint noises.
S) When he went to his bedroom later, however, he was shocked by what he saw.
(6) They covered everything - the bookcase, the shelves, the chest of drawers.

Correct Ans:RPSQ

14. (l) I was in awe of Einstein and hesitated before approaching him about some ideas I had been working on.
P) I entered his office and found him seated at a table, calculating and smoking his pipe.
Q) When i finally knocked on his door. a gentle voice said, come'.
R) The single word was both a welcome and a question.
S) Dressed in ill fitting clothes, his hair characteristically awry, he smiled a warm welcome.
(6) His utter naturalness at once set me at ease.

Correct Ans:QPRS

15. (1) When he was quite young, he Corbusier became interested in art.
P) At the age of nineteen, he travelled around Europe.
Q) But the buildings which impressed him most were those of the ancient Greeks in Athens.
R) At the age of thirteen, he went to an art school.
S) Everywhere he went he admired the magnificent buildings of the past.
(6) After his visit to Athens he Corbusier decided to become an architect.

Correct Ans:RQPS

16. 1. The head of the family returned home from office.
P) Wife told that there was no coffee powder.
Q) Wife again told 'that there was no milk either.
R) Husband wanted at least a cup of tea.
S) He wanted a cup of coffee.
6. Husband told finally that a glass water was enough.

Correct Ans:SPRQ

17. 1. When All Baba returned he called his wife
P) She said to him, “Have you stolen them ?"
Q) He said, “I have bought you some jewels”
R) She said, “Our days of misery are now at an end“.
S) He said, “Be quiet and do not frighten yourself".
6. He said, “go to your brother's house and get a measure”.

Correct Ans:QPSR

18. 1. An observation home is called a formicarium.
P) Then, if a small ant hill is dug up carefully. you will find the hump-backed queen.
Q) You will probably discover that you have some of the strange ant guests too.
R) It can be made of two panes of glass separated by strips of wood around the edges.
S) Put her in a jar with some of her workers. larvae and cocoons.
6. Carefully place them all in the formicarium.

Correct Ans:RPSQ

19. 1. In China there is no man in the moon.
P) They are exchanged between friends while children receive toy pagodas made of clay.
Q) These cakes are circular to symbolise the full moon.
R) Instead, there is a toad in the moon as well as moon rabbits and a goddess.
S) All these appear as decorations on moon cakes,baked to celebrate the moon's birthday in September.
6. The birthday marks the end of the harvest when debts are meant to be settled.

Correct Ans:RSQP

20. 1. Take a small glass phial.
P) Close the jar tightly with a plastic cover.
Q) Place this phial inside a glass jar.
R) Fill it with coloured water.
S) Then stopper it tightly.
6. Make a hole in the cover.

Correct Ans:RSQP


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