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Networking Questions And Answers Sample Test 8

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Networking Test 8

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Which encapsulations can be configured on a serial interface?

Token Ring
Frame Relay


Ethernet and Token Ring are LAN technologies and cannot be configured on a serial interface. PPP, HDLC, and Frame Relay are layer 2 WAN technologies that are typically configured on a serial interface.

2. A default Frame Relay WAN is classified as what type of physical network?


Frame Relay, by default, is a non-broadcast multi-access (NBMA) network, which means that broadcasts, such as RIP updates, will not be forwarded across the link by default.

Which configuration command must be in effect to allow the use of 8 subnets if the Class C subnet mask is


A Class C subnet mask of is 3 bits on and 5 bits off (11100000) and provides 8 subnets, each with 30 hosts. However, if the command ip subnet-zero is not used, then only 6 subnets would be available for use.

4. Which of the following commands will allow you to set your Telnet password on a Cisco router?


The command line vty 0 4 places you in a prompt that will allow you to set or change your Telnet password.

5. When a router is connected to a Frame Relay WAN link using a serial DTE interface, how is the clock rate determined?


Clocking on a serial interface is always provided by the CSU/DSU (DCE device). However, if you do not have a CSU/DSU in your nonproduction test environment, then you need to supply clocking with the clock rate command on the serial interface of the router with the DCE cable attached.

6. What command is used to create a backup configuration?


The command to back up the configuration on a router is copy running-config startup-config.

Which of the following types of connections can use full duplex?

Hub to hub
Switch to switch
Host to host
Switch to hub
Switch to hostwing types of connections can use full duplex?


Hubs cannot run full-duplex Ethernet. Full duplex must be used on a point-to-point connection between two devices capable of running full duplex. Switches and hosts can run full duplex between each other, but a hub can never run full duplex.

Which layer 1 devices can be used to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment?

RJ45 transceiver


Not that you really want to enlarge a single collision domain, but a hub (multiport repeater) will provide this for you.

9. What keystroke will terminate setup mode?


You can exit setup mode at any time by using the keystroke Ctrl+C.

10. You need to find the broadcast address used on a LAN on your router. What command will you type into the router from user mode to find the broadcast address?


The command show ip protocols will actually show you the broadcast address for each interface - too bad it isn't a possible answer. Your best answer is show interfaces, which will provide the IP address and mask for each interface.

Which of the following is true regarding access lists applied to an interface?


A Cisco router has rules regarding the placement of access lists on a router interface. You can place one access list per direction for each layer 3 protocol configured on an interface

You need to allow one host to be permitted to attach dynamically to each switch interface. Which two commands must you configure on your catalyst switch to meet this policy?

Switch(config-if)# ip access-group 10
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security maximum 1
Switch(config)# access-list 10 permit ip host 1
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security violation shutdown
Switch(config)# mac-address-table secure


The switchport port-security is an important command, and it's super easy with the CNA; however, from the CLI, you can set the maximum number of MAC addresses allowed into the port, and then set the penalty if this maximum has been passed.

13. Which command will show you all the translations active on your router?


The command show ip nat translations will show you the translation table containing all the active NAT entries.

What are two purposes for segmentation with a bridge?

To add more broadcast domains.
To create more collision domains.
To add more bandwidth for users.
To allow more broadcasts for users.


Bridges break up collision domains, which allow more bandwidth for users

Which of the following protocols are used to configure trunking on a switch?

VLAN Trunk Protocol


Cisco has a proprietary trunking protocol called ISL. The IEEE version is 802.1Q.

16. Which of the following is the valid host range for the subnet on which the IP address resides?


256 - 192 = 64. 64 + 64 = 128. 128 + 64 = 192. The subnet is 128, the broadcast address is 191, and the valid host range is the numbers in between, or 129-190.

17. Which of the following is true when describing a global unicast address?


Unlike unicast addresses, global unicast addresses are meant to be routed.

18. You want to run the new 802.1w on your switches. Which of the following would enable this protocol?


802.1w is the also called Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol. It is not enabled by default on Cisco switches, but it is a better STP to run since it has all the fixes that the Cisco extensions provide with 802.1d.

In Cisco's Unified Wireless Solution, what is the split-MAC architecture?


The split-MAC architecture allows the splitting of 802.11 protocol packets between the Cisco LWAPP-based AP, which handles real-time portions of the protocol, and the WLAN controller, which handles those items that are not time sensitive.

20. Which command will show you whether a DTE or a DCE cable is plugged into serial 0?


The show controllers serial 0 command will show you whether either a DTE or DCE cable is connected to the interface. If it is a DCE connection, you need to add clocking with the clock rate command.

21. You need to configure a server that is on the subnet The router has the first available host address. Which of the following should you assign to the server?


A /29 is, which is a block size of 8 in the fourth octet. The subnets are 0, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, etc. is the 24 subnet, and since 32 is the next subnet, the broadcast address for the 24 subnet is 31. is the only correct answer.

If you wanted administrators to see a message when logging into the router, which command would you use?


The typical banner is a message of the day (MOTD) and is set by using the global configuration mode command banner motd.

23. Which statement describes a spanning-tree network that has converged?


Convergence occurs when all ports on bridges and switches have transitioned to either the forwarding or blocking states. No data is forwarded until convergence is complete. Before data can be forwarded again, all devices must be updated.

24. What is the maximum distance with maximum data rate for 802.11b?


The IEEE 802.11b standard provides a maximum data rate of up to only 11Mbps, and you can be around 150 feet, maybe farther, depending on conditions.

25. You have an interface on a router with the IP address of Including the router interface, how many hosts can have IP addresses on the LAN attached to the router interface?


A /29 (, regardless of the class of address, has only 3 host bits. Six hosts is the maximum number of hosts on this LAN, including the router interface.

26. On a VLSM network, which mask should you use on point-to-point WAN links in order to reduce the waste of IP addresses?


A point-to-point link uses only two hosts. A /30, or, mask provides two hosts per subnet.

If your routing table has a static, a RIP, and an IGRP route to the same network, which route will be used to route packets by default?


Static routes have an administrative distance of 1 by default. Unless you change this, a static route will always be used over any other found route. IGRP has an administrative distance of 100, and RIP has an administrative distance of 120, by default.

28. Which of the following is true regarding VTP?


All Cisco switches are VTP servers by default. No other VTP information is configured on a Cisco switch by default. You must set the VTP domain name on all switches to be the same domain name or they will not share the VTP database.

29. You type debug ip rip on your router console and see that is being advertised to you with a metric of 16. What does this mean?


You cannot have 16 hops on a RIP network by default. If you receive a route advertised with a metric of 16, this means it is inaccessible.

30. What should the configuration register value be after you successfully complete the password recovery procedure and return the router to normal operation?


All Cisco routers have a default configuration register setting of 0x2102, which tells the router to load the IOS from flash memory and the configuration from NVRAM

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