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Networking Questions And Answers Sample Test 4

Sample Networking Test 4 for you to Practice. Evaluate your Networking Test 4 test answering skills by trying the online Networking Sample Test 4 and know your score.

Networking Test 4

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If your routing table has a static, a RIP, and an IGRP route to the same network, which route will be used to route packets by default?


Static routes have an administrative distance of 1 by default. Unless you change this, a static route will always be used over any other found route. IGRP has an administrative distance of 100, and RIP has an administrative distance of 120, by default.

2. You want to run the new 802.1w on your switches. Which of the following would enable this protocol?


802.1w is the also called Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol. It is not enabled by default on Cisco switches, but it is a better STP to run since it has all the fixes that the Cisco extensions provide with 802.1d.

3. The network address of provides how many subnets and hosts?


A CIDR address of /19 is This is a Class B address, so that is only 3 subnet bits, but it provides 13 host bits, or 8 subnets, each with 8,190 hosts.

4. What protocol does PPP use to identify the Network layer protocol?


Network Control Protocol is used to help identify the Network layer protocol used in the packet.

5. Which command would you place on interface on a private network?


As in access-lists, you must configure your interfaces before NAT will provide any translations. On the inside networks you would use the command ip nat inside. On the outside interface, you will use the command ip nat outside.

The Acme Corporation is implementing dial-up services to enable remote-office employees to connect to the local network. The company uses multiple routed protocols, needs authentication of users connecting to the network, and since some calls will be long distance, needs callback support. Which of the following protocols is the best choice for these remote services?


PPP is your only option, as HDLC and Frame Relay do not support these types of business requirements. PPP provides dynamic addressing, authentication using PAP or CHAP, and callback services.

7.   How long is an IPv6 address


An IPv6 address is 128 bits long.

8. What VTP mode allows you to change VLAN information on the switch?


Only in server mode can you change VTP information on a switch.

If you use either Telnet or FTP, which is the highest layer you are using to transmit data?


Both FTP and Telnet use TCP at the Transport layer; however, they both are Application layer protocols, so the Application layer is the best answer.

Layer 2 switching provides which of the following?

Hardware-based bridging (ASIC)
Wire speed
Low latency
Low cost


Switches, unlike bridges, are hardware based. Cisco says its switches are wire speed and provide low latency, and I guess they are low cost compared to their prices in the 1990s.

11. Which of the following is the decimal and hexadecimal equivalents of the binary number 10011101?


To turn a binary number into decimal, you just have to add the values of each bit that is a 1. The values of 10011101 are 128, 16, 8, 4, and 1. 128 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 1 = 157.

Hexadecimal is a base-16 number system. The values of hexadecimal are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F-16 characters total, from which to create all the numbers you'll ever need. So, if 1001 in binary is 9, then the hexadecimal equivalent is 9. Since we then have 1101, which is 13 in binary, the hexadecimal answer is D and the complete hexadecimal answer is 0x9D.

12. Which statement describes a spanning-tree network that has converged?


Convergence occurs when all ports on bridges and switches have transitioned to either the forwarding or blocking states. No data is forwarded until convergence is complete. Before data can be forwarded again, all devices must be updated.

13. Which command will display the CHAP authentication process as it occurs between two routers in the network?


The command debug ppp authentication will show you the authentication process that PPP uses between point-to-point connections.

14. Which of the following is true when describing a multicast address?


Packets addressed to a multicast address are delivered to all interfaces identified by the multicast address, the same as in IPv4. It is also called a one-to-many address. You can always tell a multicast address in IPv6 because multicast addresses always start with FF

Which encapsulations can be configured on a serial interface?

Token Ring
Frame Relay


Ethernet and Token Ring are LAN technologies and cannot be configured on a serial interface. PPP, HDLC, and Frame Relay are layer 2 WAN technologies that are typically configured on a serial interface.

16. Which of the following is considered to be the address before translation?


The host on the private network before translation is considered to be an inside local host.

17. A receiving host has failed to receive all of the segments that it should acknowledge. What can the host do to improve the reliability of this communication session?


A receiving host can control the transmitter by using flow control (TCP uses Windowing by default). By decreasing the window size, the receiving host can slow down the transmitting host so the receiving host does not overflow its buffers.

18. Which command will allow you to see real-time translations on your router?


The command debug ip nat will show you in real time the translations occurring on your router.

Which WAN encapsulations can be configured on an asynchronous serial connection?

Frame Relay


Please do not freak out because ATM is an answer to this question. ATM is not covered in depth on the CCNA exam. PPP is mostly used for dial-up (async) services, but ATM could be used as well, though it typically is not used anymore since PPP is so efficient.

20. What is the subnetwork number of a host with an IP address of


A /21 is, which means we have a block size of 8 in the third octet, so we just count by 8 until we reach 66. The subnet in this question is 64.0. The next subnet is 72.0, so the broadcast address of the 64 subnet is 71.255

21. You are working on a router that has established privilege levels that restrict access to certain functions. You discover that you are not able to execute the command show running-configuration. How can you view and confirm the access lists that have been applied to the Ethernet 0 interface on your router?


The only command that shows which access lists have been applied to an interface is show ip interface Ethernet 0. The command show access-lists displays all configured access lists, and show ip access-lists displays all configured IP access lists, but neither command indicates whether the displayed access lists have been applied to an interface.

What is the maximum data rate for the 802.11a standard?


The IEEE 802.11a standard provides a maximum data rate of up to 54Mbps.

Which layer 1 devices can be used to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment?

RJ45 transceiver


Not that you really want to enlarge a single collision domain, but a hub (multiport repeater) will provide this for you.

24. When setting up Frame Relay for point-to-point subinterfaces, which of the following must not be configured?


It is very important to remember when studying the CCNA exam objectives, and when configuring Frame Relay with point-to-point subinterfaces, that you do not put an IP address on the physical interface.

25. Routers operate at layer _____. LAN switches operate at layer _____. Ethernet hubs operate at layer _____. Word processing operates at layer _____.


Routers operate at layer 3. LAN switches operate at layer 2. Ethernet hubs operate at layer 1. Word processing applications communicate to the Application layer interface, but do not operate at layer 7, so the answer would be none.

Which of the following statement is true?


Switches break up collision domains, and routers break up broadcast domains.

27. Which command will show you the summary of the NAT configuration?


The show ip nat statistics command displays a summary of the NAT configuration as well as counts of active translation types, hits to an existing mapping, misses (causing an attempt to create a mapping), and expired translations.

28. Which command will show you all the translations active on your router?


The command show ip nat translations will show you the translation table containing all the active NAT entries.

29. What is the purpose of Spanning Tree Protocol in a switched LAN?


The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) was designed to stop layer 2 loops. All Cisco switches have the STP on by default.

You type the following command into the router and receive the following output:

Router#show serial 0/0
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
Why was this error message displayed?


You can view the interface statistics from user mode, but the command is show interface serial 0/0.

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