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Networking Questions And Answers Sample Test 3

Sample Networking Test 3 for you to Practice. Evaluate your Networking Test 3 test answering skills by trying the online Networking Sample Test 3 and know your score.

Networking Test 3

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1. Which of the following is considered to be the address after translation?


The host on the private network after translation is considered to be an inside global host.

2. What is the maximum data rate for the 802.11g standard?


The IEEE 802.11g standard provides a maximum data rate of up to 54Mbps.

3. What VTP mode allows you to change VLAN information on the switch?


Only in server mode can you change VTP information on a switch.

4. You want to create a standard access list that denies the subnet of the following host: Which of the following would you start your list with?


First, you must know that a /21 is, which is a block size of 8 in the third octet. Counting by eight, this makes our subnet 144 in the third octet, and the wildcard for the third octet would be 7 since the wildcard is always one less than the block size.

5. To test the IP stack on your local host, which IP address would you ping?


To test the local stack on your host, ping the loopback interface of

6. You have a network that needs 29 subnets while maximizing the number of host addresses available on each subnet. How many bits must you borrow from the host field to provide the correct subnet mask?


A 240 mask is 4 subnet bits and provides 16 subnets, each with 14 hosts. We need more subnets, so let's add subnet bits. One more subnet bit would be a 248 mask. This provides 5 subnet bits (32 subnets) with 3 host bits (6 hosts per subnet). This is the best answer.

Your router has the following IP address on Ethernet0: Which of the following can be valid host IDs on the LAN interface attached to the router?


The router's IP address on the E0 interface is, which is This makes the third octet a block size of 2. The router's interface is in the 2.0 subnet, and the broadcast address is 3.255 because the next subnet is 4.0. The valid host range is 2.1 through 3.254. The router is using the first valid host address in the range.

8. What router command allows you to determine whether an IP access list is enabled on a particular interface?


Only the show ip interface command will tell you which interfaces have access lists applied. show access-lists will not show you which interfaces have an access list applied.

You are unsuccessful in telnetting into a remote device. What could the problem be?

IP addresses are incorrect.
Access control list is filtering Telnet.
There is a defective serial cable.
The VTY password is missing.


The best answers, the ones you need to remember, are that either an access control list is filtering the Telnet session or the VTY password is not set on the remote device.

Which of the following are types of flow control?

Congestion avoidance


The common types of flow control are buffering, windowing, and congestion avoidance.

11. Which command would you place on interface on a private network?


As in access-lists, you must configure your interfaces before NAT will provide any translations. On the inside networks you would use the command ip nat inside. On the outside interface, you will use the command ip nat outside.

12.   Which protocol does DHCP use at the Transport layer


User Datagram Protocol is a connection network service at the Transport layer, and DHCP uses this connectionless service.

13.   How long is an IPv6 address


An IPv6 address is 128 bits long.

14. Which command will show you whether a DTE or a DCE cable is plugged into serial 0?


The show controllers serial 0 command will show you whether either a DTE or DCE cable is connected to the interface. If it is a DCE connection, you need to add clocking with the clock rate command.

Which of the following are layers in the TCP/IP model?

Data Link


This seems like a hard question at first because it doesn't make sense. The listed answers are from the OSI model and the question asked about the TCP/IP protocol stack (DoD model). However, let's just look for what is wrong. First, the Session layer is not in the TCP/IP model; neither are the Data Link and Physical layers. This leaves us with the Transport layer (Host-to-Host in the DoD model), Internet layer (Network layer in the OSI), and Application layer (Application/Process in the DoD).

16. Which command loads a new version of the Cisco IOS into a router?


The command copy tftp flash will allow you to copy a new IOS into flash memory on your router.

17. Which of the following commands displays the configurable parameters and statistics of all interfaces on a router?


With the show interfaces command, you can view the configurable parameters, get statistics for the interfaces on the router, verify if the interfaces are shut down, and see the IP address of each interface.

18. Which of the following is an example of a standard IP access list?


Standard IP access lists use the numbers 1-99 and 1300-1999 and filter based on source IP address only. Option C is incorrect because the mask must be in wildcard format.

 How many non-overlapping channels are available with 802.11h?


The IEEE 802.11h standard provides an addition 11 channels to the 802.11a standard's 12 non-overlapping channel for a total of 23 non-overlapping channels.

Which WAN encapsulations can be configured on an asynchronous serial connection?

Frame Relay


Please do not freak out because ATM is an answer to this question. ATM is not covered in depth on the CCNA exam. PPP is mostly used for dial-up (async) services, but ATM could be used as well, though it typically is not used anymore since PPP is so efficient.

Network was assigned to the Acme Company to connect to its ISP. The administrator of Acme would like to configure one router with the commands to access the Internet. Which commands could be configured on the Gateway router to allow Internet access to the entire network?

Gateway(config)# ip route
Gateway(config)# router rip
Gateway(config-router)# network
Gateway(config-router)# network default


There are actually three different ways to configure the same default route, but only two are shown in the answer. First, you can set a default route with the mask and then specify the next hop, as in option A. Or you can use and use the exit interface instead of the next hop. Finally, you can use option D with the ip default-network command.

22. Suppose that you have a customer who has a central HQ and six branch offices. They anticipate adding six more branches in the near future. They wish to implement a WAN technology that will allow the branches to economically connect to HQ and you have no free ports on the HQ router. Which of the following would you recommend?


The key is "there are no free ports" on your router. Only Frame Relay can provide a connection to multiple locations with one interface, and in an economical manner no less.

23. You have 10 users plugged into a hub running 10Mbps half-duplex. There is a server connected to the switch running 10Mbps half-duplex as well. How much bandwidth does each host have to the server?


Each device has 10 Mbpsto the server.

  Which are considered the methods of NAT?

IP NAT pool
NAT double-translation


You can configure NAT three ways on a Cisco router: static, dynamic, and NAT Overload (PAT).

If you want to disable STP on a port connected to a server, which command would you use?


If you have a server or other devices connected into your switch that you're totally sure won't create a switching loop if STP is disabled, you can use something called portfast on these ports. Using it means the port won't spend the usual 50 seconds to come up while STP is converging.

26. You need to subnet a network that has 5 subnets, each with at least 16 hosts. Which classful subnet mask would you use?


You need 5 subnets, each with at least 16 hosts. The mask provides 16 subnets with 14 hosts-this will not work. The mask provides 8 subnets, each with 30 hosts. This is the best answer.

Layer 2 switching provides which of the following?

Hardware-based bridging (ASIC)
Wire speed
Low latency
Low cost


Switches, unlike bridges, are hardware based. Cisco says its switches are wire speed and provide low latency, and I guess they are low cost compared to their prices in the 1990s.

28. Which command would you use to apply an access list to a router interface?


To apply an access list, the proper command is ip access-group 101 in.

29. What flavor of Network Address Translation can be used to have one IP address allow many users to connect to the global Internet?


Port Address Translation (PAT) allows a one-to-many approach to network address translation.

30. Which of the following is private IP address?


Class A private address range is through Class B private address range is through, and Class C private address range is through

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