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Computer Knowledge Questions And Answers Sample Test 2

Sample Computer Knowledge Test 2 for you to Practice. Evaluate your Computer Knowledge Test 2 test answering skills by trying the online Computer Knowledge Sample Test 2 and know your score.

Computer Knowledge Test 2

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1. Everyone was _________ by surprise when she _________ her plan to marry that boy.

2. There is no glory in war ____________ the blood it _______________

3. where he busied himself (1) / Compelled to abdicate, he (2)/ withdrew to a monastery, (3) / with writing commentaries on the Scriptures (4)

4. The number of tickets of Movie B sold in Hyderabad was approximately what percentage of the total number of tickets of the same movie sold in all the cities together?


Required Percentage = (34x100)/(15+19+24+21+34+27) =3400/140 = 24% (approx)

5. The number of tickets of Movie E sold in Chennai is what percentage of number of tickets of Movie A sold in Mumbai


Required Percentage = 34 x 100 / 20 = 170 %

6. 181 helpline number is associated with which of the following?


Nagaland Governor P B Acharya has launched women helpline - 181 in the premises of District Hospital Dimapur in Nagaland

7. The circumference of the circle is 132 units. Then the area of the circle in sq. units is ____


Circumference of the circle is 2?r 2?r = 132 => 2 x (22/7) x r = 132 => r = 3 x 7 = 21 Area = ?r2 = ? x (21) x (21) = 441

8. President Pranab Mukherjee returned 3 bills for reconsideration of which state legislative assembly?


President Pranab Mukherjee in June 2016 returned 3 bills to Manipur Legislative Assembly for reconsideration.

9. 2, 10, 17, 26, ?


2, 10, 17, 26 => 12 + 1, 22 +1 , 32 + 1, 42 + 1 , 52 + 1, the next number should 62 + 1 = 37

10. A man sold an item for Rs. 1500 at a loss of 25%. What will be the selling price of same item if he sells it at a profit of 20 %


S.P = 75 % of CP

=> 75 x CP /100= 1500

=> CP = 2000

20 % of CP = (20/100) x 2000 = 400

SP = 2000 + 400 = 2400

For years now, George W. Bush has told Americans that he would increase the number of troops in Iraq only if, the commanders on the ground asked him to do so. It was not a throw away live. Bush said it from the very first days of the war, when he and pentagon boss Donald Rumsfeld were criticized for going to war with too few troops. He said it right up until last summer, stressing at a news conference in Chicago that Iraq commander General George Casey will make the decisions as to how many troops we have there. Seasoned military people suspected that the line was a dodge that the civilians who ran the pentagon were testing their personal theory that war can be fought on the cheap and the brass simply knew better than to ask for more in any case the president repeated the mantra to dismiss any suggestion that the war was going badly. Who, after all, knew better than the generals on the ground? Now as the war nears the end of its fourth year and the number of Americans killed has surpassed 3,000 Bush has dropped the generals know best line sometime next week the president is expected to propose a surge in the number of 45 forces in Iraq for a period of up to two years. A senior official said reinforcements numbering about 20,000 troops and may be more could be in place within months; the surge would be achieved by extending the stay of some forces already in Iraq and accelerating the deployment of others. The irony is that while the generals would have liked more troops in the past, they are cool to the idea of spending more now that’s in past because the politicians and commanders had trouble agreeing on what the goal of a surge would further erode the readiness of the US’s already stressed ground forces and even those who back a surge are under no illusions about what it would mean to the casualty rate. If you put more American troops on the front line said a white house official, you’re going to have more casualties. Coming from Bush, a man known for bold strokes the surge is a strange half-measure- too large for the political climate at house too small to crush the insurgency in Iraq and surely three years too late Bush has waved off a bipartisan rescue mission out of pride stubbornness or ideology or same combination of the three, Rather than reversing course, as all the wise elders of the Iraq study group advised, the commander in chief is betting that more troops will lead the way to what one white house official calls “victory.”

11. George Bush gave an impression to his subjects that his army commanders were given the autonomy to decide-

If citizens can not have the right to commit suicide, they cannot be allowed to stay in an atmosphere full of smoke because that might cause certain chronic disease leading to their unnatural death. Thus, there should be a complete ban on smoking in all the public places across the country. The recent Supreme Court order banning smoking in public places is not restricted to a few metropolitan towns; it must be enforced in all the villages and cities. The three-page order contains certain statements of facts. ?Fundamental right guaranteed under Article 21, of the Constitution provides that none shall be deprived of his life without due process law. Than why a non-smoker should be afflicted by various diseases including lung cancer or of heart only because he is required to go to public places?? Some time back when the court ruled that suicide was unconstitutional and illegal, it had referred to Article 21, which says that State alone has the right to deprive a citizen of his life, but with due process of law. Thus inhaling of smoke by passive smokers has been equated with commission of suicide, an act prohibited under law. But when a person who makes an unsuccessful attempt to commit is liable to face criminal prosecution which man end in his conviction, a passive smoker, however, is immune from any penal action. If one is made to inhale smoke for no fault of his and also against his wishes, the perpetrator of offence of smoking gets away with a nominal fine for such a grave offence that costs the exchequer Rs. 13,500 crore annually in terms of loss of productivity. According to WHO report, smoking may kill seven million people annually. During the last half century, smoking killed more than 10 million people in the developing countries alone. The court also felt that the persons not indulging in smoking cannot be compelled to or subjected to passive smoking on account of acts of the smokers. The ban on smoking order is judicial intervention, and not an activism.

12. Opposite meaning of Afflicted

13. 6, 12, 20, 30, ?


6 = (2 x 3), 12 =(3 x 4), 20 =(4 x 5), 30 =(5 x 6), => 6 x 7 = 42

14. What is sauce for the ________is sauce for the _____________

15. Find the simple interest on Rs. 1080 at 10 % per annum for 9 months


Principal : 1080 Rate of interest : 10 Number of months : 9 Simple Interest for 1 year = (1080 x 1 x 10) / 100 Simple Interest for 1 year = 108 Simple interest for 9 months = (9/12) x SI Simple Interest for 9 months = 81

16. Find the simple interest on Rs. 1900 at 21 % per annum for 6 years


Principal : 1900 Rate of interest : 21 Number of years : 6 Simple Interest = pnr/100 Simple Interest = (1900 x 6 x 21) / 100 Simple Interest = 2394

17. The product of two consecutive even numbers is 15128. Find the average of these two numbers.


We wil go from the option. We will eliminate 133 and 139, since their product will exceed 16900.

Now the tug of war is between 123 and 127.

Lets take 123, if 123 is the average then the consecutive even numbers will be 122 and 124.

Now, observe, 122 x 124 = ....8, that is the resulting number ends with 8.

Now you try for 127.

(HINT : The consecutive even number with 127 as average us 126 and 128)

The two numbers are 122 and 124. Average is 123.

18. The difference between a two digit number and the number obtained by interchanging two digits of the number is 9.The sum of the two digits of the number is 15. What is product of the two digits of two digit number ? 


Sum of the digits is 15, this can happen only when the digits are 7 and 8.

The number is 87, interchanging digits we get 78,

Difference between these two numbers = 9

Product of these two digits = 7 x 8 = 56

19. The degree were ____________in the annual ____________

20. (0.2)2 / (0.008) = (0.2)? / (0.04)3 .


(0.2)2 / (0.2)3 = (0.2)x / (0.2)6 => (0.2)-1 = (0.2)x-6 => x-6 = -1 => x= 5

21. In which city was the total number of tickets of all the five movies together sold the minimum?


Total, Mumbai = 114, Delhi = 110, Kolkata = 113, Chennai = 133, Hyd. = 127 and Lucknow = 123.

22. by the front (1) / door for all to see(2) / Our company name (3)/ was modestly displayed (4)

23. Find the value of 0.18x0.18 + 1.18x1.18 - 2x0.2124 = ?


0.18x0.18 + 1.18x1.18 - 2 x 0.2124 = (0.18)^2+(1.18)^2 - 2 x (0.18) x (1.18) = (1.18 - 0.18)^2 =(1)^2=1 Formula reference : a^2 + b^2 - 2 x a x b = ( a - b )^2

24. The Union Cabinet under Chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved mega auction of all available spectrum (more than 2300 Megahertz) across how many bands?


The Union Cabinet has approved mega auction of all available spectrum (more than 2300 Megahertz) across the seven bands.

25. A shopkeeper sells a T.V set on discount of 10% of print price and gains 25%. If the print price was Rs. 20000, find the cost price.


Discount = 10%, S.P = (90/100) x 20000 = 18000 Gain = 25%, C.P = (100/125) x 18000 = 14400

26. A CD-RW disk is _______

27. 45 % of 840 x ? = 38178


45 % of 840 x k = 38178 (45/100) x 840 x k = 38178 (37800/100) x k = 38178 K = 38178 / 378 = 101

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