What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story, Meaning Of The Eyes On Snapchat Story 2022

What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story: Snapchat Plus is a subscription service offered by Snapchat there are many new features that are offered by the subscription and one of those is the eye emoji. People want to know What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story. Keep reading to know What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story.

What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story

Snapchat Plus users are enjoying the paid services that the app is providing. The new features, “enhance and customize your Snapchat experience.” The features have Ghost Trials on the map and the Friend Solar System. The emojis that Snapchat Plus offers are all easy to understand. Snapchat Support says that the eyes represent “Story Rewatch Indicator.” 

What Does ???? Mean On Snapchat Story 2022?

The eyes emoji does not represent the number of times your story has been viewed. The emoji just represents the number of friends who have seen the story. This is why it is called Story Rewatch Indicator. Keep in mind even if a friend watches a story five times it will still appear as only one rewatch. To find out how many people have seen your story, select the story and it will show how many times the story has been viewed using icons and numbers. 

Where Is Snapchat Plus Available?

Snapchat Plus is available in select countries. Unfortunately, the app is only available in chosen states right now. Snapchat Plus was launched on 29 June 2022 in nine countries. They are available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Snapchat Plus is rolling out in phases, so it may take a little while before it comes to your country.

Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus is a 3.99 USD subscription with a series of new features on the Snapchat app. Ghost Trails, Best Friends Forever, and Story Rewatch Indicator are features. The subscription also comes with a custom app and icons, and themes. You also get a Snapchat+ badge and the Friend Solar System. The features are only available to those who are subscribed. Snapchat announced that it would add features in the future.

How To Get Snapchat Plus?

There is a free trial for the Snapchat Plus upgrade. Most social platforms have some form of subscription service. Snapchat Plus charges a monthly fee of $3.99 or $39.99 per year for exclusive features. However, there is a free trial that you can use to explore the characteristics of Snapchat Plus before you subscribe. The free trial lasts for seven days.  

The following are the steps to get Snapchat Plus: 

Step 1: Open Snapchat 

Step 2: Go to the Snapchat Profile page

Step 3: Tap on Snapchat plus 

Step 4: choose the seven-day free trial 

Step 5: Continue with the subscription after the trial.

What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story – FAQs

1. What does the eyes mean on Snapchat plus?

Ans. The eyes on Snapchat Plus are pretty easy to understand. According to Snapchat Support, the eyes on the platform represent the “Story Rewatch Indicator.” The app goes into further detail and explains that this emoji use is to strictly inform users that their story has been viewed more than once by the same person.

2. Does Snapchat tell you when someone looks at your story?

Ans. While you may not be able to receive notifications for who has viewed your story, you can still see who actually did view it. They may not push you a notification, but Snapchat does allow you to view which of your followers have and haven’t seen your story.

3. Can you see who rewatches your Snapchat Story with Snapchat plus?

Ans. With Snapchat+, subscribers get access to a Story Rewatch Indicator, making it possible to see the number of friends that have rewatched a Story. Recently, Snapchat announced Snapchat+, a subscription-based service for the hardcore Snapchatters, and making it possible to check the rewatch count of a Story.

4. What do the symbols on Snapchat mean?

Ans. Red solid arrow: You sent a Snap without audio to this friend. Red unfilled arrow: Your friend opened your Snap without audio. Red solid square: This friend sent you a Snap without audio. Red unfilled square: You viewed a Snap without audio from this friend.

5. How do you know who stalks you on Snapchat?

Ans. On your profile, select My Story. You should see an icon of an eye with a number next to it. That’s how many people have viewed your Story. Swipe up from the bottom and you will also see a list of the names of people who have viewed it.