Vishal Mehta appointed as President of International Grown Diamond Association


Who: Vishal Mehta
What: Appointed as President of IGDA
When: 4 February 2016

Vishal Mehta on 4 February 2016 was appointed as the President of the newly- formed International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA).

Mehta is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IIa Technologies, which grows diamonds at its state-of-the-art facility in Singapore.

About Vishal Mehta

Prior to setting up IIa Technologies, Mehta joined his mother’s jewellery business, which operated in West Asia.

He studied at the Cathedral and John Connon School.

During his undergraduate programme, he trained at Star Gems for about a year.

He then went to the US and qualified to be a gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

About International Grown Diamond Association

IGDA is a newly formed platform of more than 10 leading grown diamond producers, distributors and retailers.

Founded in the US, IGDA aims to serve as the central point of communication, education, development and growth of the industry.