Uttar Pradesh Government declared 50 districts as drought-hit


Who: 50 districts of Uttar Pradesh
What: Declared as drought-hit
When: 18 November 2015

Uttar Pradesh Government on 18 November 2015 declared 50 out of 75 districts as drought-hit. It also suspended recovery of all dues from the farmers by the end of current financial year in the drought affected districts.

The districts which got lesser than 60 percent rain during the period from June to September 2015 or where more than 33 percent crops were ruined are included in the list of drought-hit areas.

In 33 of these districts, rainfall of 40 to 60 percent was recorded while, in 16 districts, it was below 40 percent.

The decision to this affect was taken on the recommendation of a natural calamity committee. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav also directed the government departments to start relief works in the identified districts by providing necessary held to the farmers.

Government also directed the District Magistrates (DMs) of these districts to chalk out a plan to deal with the situation and ensure that farmers are not harassed in the name of revenue realization.