Union Government to launch River Information System for Inland Waterways


Who: River Information System
Where: Across the country
What: Wil be launched by the Union Ministry of Shipping
When: Was in news in the first week of January 2016
Why: To serve expected traffic in Inland Waterways

RIS: River Information System

The term River Information System (RIS) was in news in the first week of January 2016 as the Union Ministry of Shipping is set to launch the system for Inland Waterways in the country.

The system is expected to improve navigation in Indland Waterways as the government is set to expand the network across the country through the National Waterways Bill, 2015.

The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on 21 December 2015 and is pending with the Rajya Sabha.

Features of River Information System

• It will be utilized for real time monitoring of ships plying on the inland waterways network.
• It will provide remote communication with vessels and real time meteorological data which will be available online.
• To operationalise the system, Radars and sensors will be installed along the route and there will be major base stations to monitor the movement.
• By using the system, vessels will be tracked and advised about nearby vessels, waterway information, meteorological information and river safety for ensuring efficient and collision free navigation.
• In the initial phase, it will be made operational on the 500 km long Haldia-Farakka National Waterways 1.

With the implementation of the project, India will join a select league of countries in Europe and the USA which have similar systems in place already.