TranServ launches India’s first social mobile wallet Udio


What : Launched
Who : TranServ
When : January 23 ,2016

KOLKATA: TranServ, a leading digital payments company, has launched India’s 1st Social Mobile Wallet, Udio.

Udio Wallet integrates a social, community-driven aspect with anytime, anywhere accessibility to digital P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions via its secure and seamless payment structure, creating a ubiquitous ecosystem for both consumers and brands.

Udio enables squaring of dues, sharing dinner bills or a cab ride a hassle free task.

Anish Williams, co-founder & CEO, TranServ, said “with the Udio launch, the company is taking the next step in the field of digitally led social payments in India by seamlessly integrating the social aspect with our secure and swift digital solutions”.

“We strongly believe in this concept and its viability in the Indian context, which is why we have integrated peer-to-peer transactions into our own offerings,” Williams.

Peer-to-peer digital payments solutions, he said, have already been proven to be successful in other markets like the US. “We are confident that India’s growing smartphone user base will welcome this new development with open arms and adopt Udio as their default payments partner for all online and offline transactions,” said Williams.

With the launch of the Udio app, TranServ said it secured early mover in the domestic social payments space. With the latest development, the brand will be looking to boost mobile wallet usage as the default behaviour for mobile users in its aim to make India a cashless economy.

The Udio wallet also has several value-added features that make it stand apart from the other mobile wallet apps. Every Udio wallet comes with a VISA Pre-Paid Card linked that is powered by Ratnakar Bank allowing Udio users to leverage the wallet’s payments facility with over 1 lakh merchants across the country. This seamless usage across online and offline channels through the Udio VISA Card adds even more value for the user and makes the wallet truly ubiquitous.