Tea Board issued Version 5.0 of Plant Protection Code expanding list of Pesticides for use


Who: Version 5.0 of Plant Protection Code
What: Tea Board issued it by expanding list of Pesticides for use
When: January 2016

The Tea Board of India (TBI) in January 2016 issued Version 5.0 of the Plant Protection Code (PPC) by expanding the list of pesticides and chemicals to 37 from previous 35 that is permitted for use by Indian tea industry.

The two new additions in the list are Emamectin Benzoate 5 SG andFlubendiamide 20 WG. The addition became mandatory from 1 January 2015.

Use of these two chemicals was cleared by the Central Insecticide Board and Registration Committee.

The new additions were brought following continuous attack by certain types of pests. As per believe, the pests have increased due to climate-change.

The Plant Protection Code is guided by the following principles
• PPFs are essential inputs in the tea cultivation for achieving optimum productivity under present Indian conditions.
• PPC aims to achieve sustainability through Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) including    integrated pest management, promotion of alternative control strategies (Biological control etc.) to gradually reduce the dependence on chemicals.
• PPC shall focus on responsible chemical management that includes proper selection, judicious usage, safe storage and proper disposal, occupational health and safety and green chemistry.
• PPC is committed to minimizing the possible negative impact of pesticides on humans, wildlife and the environment. We will achieve this through effective governance, review and monitoring