Tamil Nadu Government launched Amma baby care Kit Scheme


Tamil Nadu Government launched Amma baby care Kit

Who: Amma baby care Kit Scheme
Where: Tamil Nadu
What: Launched by Tamil Nadu Government
When: 7 September 2015

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on 7 September 2015 launched the Amma Baby Care Kit scheme wherein the state government will provide accessories for the newborn and its mother.

These accessories include a towel, a mosquito net, an infant mattress, an infant dress, napkin, oil bottle (100ml), baby shampoo (60 ml), a soap with a box, a nail-cutter, Kilu Kiluppai (rattle toy), a doll, and a hand sanitizer (250ml).

The kit will also contain a locally made stimulant Sowbhagya Leghyam for the mother besides a box to store essentials meant for the newborn. With 16 items inside it, the cost of the kit has been pegged at 1000 rupees.

In the current year, a sum of 67 crore rupees has been earmarked for the scheme with a plan to provide it to mothers at the government hospitals. The scheme was launched a year after it was announced by the state government during the Assembly in August 2014.


Amma Baby Care Kit is the latest in the list of social welfare schemes under the brand name Amma launched by the Tamil Nadu government. Jayalalithaa is popularly addressed as Amma (Mother) by her supporters.

The launch of Amma Baby Care Kit is not the first-of-its-kind scheme in the health sector as in 1992, CM Jayalalithaa had introduced the Cradle baby scheme in the state during her first tenure as a Chief Minister with an aim to eradicate female infanticides.

In the last four years, the other popular schemes introduced under the Amma brand name include Amma canteens, Amma pharmacies, Amma drinking water, Amma salts, Amma seeds and Amma cements.